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All about district Una, Himachal Pradesh

Una is the district of Himachal Pradesh. This city shares its body with Hoshiarpur, Rupnagar District of Punjab. And its also shares their body with Kangra, Hamirpur, Bilaspur Districts of Himachal Pradesh.

Una has many material hubs and has become a transit town for travelers Dharamshala or locations within the Himalayas such as Kullu, Manali, Jawalamukhi, and Chintpurni.

This city has many historical forts and many beautiful places. It lies in the southwestern part of Himachal Pradesh. with Shivalik hills of the Himalayas rolling on one side.

This city’s most area covered with forest. there is a natural view in every part of this city. The temperature of this city lies b/w -3.5 degrees Celcius in winter to 48 degrees Celcius in summer.

The average rainfall is 1253 mm . the highest peak of this district is Chintpurni.

Also witnessed heavy snowfall in 2013. The people of the city earn their livelihood through agriculture. This city is also becoming an industrial hub. Nestle set hub a factory nearby industrial area .facilities like Gyms in village Panchayats and playgrounds are some facility in the area.

Una district develops at a high-speed rate in the education field, its growth is at the peak, and some of the famous schools in Monte Carlo are affiliated with the ICSE Board. And mount Carmel school is the best school in the city, and there are more schools like Parmar international school, Rudra international school; these schools in Una are CBSE, and there is a school name Monte Carlo, which is ICSE. There is a government pg college in the district. In Una city, there are many places to explore in the City.

There is a national bus stand in the city; it is built in 2019 and started in 2020. It is made out of the main bazaar; it is a huge bus stand, and there is a sabzi mandi in the city. from there, people of or state and of other state take vegetables from there, and it supplies the vegetables to other districts of Himachal Pradesh. In this district, many farmers grow wheat in summer and corn in winter, and they also grow some types of fruits and vegetables. This district’s road links with the many Himachal Pradesh districts, like district Hamirpur and district Kangra of Himachal Pradesh. it is also linked with Punjab and Punjab’s district like Rupnagar and connects to Chandigarh’s road.

This city has the largest market in main Una. It has many Hospitals, and some hospitals are private, and some hospitals are under government contract. There are two petrol stations in the main bazaar, and the second is out of the bazaar. A temple of Muslims name peer night is 15 or 20 km away from the main bazaar.

In the district, there is a fort. There are many villages in the district; there is a temple name Baba Ludru. It is the biggest temple in district Una; most of the people come here in Baba Ludru. It is about 15 kilometers from the main bazaar of the city.

A large no of roads connects this district to the other one’s and the railway line through the NH =22 national highway passes through the city. It is located about 375 km [233mi] north of Delhi and 120 km [75mi] from Chandigarh Una city.

A single board gauge connects it. Railway line and runs to Daulatpur.Access to the 2011 census, Una district has a population of 521173, giving It a ranking of 543 ids in India. the district has a population of density 338 inhabitants per square kilometer [880/square meter ]. Its population growth rate over the decade 2001-2011 was 16.24 %.

This city has a sex ratio of 977 females for every 1000 males .and a literacy rate of 87.23%. It is the municipal city in the district in Himachal Pradesh. The headquarters of the district is in main Una. There is 11 ward under the municipal council. The city is home to the Raipurkila, has a historical fort and an ancestral home of the descendants to the first guru. The present Una district compares two princely states Jaswan and Kutlehr.

Jaswant was the old name of this district. the capital of Jaswan was Raipur near Amb, Which Purab Chand founded in 1170 a.d. Formerly, Kutlehr was the smallest of principalities in the Kangra area. The capital of Kutlehr was Kot – Kutlehr.

The language commonly used in the city is Pahari, Hindi, and Punjabi. This city lies in the southwestern part of the Shivalik hills of Himachal Pradesh and the Himalayas rolling one side. the Satluj river passes alongside Shahtalaiyan hills. Baba Balak Nath Shri’s shrine, rather Sharma, IAS, Deputy Commissioner of Una, is an officer of Indian administration services from the Himachal government. the climate of the district is more subtropical.

