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Bernie Sanders biography in hindi Bernie Sanders is the candidate of the Democratic Party in the election for the President of America. Born in 1941 in Brooklyn, New York, Bernie began his political career as mayor of Burlingtop, Vermont. In the major cities of Vermont, Bernie played politics from 1981 to 1989. In 1988, he turned to national politics and became a member of the US House of Representatives. After this, he was the head of the US House of Representatives from 1990 to 2006. In 2007, Bernie won the US Senate election and became a senator. He was re-elected to this post in 2012. In 2015, he announced that he would nominate for the presidential election with the Democratic Party.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders biography Bernie Sanders biography in hindi

life introduction point Bernie Sanders Biography
Full Name Bernard Bernie Sanders
Birth 8 September 1941
birth place New York
mother-father Dorothy Sanders, Jewish Allie Sanders
wife Devorah Schilling (1964–1966)
Jane Mara (1988-present)
Children Levi, Dave, Karina and Heather

Early life and family introduction of Bernie Sanders

Independent politician Bernie Born in Brooklyn, he had a brother, he was the youngest. Bernie’s father Javish was from Poland, who was a salesman and sold paint. Born in a poor family, Bernie had seen poverty closely since childhood, in childhood he himself experienced the economic inequality of America. While giving an interview in a newspaper, he said that ‘I have seen many inequality, unfair things which became the biggest inspiration for me to enter politics’. He considers American social worker Eugenevy Debs as his role model.

Sanders married Deborah in 1966, they got divorced after 2 years, they had no children. After this, he had a son Levi in ​​1969 with his girlfriend Susan Kambel. In 1988, Sanders married Jane, who became the head of a college in Vermont. This gives Sanders 3 stepchildren whom he considers his own. Sanders also has 7 grandchildren.

Education and Career of Bernie Sanders

Sanders completed his schooling from James Madison High School in Brooklyn, then he entered Brooklyn College. After some time he joined the University of Chicago, from where he completed his BA in Political Science. Sanders says that he was interested in politics since childhood. He had learned many things from Hitler’s life, he said that in 1932, Hitler won the election and that became the reason for the second world war, due to which millions of people died. Politics is a very important work that people learn a lot by watching and get inspired by it. That’s why the right person is very important to the head of politics.

During his college days, Sanders was also working in the Civil Right Movement. He was a member of Congress in Racial Equality, also known as CORE. After college, Sanders moved to kibbutz, Israel, and then moved to Vermont. He has done various types of work in his life, did many jobs, was also a filmmaker, freelancer and writer, but along with all this his interest in politics increased.

Sanders’ first win

Being a member of the Anti-Bar Liberty Union Party in 1970, Sanders stumbled from many places, he remained a member until 1979. He tasted the first taste of victory as mayor of Burlington in Vermon. He won by 12 votes. With this victory, Sanders allied with the Grassroots Organization because they were very strong people. After this, Sanders remained in this position for 3 more times, and showed everyone that despite not having a political family, he could stand alone.

Became a member of the US House of Representatives in 1988 and became its Speaker in 1990. Being an independent leader, Sanders had to face many problems, now he needed such allies who would understand and solve his problems and issues. For a long time, he remained in the dilemma of who to choose between the Republican and Democrat parties. According to him, both the parties were not completely right, nor did their ideology completely match them. But wherever they were wrong, the messages openly pointed out the mistakes. During the Iraq war, he had said that ‘this war happened because of the social and economic fight, as a good citizen, we should save our country from such war because it also harms the country.’

Senator Sanders

Sanders was elected to the Senate in 2006 against Republican businessman Richard Tarrant. Sanders, who called himself a Democrat Socialist, easily defeated Richard. During his stay in the Senate, Sanders sidelined many committees by telling them his issues. Along with this, he became a member of the budget committee, health committee, education, labor and pension committees.

presidential race

In April 2015, Sanders announced that he would run for the US presidential election with the Democratic Party. Due to political necessity, Sanders had to give up his independence and join hands with a party. Sanders said in an interview that ‘Working with the Democratic Party now requires more energy, effort, and now it is easier for me to collect votes, now I can openly debate with other candidates. am. Political experts say that Sanders is a good candidate for the party, apart from his name. Hillary Clinton, His name also came up, which is an open challenge for Sanders. But Sanders is not afraid of this fight, he believes, the public has known him well for a long time.

The main purpose of the messages is to bring equality in the US. To improve the economic situation, they consider tax reform to be right, due to which the country will be financially strong. They want to give a new look to higher education, health care system. They also support gay marriage. Bernie Sanders is the first Jewish candidate, as well as the first non-Christian to run for election. According to a report, Bernie is expected to get 60% of the vote, and Hillary is expected to get 38% of the vote. Sanders may not be the right person for the presidency, he may not win the election in 2016, but it is clear that the Democratic Party wants to strengthen itself with time, it is growing very fast, the future of the politician It depends on the party.

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