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Solan is called the mushroom city of India’,” Solan is 50 km away from Shimla. It has a thick forest cover and is surrounded by mountains. The hill station primarily functions as a gateway to other famous hill stations like Kasauli, Kalka, and Chail. Solan is also referred to as ‘The city of Red Gold’, due to the bulk generation of tomatoes in the region. Situated at an altitude of roughly 1467 m above sea level, Solan is surrounded by tall mountain peaks — to the east of town is your Matiul Peak, and to its north lies the Karol Peak which is the tallest summit in the area in a peak of 2,000 m.

The hill station is visited by most tourists who enjoy peace and solitude. The hills near Solan offer intriguing trekking opportunities and the river bodies beneath it have a variety of fish. The gorgeous hill station is also an important commercial city. Mushroom farming is done on a huge scale. Legend has it that the cave close to the very top of Karol Peak was resided by the Pandavas during their exile. Solan is also famed for being the location where the Irish Mutiny of 1920 from the British Army happened. Irish soldiers revolted and mutiny was, nevertheless, crushed by the British by killing 2 Irish soldiers and being sent to prison.


The land of this present-day district includes the lands of their erstwhile princely states of Baghal, Baghat, Kunihar, Kuthar, Mangal, Beja, Mahlog, Nalagarh, and Portions of both Keonthal along with Koti and scenic Regions of the erstwhile Punjab State that have been merged with Himachal Pradesh on 1 November 1966. This district was created on 1 September 1972. The district has been carved from amalgamating Solan and Arki tehsils of this erstwhile Mahasu district and Kandaghat and Nalagarh tehsils of this erstwhile PEPSU. The title of this district in addition to its headquarters stems from Mata Shoolini Devi. It is stated that she rescued Solan from being ruined.

The best way to reach

From Air:

Distance from those airports to Solan could be Covered by road.

From Rail:

Solan could be conveniently reached by railway during the narrow gauge railroad track from Kalka.

The nearest wide-gauge railway station is at Kalka.

From Road:

Solan is well connected with different sections of the state byways. Luxurious, deluxe, and normal continues run between Delhi-solan, Chandigarh-solan.

Best places to visit in Solan

Arki Fort

the Arki fort decades 1695-1700. Until 1650 Arki had been the funding of Baghal, an undercover Gurkha army at 1806 seized theFort also flipped it all into a garrison. It was at the end of Gurkha Wars 1815-16 this fort palace has been free by the insides are decorated with.

A few very great paintings of this Kangra mini fashion that Depict episodes from mythology, religion, rural and history regular life. A number of those elderly murals have dwelt the evaluation of period and seem like new on the ceilings and walls, Turning them to the galleries of the art kind of bygone Era.


A street that bifurcates in Dharampur around the Shimla-Kalka Street Contributes to the quaint small town of Kasauli that looks to exist at a time warp of this 19th century. Its colonial Ambiance nonetheless retains cobbled paths, quaint shops, gabled Kasauli is surrounded by a mixed Woods of pine, Himalayan oak, and enormous horse-chestnuts.

Monkey Line, 4 kilometers from the Kasauli bus stand, is a vantage Stage from Where You Are Able to gaze the sprawling Tricity of all Chandigarh-Panchkula-Mohali into the southeast and Shimla at the Northwest.

Kasauli is currently 77 Km out of Shimla and 35 Km from Kalka. From Solan, it’s just 27 Kms and could be accomplished easily by road.

Mohan Shakti Heritage Park

Wish to find out how historical villages used to seem like? Head to Mohan Shakti Heritage Park and step into yesteryear. Only half an hour drive in Solan, the Mohan Shakti Heritage Park is the ultimate place to go to.

The scenic park has been supplemented with a number of exceptional structures. The playground is still under construction and has been still traditionally now thought to be the biggest heritage park in Himachal Pradesh. Here, tourists may enjoy researching a legacy park, pass grasslands, and indulge in bird watching, capture glimpses of archaeological sites, and stunning landscapes of temples, clouds, and sun.

Inside the massive periphery of the playground, there’s a gorgeous shrine, Kali Ka Tibba temple. The shrine looks to be an emerald aboard the wilderness. The whole complex of Heritage Park is dotted with several sculptures, figurines, and statuettes.  Particular animals made from plaster of Paris (POP) will be the principal attractions of this park.

Within the complicated of Heritage Park, you will find herbal treatment facilities, community kitchens, theme parks, and residential blocks and temples, research centers, open theaters, and ropeway trolleys. This traditional park has been constructed with the intention to encourage Vedic Sciences as a subject of fascination for the younger generation and to preach to them concerning Indian civilization. Mohan Shakti Heritage Park is your deep production of Mr. Kapil Mohan, Brigadier General of the Indian military by livelihood. He (Kapil Mohan) created this legacy website using a vision to nurture the Vedic Sciences as a topic.

Found in the middle of amazing mountains, Mohan Shakti Heritage Park is a superb location. The playground is a wonderful initiative to rekindle the Vedic way of life.

Jatoli Shiv Temple, Solan

When a tourist wants to find a grand and magnificent temple, perched on a mountain high then Jatoli Shiv temple is still where to be. Jatoli has its title from the very lengthy Jata (hair) which Lord Shiva has got. Called Asia’s greatest Shiva temple, that this shrine is really an architectural marvel. Jatoli Shiv Temple is among the famed sacred destinations of Solan which brings a high number of pilgrims and will be currently just 6 km from town.

