Biography of Justin Bieber |Justin Bieber Biography In English

Justin Bieber Biography, Age, Marriage, Children, Wife Family, Education, Show, Property | Justin Bieber Biography, Age, Marriage, Children, Family, Education, Ramsay Hunt syndrome,wife , show, net worth in English

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer and songwriter. They are often addressed as JB, J-Beebs, The Bibs, Douche-Pouch and Kidroul.

He is considered one of the most powerful celebrities in the world. He had sold an estimated 150 million records, making him one of the best-selling music artists in the world.

Justin Bieber Biography in English

Full Name Justin Drew Bieber
Nick Name The Bibs, JB, J-Beebs, Douche Pouch, Kidrouli
Date Of Birth 1 March 1994
Birth Palace London, Ontario, Canada
Age 28 years (by the year 2022)
Hometown Stratford, Ontario, Canada
Star Sign , Pisces
School Jean Sauv Catholic School, Stratford (4.0 GPA)
St. Michael’s Catholic Secondary School, Stratford
Education graduated high school
Occupation singer, songwriter
Nationality American
Marital Status married
Property (Networth) $83.5 million (as of 2017)

Latest news about Justin Bieber ( Justin Bieber Ramsay Hunt syndrome )

Justin Bieber has revealed on 10 June 2022 that he has been diagnosed with a disease called Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which leaves the right side of his face completely paralyzed.

Biography of Justin Bieber |Justin Bieber Biography in English
photo of paralyzed Justin

Birth and early life of Justin Bieber ,

Justin Bieber was born as ‘Justin Drew Bieber’ on 1 March 1994 in London, Canada. Justin was raised in Stratford, Ontario.

Justin Bieber was born to Patricia “Patty” Mallett (Canadian writer and filmmaker) and Jeremy Jack Bieber (carpenter and pro martial artist).

His parents never married each other. His mother is a French-Canadian; His great-grandfather is a German. Other roots of Justin are English, Scottish and Irish.

early life of justin bieber ,

With Justin being young at birth, Patricia’s mother, Diane, and her stepfather, Bruce, helped raise Justin.

He has four half-siblings; Two sisters Jazmin (from his father Jeremy and his ex-girlfriend Erin Wagner), Bey (from his father Jeremy and his wife Chelsea) and Allie (from his father Jeremy and his wife Chelsea), and a brother Jackson (from his father Jeremy). and his ex-girlfriend Erin Wagner).

education of justin bieber ,

He did his schooling from Jean Sauvé Catholic School, Stratford, Canada. He did his high school from St. Michael’s Catholic Secondary School with a 4.0 GPA. Growing up, he learned to play various instruments like guitar, drums, piano and trumpet.

justin bieber family ,

Father’s Name, Jeremy Jack Bieber
Mother’s Name, patty mallet
Brother , Jackson (half-brother; born 2010)
Sister Jazmin, Allie, Bey (Half-Sisters)
Wife Hailey Baldwin

justin bieber girlfriend relationship ,

Justin Bieber has dated many girls. The list includes-

  1. Caitlin Beadles (2007-2009)
  2. Jessica Jarrell, American singer (2009-2010)
  3. Mandy Rain, American actress (2009)
  4. Kristen Rodehauer, American Model (2009)
  5. Jasmine Villegas, American Singer (2010)
  6. Selena Gomez, Singer-Actress (December 2010 – June 2013)
  7. Barbara Palvin, Model (rumour, 2012)
  8. Miranda Kerr, model (rumour, 2012)
  9. Milen Jensen (2012)
  10. Jordan Ozuna,
  11. American Model (2013) Jack Piles,
  12. Actress (2013) Caylin Russo,
  13. American Model (2013) Tati Neves,
  14. Brazilian Model (2013)
  15. Actress (2014) Yovanna Ventura,
  16. American Model (2014-2015)
  17. Kayla Phillips, American Model (2014)
  18. Zayde Pierce (2015)
  19. Laura Carter (2015)
  20. Nicola Peltz (actress; 2015)
  21. Nicola Peltz (Actress; 2015)
  22. Ashley Moore (American model; 2016)
  23. Sahara Ray (2016)
  24. Michelle Cardona (Puerto Rican volleyball player; 2017)
  25. Gabriella Lenzi (model; 2017)
  26. Audreyana Mitchell (American model; 2017)
  27. Paola Paulin (Mexican actress; 2017)
  28. Fiona Barren (Mexican model; 2017)
  29. Baskin Champion (American model; 2018).

Justin Bieber’s marriage, wife

Justin Bieber has always been the talk of town when it comes to his relationships or marriage, until he married model and TV presenter Hailey Balvin.

Hailey and Justin were in a relationship from 2015 to 2016. Justin started dating Hailey Baldwin again in May 2018. The couple got engaged on July 7, 2018 and their marriage was confirmed on November 23, 2018.

