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Anand Kumar Mathematician Biography in English

friends in this post Anand Kumar Ji’s biography will be found in English. Who is the real hero of the real story of Super 30 film, today we will inform you about his life.

Anand Kumar He is a famous writer, teacher and mathematician scholar from India, who was born on 1 January 1973 in Patna. It is known for the famous Super 30 in India, which helped its 30 students in difficult times. IIT successfully entered. Anand Kumar’s aim is to get only poor students to get admission in IIT and JEE, for India’s development in education, Anand Kumar in 2010 S. Ramanujan Award was awarded.

Points Information
Name Anand Kumar (Anand Kumar)
popular/famous super 30 man
DOB/Date of Birth 1 January 1973 (Patna)
profession teacher, mathematician, writer
parents/parents Jayanti Devi (Mother) Rajendra Prasad (Father)
wife Ritu Rashmi
film/film super 30
nationality Indian

Super 30 Anand Kumar Biography In English

Anand Kumar He was born on 1 January 1973 in Patna, the capital of Bihar. Being from a poor family, Anand Kumar was educated in English medium school, being good at reading and interested in mathematics, Anand Kumar had acquired a lot of knowledge at a very young age. Anand ji’s father Rajendra Prasad used to work in the postal department, and his mother Jayanti Devi There was a housewife.

Being poor and lower class, there was not enough money to meet the need of electricity in a small house. Due to the bad condition of the house, life was like a mountain full of challenges and struggles. During this time, Anand Kumar’s father died of breathlessness, but Anand and his family did not give up despite a mountain of grief.

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Journey to selling papad

To support the family, Anand Kumar and his family did the work of selling papads, where Anand ji went to the street on a bicycle. papad Used to sell The family used to give full support to Anand Kumar, due to which Anand Kumar thought of giving free education to poor children.

2002 In this, Anand Kumar and his brother super 30 Started with a plan to select 30 promising students from financially poor and destitute who could not afford IIT coaching. Anand Kumar aims to bring 30 students to IIT (IIT ) and had to prepare to clear the JEE exam. Success came from the life of Anand Kumar when 30 of his 30 students got success in IIT and JEE examination, this success Anand Kumar was very big, because without electricity, 30 students were able to make this, that today that student is either an engineer or America’s space agency NASA to join as a scientist.

super 30 film biography in English

The story of Anand Kumar really inspires people and does not give up, in view of this, a film called Super 30 has been made on the life of Anand Kumar, in which famous actor Hrithik Roshan has played the role of Anand Kumar, this film 12 It was released on TV in July 2019, and everyone has got to learn a lot from this film.


  • Conferred with S. Ramanujan Award in 2010.
  • November 2010 Maulana Abul Kalam Azad honored with education award.

Some FAQ

Who is Anand Kumar?

is an Indian teacher, author and founder of Super 30.

When did Super 30 start?

Super 30 was started by Anand Kumar in the year 2002.

When and where was Anand Kumar born?

Born on 1 January 1973 in Patna city of Bihar.

What is the name of Anand Kumar’s parents?

Anand Kumar’s father’s name is Rajendra Prasad and mother’s name is Jayanti Devi.

Which award has been conferred on Anand Kumar, the founder of Super 30?

Super 30 founder Anand Kumar was awarded the Ramanujan Award in two.

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