Several fables and tales have been associated with the background of Jatoli Shiv Temple. It’s among the earliest temples of Lord Shiv in which a historical linga is additionally positioned because of a very long moment. It’s thought that the temple was the resting place of Lord Shiva.

The temple has been created in normal Southern-Dravidian style design and is made of 3 successive pyramids. On the very first pyramid, an individual can observe the picture of Lord Ganesha while on the next pyramid there’s a sculpture of Shesh Naag. Joli Shiv Temple retains the label of being the maximum temple in Asia; it took 39 years to finish the building of the temple.

About the northwestern corner of this temple, there’s a water tank referred to as’Jal Kund’ that is thought of as called the sacred river Ganga. The water of the tank is thought to have several medicinal properties that may treat skin ailments. There’s a cave within the temple in which Swami Krishnananda Paramhans Ji lived. This ancient temple is renowned for its annual fair, which can be conducted throughout the festival of Mahashivratri. A range of devotees gathers from the temple to offer prayers.

Bon Monastery, Solan

Bon Monastery, SolanBon monastery at Solan is the 2nd earliest Bon monastery on earth. The monastery is highly admired by the people of this Bon community. The Bon community is much older than the Buddhist community although the fundamentals are exactly the same. Perched on a mountain top, the Bon monastery provides panoramic views of the city and mountains that are craggy.

The main of this monastery will be Menri Trizin. Folks take part in spiritual ceremonies and it’s likewise a ritual to drift into a clockwise direction around the monastery.

The Dagshai Jail Museum, Solan

Dagshai prison memorial is a former British prison that’s presently a museum frequented by tourists. Shanghai is among the earliest cantonment cities in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. Previously the location was utilized as a storage yard. After it had been cleaned with the assistance of the military, a nicely designed structure arose. Afterward, this area has been transformed into an island. It’s the only tradition in India that’s the sole prison memorial in India besides your Cellular Jail in the Andamans.

An excursion through the prison cubes is as frightening today because it had been from the era. The building of the prison started in 1849 and comprised 54 maximum cells. These cells have 2 doorways which are 3 feet apart. There’s 1 mobile for people who have been meted out incredibly unpleasant punishment. There’s not any supply of light and ventilation in the tissues of their Dagshai Jail. There’s simply 1 VIP mobile in the prison — with comforts like a fireplace and bath. Not even one prison managed to escape from prison.

The prison came to the limelight following the Irish mutiny. To offer moral support to the Irish men and women, Mahatma Gandhi even remained within this prison for a single year. The Gorkha rebels of this Nasiri Regiment, which had rebelled through the 1857 revolt, were brought here.

On November 2, 1920, the chief James Daly of this mutiny- that a 21-year-old personal – was captured by a firing squad at the prison courtyard. He was buried in the Dagshai Cemetery before 1970 when his remains were repatriated to Ireland and also given a funeral with full military honors. Even the Dagshai Cellular Jail is a historic place that time has been forgotten. Afterward, the museum has been created here with the Support of all Brigade Commander of the Region along with the Himachal Tourism Department. The museum displayed concerning the 160-year-old background of this museum.

Krishna Bhavan Mandir, Solan

Krishna Bhavan Mandir, SolanKrishna Bhavan Mandir temple is a very tasteful shrine located in the Center of Solan.  Special yet glorious the temple was constructed in the year 1926. The design of this shrine is a distinctive blend of European and Indian fashion. The most intriguing portion of the construction is that its construction is very comfortable in some churches.

This mythical temple is constructed in accordance with the areas of Vastu Shastra. It’s definitely the best example of the wonderful concreted function of unique rulers, both the office along with the regional craftsmen.

Kuthar Fort, SolanKuthar Fort, Solan

Experience the magnificence of one of the earliest forts in the area, constructed over centuries. Hardly a couple of hours traveling in Shimla establishes the Kuthar Fort that is just as old as 800 decades. The fort formerly served as the imperial house to the household of Kuthar. It’s a scenic place and part of it’s privatized and transformed into a hotel. Inside the community, sprawling over an expanse of 52.8 sq kilometers, an individual can observe a gorgeous backyard, freshwater springs, and also an ancient temple.

It is a nice instance of Rajasthan structure and is an actual reflection of Rajputana artistry. Its seeds, columns, arches, and gateways are superbly adorned. The hotel, which can be constructed inside the community premises, provides luxury conveniences. In the fort, an individual can observe the actual beauty of character and a stunning view of the hills around.

Shoolini Mata Temple

The shrine is one of the greatest attractions of Solan. It’s also thought that the city of Solon was appointed following Shoolini Mata, who’s the presiding deity of this temple. According to legends, the temple was at the forefront of Shoolini Mata.

The shrine attracts an enormous audience during festival times, particularly during this Shoolini fair. The temple appears amazing at night if it’s totally educated and is busy on festivals and holidays. Other highlights of this fair are actions like singing, dancing along with wrestling. The fair brings dealers, candy sellers, general retailers, and shopkeepers to the Arabian town.