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Baba Amte Biography Wiki Baba Amte’s full name was Dr. Murlidhar Devidas Amte. He was an eminent and respected social worker of the country. He established Anandvan and gave way to new life and new struggle for the leprosy patients. Not only this, he also started new activities to make people aware about wildlife conservation. He also started a movement to save Narmada from the danger of pollution. In a way, he devoted his whole life to public welfare.

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Baba Aamte

Baba Amte Early Life

Baba Amte was born on 26 December 1914 to Devipal, the Lekhpal and Zamindar of Wardha. Childhood was very comfortable due to inherited zamindari. As a child, he used to wear silk kurta and shiny shoes like a prince. For those who have seen Baba later, it will certainly be difficult to guess his childhood.

Baba completed his early schooling at the Mission School in Nagpur and then studied law from Nagpur University. Along with studies, he also studied many other subjects and then started advocacy work locally. After visiting the villages, Baba Amte found that the Indian village was in really dilapidated condition. India was moving ahead under the leadership of Gandhi at that time and the freedom struggle was in full swing, at that time Baba Amte left his friend Rajguru and started walking on the path of non-violence with Gandhiji. He went to the villages and met the farmers and started raising voice for their problems. Later on, influenced by Vinoba Bhave, he also started the land reform movement from place to place.

Baba Amte workspace

In those days when leprosy was a social stigma. People used to socially exclude people suffering from this disease. To fight against such false rumours, K Baba Amte came forward and worked with lepers, tribes and farmers throughout his life to know the anti-people nature of the present upgradation and prepared the ground for alternative upgradation.

Baba Amte Anandvan

Baba Amte’s greatest achievement in life was the construction of an ashram for the untouchables suffering from leprosy, which is known today as Anandvan. Today, wealth wealth is abundant in this low-cost ashram. Everything is produced here. Apart from this, Baba Amte also started the India couples movement from here.

Baba Amte Literary Composition

Baba Amte wrote two collections of poetry namely ‘Jwala Aani Phule’ and ‘Ujjwal Udyasathi’. The image of the then struggle can be seen in these poems.

Baba Aamte Death

Baba Amte passed away on 9 February 2008. He was 94 years old at that time.

Awards and Honors (Baba Amte Awards)

The year Award
1971 Padma Shri from Government of India
1979 Jamnalal Bajaj Award
1980 D-lit degree from Nagpur University
1983 America’s Damien Dutton Award
1985 Received Ramon Magsaysay (Philippine) Award
1985-86 D-lit degree from University of Poona
1988 Ghanshyamdas Birla International Award
1988 United Nations Human Rights Honor
1990 Templeton Prize
1991 Global 500 United Nations Honors
1992 Sweden’s Right Livelihood Honor
1999 Gandhi Peace Prize
2004 Maharashtra Bhushan Samman

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