Biography of BCCI Secretary Jay Shah

The biography of BCCI Secretary Jay Shah is a story in itself. Today through this article you will get to know BCCI Secretary Jay Shah more closely.

Biography of BCCI Secretary Jay Shah

BCCI Secretary Jay Shah was born on 22 September 1988. Not many people know that Jay Shah is the son of politician and former Home Minister of India Amit Shah. Jai Shah’s full name is Jai Amit Bhai Shah and he is known as a businessman and cricket administrator.

Jay Shah became the Secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 2019 and is also the President of the Asian Cricket Council.

jay shah early life Jay Shah was born on 22 September 1988 to Indian politician Amit Shah and Sonal Shah. Amit Shah is a well-known politician of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Jay Shah has completed his BTech from Nirma University in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Jay Shah received his cricket training from Jayendra Sehgal in Ahmedabad.

Jay Shah Biography

Jay Shah’s career – Jay Shah has worked as a director in Temple Enterprises, multiple directors in this company and this company was known for agriculture trade. Jay Shah that this company was started in 2004 and closed in 2016. Jay Shah holds 60 per cent stake in Kusum Finserve Company which was started in 2015.

After serving in the Executive Board Member Cricket Ahmedabad since 2009, Jay Shah became the Joint Secretary of the Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA) in 2013. During his tenure as Joint Secretary, Jay Shah completed the construction of the world’s largest cricket stadium in Gujarat, the Narendra Modi Stadium, under his supervision, at that time Jay Shah’s father Amit Shah was the President of the Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA). Before Amit Shah, the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi was the President of the Gujarat Cricket Association.

In 2015, Jay Shah became a member of the Finance and Marketing Department of BCCI, he resigned from the post of Joint Secretary of GCA in 2019. Thereafter, he was elected as the BCCI Secretary for a term of one and a half year. In the year 2019, the BCCI elected Jay Shah as the Representative of the Future CEC meeting for the International Cricket Council. In January 2021, the Asian Cricket Council appointed Hai Jay Shah as its President.

jay shah personal life

In February 2015, Jay Shah married his college girl friend Rishita Patel according to Gujarati customs. Jai Shah and Rishita’s wedding was attended by high-ranking public officials like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Pathik Shah.

jai shah controversy

In 2017, Jay Shah filed a criminal defamation (defamation) case of Rs 100 crore against the editor of The Wire. The editor of The Wire wrote that Jay Shah’s company had generated 16000 times revenue in a year after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister.

Cricket Question Answer (FAQ)

What is the name of Jay Shah’s father?

Jay Shah’s father’s name is Amit Shah, he is a politician of BJP.

What is the name of Jai Shah’s mother?

Jay Shah’s mother’s name is Sonal Shah.

What is the name of Jay Shah’s company?

The name of Jay Shah’s company was Temple Enterprises.

What is the name of Jai Shah’s wife?

Jai Shah’s wife’s name is Rishita Shah.

Who had accused Jay Shah’s company of having disproportionate assets?

In the name of Jay Shah’s company, the editor of Wire alleged that it generates 16000 times revenue in 1 year.

on the wire editor jai shah has How much was the defamation claim made?

Jai Shah had filed a defamation case of Rs 100 crore against the Wire editor.

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