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Abraham Lincoln biography in English

Hello friends, how are you all? We hope you and your family are healthy and well during this Corona period. Today in our article we will tell you “Abraham Lincoln Biography (Abraham Lincoln biography in English)Will tell you about. Do you know Abraham Lincoln’s angle? If not, then we will tell you in detail about their life introduction. If you are struggling between struggle and failure, then knowing their principles will be very beneficial for you. He was the 16th American President of America who changed the map of America and the motivational speech given by him will inspire you to move forward in life.

Abraham Lincoln biography in English

Points Information
Full Name Abraham Thomas Lincoln
Father’s Name Thomas Lincoln
Mother Name nancy
Date of Birth 12 February 1809
Birth Place Hodgenville Kentucky (USA)
Death 15 April 1865
Wife Mary Todd
Children Robert, Edward, Willie and Ted
Religion Christian
Profession US President, Lawyer
Education lawyer
Sister Sarah Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln’s Early Life

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in the small town of Harrod in the US state of Kentucky. His father’s name was Thomas Lincoln and mother’s name was Nancy Lincoln. Being born in a poor family, he was well aware of the situation of poverty. Abraham had an elder brother and a younger brother and his younger brother died in infancy. His mother and father, along with their families, used to go from place to place and earn their living by farming. His family first settled in England, later moved to New Jersey, then to Pennsylvania and then to Virginia. Living in different places, in the year 1816, his family settled near the Ohio River bank of Indiana, where the cultivation was started by cutting down dense trees. Even today his small house and farming are preserved as a monument.

Abraham Lincoln’s Teachings

Abraham’s family was also going through a lot of struggle in running their life, so it was not possible to get them educated. Because of this Abraham was not able to complete his elementary education. Despite all this, Abraham educated himself without going to school, he had the ability to self educate himself, he was very fond of reading and writing since childhood.

existence of americans

First people from the continent of Asia reached America and people came and settled there. That’s why they are also called Red Indians and settled America. In the year 1493, Christopher Columbus arrived in America choosing the world and named America. Slowly the settlement started coming here. First came the French settlement which was settled in Mississippi, then came the Spanish settlement which was settled in Florida. After that came the British settlement in the year 1607 which was settled in Virginia. After this the Britishers started looting a lot here and started levying very high taxes. For this reason, the American Revolution took place from 1775 to 1776. After all, after a lot of revolution and front, in the year 1776, on July 4, American got independence. The American Constitution was clearly explained and the rules were written legally by George Washington. It was the first country to be liberated from a European country. Even after independence in America, there used to be close discrimination from the previous caste and this slavery was very deep where people were badly killed, people were empowered. Abraham Lincoln was born to eradicate this slavery.

To what extent was slavery prevalent in America?

Slavery was widespread in America. People from Africa were brought to South America because cotton was cultivated here where no rights were given to African Blacks. If they did not work properly or were incapacitated due to any reason, they were shot the same and the rest of the Africans were made to work 24 hours a day.

Abraham Lincoln’s entry into politics

When Abraham grew up, he settled in the settlement of Newsalm and here he spent his 6 years working as a woodcutter. When he started working here, he saw the atrocities on the people and became very emotional. At the same time, he made up his mind that he would do something good for these people later. Here Abraham started many different types of work and did different types of business for many years.

In the year 1854, Abraham made his political debut and became a member of the Illinois State Legislature and supported the Whig Party and started his campaign from here, but this party Whig could not last long. In 1956, he stood in the election as a candidate for Vice President and became a member of his new party Republican, but lost due to low votes in a disappointing election. When Lincoln supported the people during the election, slowly people started liking him, where he demanded from the people in the speech, “The nation should not be divided, half slave and half without slave. Can stay, everyone will remain united.

Abraham Lincoln’s Journey to Be President

In the year 1860, Abraham Lincoln became the 16th President of America. As soon as he got this post, he put the first emphasis on ending the practice of slavery i.e. slavery. The residents of the South State used to adopt the people of the North State for slavery, to end this practice Lincoln organized a non-discrimination among the people.

In the 1st February 1861, states like Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Leoncino, Texas were separated and from this the Civil War began. At the same time, Lincoln started the movement and remained protected for the people for many days and showed them the right path and in this he was also successful. By the year 1863, the practice of slavery was freed and rules and laws were made for their independence. Despite this, in some places such as Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Ankersas, slavery was not legally abolished.

civil war in america

Civil war broke out in the South and North states of America, this was to end the practice of hostage. The white people of the southern states invited the black people of the northern states to do farming and enslaved them. For this reason, the southern state was demanding a separate country of its own and the northern states wanted to end this practice. This civil war lasted from the year 1861 to the year 1865 and the northern state won in this civil war. The means of warfare came from three sites: the ocean, the Mississippi Valley, and the East Coast. In the year 1863, this war became very heavy for the northern states, but as the war progressed, the big war was overthrown and the northern states were victorious and this practice ended in many provinces. All the credit for this war goes to Abraham Lincoln who structured this war.

some anmol vachan of abraham lincoln

  • Don’t leave anything for tomorrow, that can be done today.
  • Always keep in mind that your own determination to be successful is more important than anyone else’s.
  • Whoever you are, be a good person.
  • I am a slow driver, but I never lag behind.

Abraham Lincoln’s death?

On April 14, 1865, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, a well-known actor from Washington, the US capital. Thus a patriot and a follower of principles, Abraham tragically died.


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