Biography of Ajit Doval

Biography of Ajit Doval | Ajit Doval Biography in English There are many reasons behind addressing Ajit Doval, who is known as James Bond in our country, by this name, today we will share many important things related to him in his biography, by the way, you already know that our country That is protected by the Indian Army. But along with this, there is also some such intelligence agency in our country which is engaged in the defense of our country and Ajit Doval works in the same intelligence agency which leaves no stone unturned to protect the country.

Biography of Ajit Doval | Ajit Doval Biography in English

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Biography of Ajit Doval Ajit Doval Biography In English
name- Ajit Doval
Birth- 20 January 1945
birth place- Uttarakhand, Pauri Garhwal
Mother Not known
father Ghunnad Doval
Wife Aruni Doval
Study Masters degree in Economics
hometown New Delhi, India

Ajit Doval was born on 20 January 1945 in Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, and his father’s name was Major Ghunnad Doval, an officer in the Indian Army.

Ajit Doval’s early studies:

Ajit was educated at Ajmer Military School in Rajasthan, later he earned a master’s degree in economics from Agra University in 1967.

Since childhood, he wanted to do something for the country because of his undying love for the country, due to which he passed the UPSC exam and got a good rank in the UPSC exam.

Ajit Doval Career:

In 1968, Ajit Doval joined the Indian Police Service, after which he was actively involved in anti-militant operations in Punjab and Mizoram, shortly after which he was given the title of Indian James Bond.

He served for 7 years as an IPS officer, after which he joined the IB i.e. Intelligence Bureau, after which he was also made its director.

Doval spent most of his career working as an active field intelligence officer with the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and won several prestigious awards for his bravery. He was honored for his active participation in important operations and for his work against terrorism.

You can introduce their courage from the fact that when MALF ie Mizoram Arm Left Front, which was a terrorist organization, wanted to make India a separate country from the country.

Seeing the bad conditions of Mizoram at that time, Ajit Doval himself went to overcome this problem, he went there and met the Chief Commander of MALF, Lal Dega and he made his companion i.e. 7 Commander in his side.

Due to which the chief commander of MALF became weak and Lal Dega had to surrender.

Another story of Ajit Doval’s courage

You must have heard the name of Black Thunder, it is a matter of 1988, when some terrorists had captured Amritsar, then Ajit Doval entered Amritsar as a rickshaw driver and when the terrorist suspected them, he caught them,

But how did Ajit Doval convince those terrorists and said that he works for Pakistan’s intelligence agency, he said this so that all the terrorists obey him, now Ajit Doval gave information about those terrorists to the black commando.

And it is the miracle of Ajit Doval’s intelligence that our black commando killed those terrorists.

After this, another incident comes to the fore in 1999, when Pakistani terrorists hijacked the Indian plane from Kathmandu and after hijacking, first took that plane to Lahore and after Lahore to Afghanistan.

The terrorists present in the plane had taken all those passengers hostage and demanded to sleep the terrorist imprisoned in India to release these passengers safely back,

Then after this our James Bond started talking to the International spy agency with his skill, this scared all the terrorists, after this they were handed over 3 terrorists and all the passengers were brought to India safely.

You will be surprised to know that Ajit Doval was living in Pakistan for 7 years by changing his religion and after collecting the intelligence of Pakistan, he came back to India.

Ajit Doval ji made a very good strategy against terrorists in Myanmar also, due to which the army was successful in killing 50 terrorists there.

IB (Intelligence Bureau) from Retirement:

In January 2005, Ajit Doval took retirement as Director of Intelligence Bureau (IB), after which he gave lectures on national security in India, its challenges and foreign policies in government and non-government institutions in India and abroad. Huh.

NSA Careers:

Ajit Doval then began another chapter of his career as the fifth National Security Advisor of India on 30 May 2014.

According to Indian officials, Ajit Doval planned a cross-border military operation with Army Chief General Dalbir Singh Suhag against the Myanmar-based Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN-K).

The Indian side claims that the operation was successful and 20-38 separatists were killed in the operation conducted by India. However, the Myanmar government denied such claims and said that Indian action against NSCN-K took place entirely in some part of India.

On February 27, 2019, Tension escalated between India and Pakistan after the Pakistani Army captured Indian pilot Abhinandan during an IAF (Indian Air Force) attack.

In which Pilot Abhinandan was released by the Pakistani Army as a peace sign and to reduce tension between the two countries.

According to Indian officials, when the Indian pilot was in Pakistan’s custody, Ajit Doval held talks with the US Secretary of State and the National Security Advisor to ensure the release of the Indian pilot.

Ajit Doval Achievements:

Ajit Doval was the youngest police officer ever to be awarded the Police Medal for his outstanding dedication and service. Usually this award is given after 17 years of service, but Doval has received this award after seven years of service in the police.

Ajit Doval has also received the prestigious President’s Police Medal. This medal is given to an individual for either gallantry or distinguished service to the nation.

In December 2017, Ajit Doval was awarded the Best Doctorate in Science from Agra University.

In the year 1988, Ajit Doval was awarded the Kirti Chakra, one of the highest gallantry awards. Earlier this medal was given only as a military honour, but Ajit Doval created history by becoming the first police officer to receive this honour.

Doval was appointed in 2009 as the founding director of the Vivekananda International Foundation, a think tank and spiritually oriented organization set up by the Vivekananda Kendra.

Renowned for his exceptional personality skills, Doval was also called as a guest lecturer to guide on various strategic issues at Australia-India Institute IISS, Washington DC, National Defense College at Capitol Hill, New Delhi and University of Melbourne.

Ajit Doval is a valuable asset of India with many prestigious awards, honors and records. He can undoubtedly be called the ‘Indian James Bond’ because of his ability to plan, negotiate and spy.

Ajit Doval with his meticulous planning, persuasive negotiation skills and his knowledge has made sure to finish many successfully. We are all proud of him because of the work done by Ajit Doval ji, our country needs such heroes.

Information about family members in brief (Ajit Doval family) –

father Gunanad Doval
Mother ,
siblings ,
Wife Anu Doval
Son Shaurya Doval, Vivek Doval

At the age of 77, Doval, who gave his best for the internal and external security of the country, must have passed through many tests in this inspiring life journey. Due to his hard work and intelligence, he is also called the Grand Master of Geopolitics. As India’s National Security Advisor in the Modi government, Ajit ji played an important role in the retaliatory action on Pakistan after the Uri, Pulwama attacks. His vigilance regarding internal security and the work done at the ground level were commendable even during the anti-CAA movement and farmers’ agitation in the country.

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