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Aparna Yadav kaun hai | (Younger daughter-in-law) Aparna Yadav Biography

Aparna Yadav Biography, Birth, Husband, Family, Children, Political Career (Aparna Yadav Biography in English, Aparna Yadav kaun Hai, Birth, Husband, Love Story, Family, Children, Political Career)

Aparna Yadav kaun hai – Who is Aparna Yadav?

Hello friends, today we will talk about Aparna Yadav who is Mulayam Singh. Yonger daughter-in-law Huh. He has recently left his home political party and joined BJP, due to which his home political party SP Got a big blow. today we will know Aparna Yadav Who is and in this article we have tried to keep the complete biography of Aparna Yadav in front of you. Hope you will definitely like it.

Aparna Yadav Is a woman belonging to an Indian political family. whose birth 5 February 1990 was born in a Thakur family of UP. His father’s name is Arvind Singh Bisht, who was a famous journalist. Today he is the former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mulayam Singh Yadav is the younger daughter-in-law.

question (question) answer (answer)
name/name Aparna Yadav
DOB/Date of Birth 5 February 1990 (UP)
profession political
parents/parents Arvind Singh Bisht / Ambi Bisht
husband Prateek Yadav
political party BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party)
famous name Yonger daughter-in-law
age 33 years (2021)
nationality Indian
b Aparna Yadav kaun hai

aparna yadav biography in English

early life – Name of mother of Aparna Yadav born to Arvind Singh Bisht Ambi Bisht is. Who works as an officer in Lucknow Municipal Corporation. His father is Arvind Singh Bisht, who was the head of the Times of India Lucknow Bureau. Aparna Yadav did her early schooling in Lucknow. Loreto Intermediate College was done from After this Aparna Yadav made her graduation He chose Manchester University in England for his studies, from where he graduated in Political Science. After which he earned his master’s degree in International Relations.

Aparna yadav husband and love story in English

during your schooling Aparna Yadav He met Mulayam Singh’s son Prateek Yadav where he used to be his classmate. That time Aparna Of Prateek Yadav had become friends with. Although she says that at that time she did not know that he is the son of Mulayam Singh Yadav. And Aparna had also told in an interview that Prateek Yadav and he had dated each other for almost 8 years.

After which both of them decided to marry each other. Initially Mulayam Singh Yadav was unhappy about their marriage. After which Prateek Yadav asked his mother to persuade him, after her persuasion, Mulayam Singh Yadav also agreed. After which Aparna Singh Bisht and Prateek Yadav got engaged in the year 2010.

And 4 December 2009 Aparna Singh Bisht and Prateek Yadav tied the knot like marriage. After which she became the younger daughter-in-law of Mulayam Singh Yadav’s house and even today she is known everywhere as Chhoti Bahu, after which she also has a daughter named after her. prima facie is. It is said that from Mukesh Ambani to big Bollywood celebrities were also involved in the marriage of both.

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Beginning of political career

Year 2017 This was the year, when Aparna Yadav started her political career, where she took her first steps in politics by contesting from Lucknow Cantt Assembly seat. Where she is BJP’s candidate Bahuguna Joshi was lost to. She often praised Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath after their results after losing the elections in 2017.

She has been raising her voice against cow slaughter for a long time. For this reason, he praised the work of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and praised him. Ram Mandir For this also he had donated lakhs of rupees.

Aparna Yadav net worth in English (Aparna Yadav’s net worth)

2017 According to the affidavit of the assembly elections, Aparna Yadav has total assets of about 22, crores, out of which she also showed more than 1,00,000 cash. It is said that Aparna also has two vehicles in her name, one of which is a Lamborghini worth Rs 5,00,00,000 and a bike worth Rs 1,50,000.

Journey from SP Party to BJP

It is said that by the way, Prateek Yadav lives far away from politics. He was never interested in a political career, but he has always supported his wife Aparna Yadav in her political career. and from year to year 2017 2022 till his family party sp Been involved in But for some reason in the year 2022 itself he BJP After which she joined the media and everywhere headlines I came in

Some FAQ

Which political party has Aparna Yadav joined at present?


What is the name of Aparna Yadav’s husband?

Prateek Yadav

When and where was Aparna Yadav born?

In UP on 5 February 1990.

What is Aparna Yadav’s father’s name?

Arvind Singh Bisht.

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