Most of the year remains cool due to winter session in October to February month .summer starts from the March and remains till July .july to September remains rainy season due to region’s monsoon effect. This city serves as transport as one of the main entry points to the east of Himachal Pradesh through Punjab’s borders at Nangal – Mehetpur checkpoints, this city is well connected with the rest of the states Himachal Pradesh and the rest of India through National highway 503 and national highway 503 a. I also like this city because I am also from this city.


This city is situated in the southwestern part of Himachal Pradesh. The Shivalik of the Himalayan Range guards it against one side. The Satluj river passes alongside Shahtalai Hills, famous for its shrine of Baba Balak Nath.

The altitudes range from 408 meters in the main town of Una to over 1000 meters at Chintpurni.

Una district is flanked by the river Beas in the north-west and the river Satluj by the east. The Swan River is essentially a seasonal river that flows 65 kilometers directly around the Jaswan Valley towards the southwest until it merges with the Sutlej river near Anandpur.

This district has a rich diversity of flora and fauna as it is also the region of a rich and dense cover of Pines and Deodars. This city is home to several creatures, Nilgai, Wild Pig, deer, porcupine, and Leopard.


The average climate of this place remains cool as a result of winter in October to February. Summer begins in March and stays till July. July to September remain primarily moist as a result of heavy monsoon in the area.

The tallest region of this district is Chintpurni, which observed a heavy snowfall in 2012.


How to reach Una


The closest airport for Una is the Chandigarh International Airport, 132 km away.


This district is also connected by Indian railways; the most frequent train service is Una – Nangal.


NH-22 highway passes through this district, it is located approx 275 km far from Delhi in North.

Regular private and public bus services operate in this city. Tourist taxis are easily available.

5 Best places to visit in Una:

Chintpurni temple

A profoundly revered Shaktipeeth township, Chintpurni is a significant Pilgrimage center that attracts people each year. A Shaktipeeth believes that the female divinity is the origin of cosmic energy and Shaktipeeth temples have a long queue of devotees since Devi Sati’s amputated body parts alighted religious place. Her feel on this surface resulting in the destructive Tandav from Shiva, and this place got its name, Chintpurni. A special place of religious importance. One Must walk into the temple without electronics as they are not allowed inside the temple’s premises. Chintpurni is 54 kilometers out of Una town.

Shivbadi in Ambota

The Shivbadi in Ambota village traces a history back to over 5000 decades ago. The older Shiva Temple is believed to have been the Gurukul of Acharya Drona, in which the two cousins obtained early schooling and have been trained in martial arts. The rivalry between the two cousins afterward turned into a great battle that the narrative chronicles. Ambato is 38 kilometers away from Una and 30 kilometers from Chintpurni.

Kila Baba Bedi Ji

A comparatively unexplored and untouched stone, the Solah Singhi is hidden high in the mountains. The two forts are now in ruins.

They’re magnificent structures. From the bigger fort, a Courtyard along with a watchtower remains intact. The Bigger fort is a two-storied construction is assembled over a cliff. Piplu, the highest point on the ridgeline, sees an expansive vision of the place. To reach the Bangana Forts, one must trek over a rocky road. Bangana is 26 kilometers from Una. En-route there’s a little temple plus a well that has clean water. An Individual must trek into the location in daylight as leopards have been sighted taking refuge at the ruins. The fort may lies on foot in Bangana.

A historical, old museum is located at the top of a mountain that provides some fantastic view of the location, called Kila Baba Bedi Ji, a famous tourist place.

The Kila is a dome constructed in an intriguing ancient Indian and Afghani architectural design. It is known to be the ancestral location of the very first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak.

The gateway to Himachal Pradesh, Una is a significant industrial hub. It can be much more of a transit place to reach famous areas such as Manali, Dharamshala, Kasauli, Shimla, etc. The locations mentioned above are the most well-known tourist attractions in Una and should not be overlooked.

Some Famous festivals of Una district

Navrata Fairs in Chintpurni

Spread over nine razzmatazz filled Navratra days in March/April (Chaitra) and September/October (Ashwina). In adherence to the sacred Hindu calendar that the pilgrim city of Chintpurni takes on a festive place. Big crowds of pilgrims see the temple and pay their obeisance to the fort goddess, who symbolically is known as a Pindi – a rock with an embedded foot imprint. An honest’Mata Da Mela’ to observe Shri Chintpurni Devi’s bounty is held in Bharwain village.


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