Justin Bieber career ,

  • He started playing the guitar at the age of 8. Originally, it was a right-handed guitar, and being left-handed, it was a problem for him.
  • Later, his mother gifted him a left-handed guitar on his birthday, and since then, he has been playing a left-handed guitar.
  • Justin won a singing competition in Stratford, where he sang Ne-Yo’s So Sick and finished second. His mother uploaded videos to YouTube for friends and family and continues to do so with every performance. With this, his popularity kept on increasing.
  • Usher, a former So So Deaf Recordings executive member, was looking for a new singer for Scooter Braun’s video when he accidentally clicked on Bieber’s video. He went to the theater where Bieber was singing and asked his mother to send Justin with him.
  • Justin went to Atlanta, Georgia with Braun to record a demo, and just a week after recording, he was working for Usher.
  • Justin Timberlake was also bidding for Bieber, but lost the bid to Usher before Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG) signed him.
  • Justin Bieber’s first concert was on The X Factor USA. At that time he was 13 years old.
  • bieber’s first single , one time , It was released to the radio while he was recording the album. It reached number 10 on the Canadian Hot List and number 17 on the Billboards Hot 100. It was labeled ‘Platinum’ in the USA and Canada; and ‘Gold’ in Australia and Canada.
  • Justin Bieber feels blessed that he had the opportunity to perform in the presence of the then President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.
  • Justin was invited to sing the opening line of the song “We Are the World” written by Michael Jackson. The line was originally sung by Lionel Richie.
  • Her 3D part-biopic film, Justin Bieber Never Say Never, grossed $30.3 million, roughly equivalent to $31.1 from the Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds concert, exceeding industry expectations.
  • His song “What do you mean?” The album became his first song to be ranked number 1 on the Billboard 100. , Which set him a Guinness World Record for being the youngest person to do so.
  • Bieber’s voice is a light-tongued tenor vocal-style voice over 2 octaves, 4 notes, and a semitone ,
  • He is actively associated with Pencil of Promise , Which is a non-profit organization that builds schools in needy and backward areas. Interestingly, the NPO is being run by his manager’s younger brother.
  • He also appears for PETA events, where he promotes the adoption of animals rather than buying them from breeders.
  • During an interview, he had said that if he had not been a singer, he would have been an architect.
  • Justin Bieber can solve a Rubiks cube in less than two minutes.
  • According to sources, he once got his hair cut and sold it on eBay for $12,000. Later the same was sold for about 40 thousand dollars.

Justin Bieber controversy ,

  • In 2012, Justin was accused of reckless driving in his neighborhood.
  • In 2013, Justin was accused of vandalism in Brazil.
  • In 2014, Justin Bieber was accused of throwing eggs at a neighbor in Calabasas, California. In July 2014, the Los Angeles Country Superior Court sentenced him to pay $80,900 in restitution, serve two years’ probation, complete 12 weeks of anger management, and complete five days of community service.
  • On 23 January 2014, he was arrested in Florida on speculation of driving under the influence (DUI) with singer Khaleel. Following his arrest, more than 270,000 people petitioned the White House to deport him from the United States. However, the Barack Obama administration declined to comment concretely on the petition.
  • On 1 September 2014, he was arrested on charges of dangerous driving near his hometown of Stratford, Ontario, after his vehicle collided with a minivan on 24 August 2014.
  • On 9 November 2014, a Buenos Aires court ordered Justin to testify on an alleged assault on a photographer. The incident happened in 2013 when Bieber asked his security personnel to kill a photographer and snatch his camera outside a nightclub in Buenos Aires. Following this incident his performance in Argentina was banned.
  • In 2017, the Chinese government banned Justin from performing in China. The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture issued a statement citing a reason why, “In order to maintain order in the Chinese market and purge the atmosphere of Chinese performances, it is not appropriate to bring in badly behaved entertainers. “

Awards and Records of Justin Bieber ,

  • Bieber has sold an estimated 140 million records.
  • On 23 November 2012, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper presented her with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.
  • In 2013, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) awarded her a Diamond Award in recognition of her single “Baby” as the highest-certified digital song of all time.
  • He has won eighteen MTV Europe Music Awards.
  • In 2015, Bieber became the first artist since Elvis Presley in 2005 to turn his own song to number one on the UK Singles Chart.
  • As of 2016, he has held fourteen Guinness World Records titles.
  • In September 2021, he won the Moon Person Statue for Artist of the Year and Best Pop for his single “Peaches” at MTV’s annual Video Music Awards (VMA) show.


How did Justin Bieber become famous?

Justin won a singing competition in Stratford, where he sang Ne-Yo’s So Sick and finished second. His mother uploaded videos to YouTube for friends and family and continues to do so with every performance. With this, his popularity kept on increasing.

Where did Justin Bieber grow up?

Justin Bieber was born as ‘Justin Drew Bieber’ on 1 March 1994 in London, Canada. Justin was raised in Stratford, Ontario.

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