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Tanaji Malusare Biography History and Upcoming Movie (Tanaji Malusare Biography Wiki and Upcoming Movie) [Release Date, Wife, Cast, Battle of Singahad]

In our India, there were more than one brave warrior who fought big battles for his country and registered his name in the golden pages of the history of India. The brave warrior we are talking about today is associated with the Maratha Empire. You must have heard about the heroic Chhatrapati Shivaji Rao, during his time he fought many battles and won them and made his name for many. Today we are talking about his best friend Tanaji Malusare. So let’s know in detail about a brave warrior like Tanaji Malusare….

taanaji malusare

Tanaji Malusare Of Introduction (Tanaji malasure Introduction)

introduction Point introduction
Full Name Tanaji Malusare
Other Name Sardar Kaloji
Nick Name Tanaji
Profession brave soldier
Genre subedar of the maratha empire
Birth 1600 AD
Death 1670
Birth Place Gondoli Village, Satara District, Maharashtra
Nationality Indian
Hometown Satara
Caste Koli
Food Habit Vegetarian
Hobbies military demonstration
Educational Qualification ,
Marital Status married
Wife’s name Savitri Malusare
Role Model Shivaji Rao Peshwa
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black

Early Life

The brave warrior Tanaji Malusare was born in the Maratha Empire in 1600 AD. He was born in Godoli, a small village in Maharashtra, which used to come in the Satara district. Tanaji’s father was Sardar Kaloji and mother Parvati Bai Kaloji, both of them belonged to a Hindu Koli family. Since childhood, Tanaji was not fond of playing sports like a child, but was fond of fencing, due to which he met Chhatrapati Shivaji and became his friend since childhood. His valor was discussed far and wide and due to his valor, he was appointed as Chief Subedar in a high position in the Maratha Empire.

Tanaji and Shivaji’s friendship was so close since childhood that both could not do any work without each other even if they fought in a war. Both of them took part in the war against Aurangzeb and were taken prisoner by Aurangzeb during the war itself. Later both of them made a plan together and they both escaped together from Aurangzeb’s fort.

Tanaji Of family Of Information (Family Details)

Father’s Name Late Shri Sardar Kaloji
Mother’s Name Parvati Bai
Wife’s Name Savitri
Son 1 ( Raiba Malusare)
Daughter ,

Important Contribution to the Maratha Empire

As a Subedar, Tanaji always showed his dedication while playing his important contribution to the Maratha Empire. Seeing the conditions of the country, he had taken a vow in his childhood to make the country complete Swaraj. What was it then, they went down to the battlefield to fulfill their oath. He got an important place in the pages of history for his flag hoisted in the battle of Kondana Fort.

Honored Jijabai’s pledge

At that time Tanaji received a message from Shivaji that Mata Jijabai had taken a vow that she would give up food and water until she annexed the Kodana Fort to the Maratha Empire. This promise of his was immediately conveyed by Shivaji to Tanaji and as soon as Tanaji came to know about this, he left the preparations for the marriage ceremony of his son going on in the house and went out to fulfill the promise of Mother Jijabai.

Battle of Kondana Fort

Tanaji and Shivaji did not do any work without the consent of each other, due to this Shivaji advised them to conquer the fort of Singhgarh and name them and encouraged them to climb the fort of Singhgarh. This fort of Singh Garh was established in the Pune region of Mumbai. Tanaji, who did not say anything about Shivaji, set out to conquer the fort of Singhgarh with his army. It was such a strong fort that had fallen from the Mughal soldiers from all sides, about 5000 soldiers were protecting that fort under the supervision of Raja Uday Bhan.

Shivaji and Tanaji did not accept this fact that Uday Bhan was supporting the Mughals despite being a Hindu leader in the greed of power.

On the war leaving the marriage of the son

When Tanaji planned to leave for the war, his son Raiba was about to get married. But the soldiers fighting for the country love their country more than their family, they give priority to their country as their family, the same thing Tanaji did when he left his son’s marriage and left for the war. Tanaji and his army were so ingrained in the spirit of Swaraj that they wanted to take the Kondana fort in their name under any circumstances.

In the dark dark of the night, he surrounded the Kondana Fort with his soldiers from all sides and slowly all the soldiers entered the palace. The structure of that fort was such that it was very difficult for anyone to enter it. But with the help of Tanaji’s clever and cunning intellect, he along with his entire army made a fierce attack on that fort. His attack did not give the Mughal soldiers a chance to understand even for a moment.

The Mughal soldiers did not even know how and from which side this attack had taken place, before they could understand this, the Maratha army completely broke down on them. Tanaji fought this war with great valor and in the end, while fighting the war, Veergati was attained. During his lifetime, he fought many wars with Chhatrapati Shivaji and also won them.

He won this battle of Singhgarh with his life and also got his name registered in the golden pages of history. When this Veergati was attained, this war did not stop there, his maternal uncle and his brother fought this war together and finally won the victory and took ownership of Kondana Fort and there by waving the Maratha flag to celebrate their victory. It was spread all over the country with enthusiasm. When the matter of his death reached Shivaji, he said with great passion that the fort was won but we lost a brave lion of the Maratha Empire.

In the memory of Tanaji, that fort was named as the fort of Singh Garh. He was accompanied by his brother Surya ji Mala Surya and maternal uncle Shelar in Tanaji’s war valor and the valor of both of them also illuminated them in the golden pages of history. To win this battle of Kondana Fort, Tanaji selected only 342 soldiers out of 5000 Mughal soldiers, who showed their valor and waved their victory over him.

The brave soldiers of the Maratha Empire always make an important contribution to the country, Tanaji Malesur was one of them. Appreciating this feat of Tanaji, Shivaji established many of his reputations in Pune and its surrounding area. Which still illuminates the golden pages of history and gives the people living there the right to live with pride and honor. Paying respect and tribute to Tanaji after his victory, a place named ‘Wakdevadi’ located in Pune was renamed as ‘Narbir Tanaji’.

Taanaji – The Unsung Warrior Upcoming Movie

name of the movie Tanaji
release date 10 January 2020
cast Ajay Devgan, Kajol, Saif Ali Khan, Sharad Kelkar
director Om Raut
Budget 150 crores

Next year on 10 January 2020, this character of Tanaji will be brought on the silver screen of Bollywood by Ajay Devgan in which Kajol, who is also his real life wife, will be seen playing the character of Tanaji’s wife Savitribai Malusare. The film depicts all the great emotional scenes and powerful scenes that took place during the Battle of Singh Garh on 4 February 1670. Whenever history is brought to the silver screen of Bollywood, the pride and respect of the Indian audience for their history increases more and more, it will be interesting to see how this film will create a stir among the Indian audience.

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