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Biography of Kamala Harris |Kamala Harris Biography in English

Kamala Harris Biography, Vice President, Birth, Age, Husband, Family, Father (Husband, Parents, Birth, Age, Children, Mother, Father, Family, Education, Politics, Height, Twitter)

Kamala Harris is a famous American politician and a member of the Democratic Party. Apart from this, let us tell you that he is also a lawyer and currently he has won the Vice Presidential election of the United States of America. She will take over as her Vice President on 20 January 2021. Kamala Harris was also a junior United States Senator from California from 2011 to 2017.

kamala harris biography English

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Kamala Harris Birth, Age, Introduction

Full Name

Kamala Devi Harris


20 October 1964


56 years

Birth Place

Auckland, California

Zodiac Sign





auckland, california



Political Party



Westmount High School

College / University

Howard University University of California, Hastings


BA, Juris Doctor (JD)



Net Worth

2 million dollars


Cooking, Listening to Music, Watching Movies

Kamala Harris Husband, Parents, Family


Donald Harris


Shyamala Gopalan Harris


A sister


Douglas Ehmoff


3 children (steps)

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Early Life of Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris was born in Auckland, California, United States of America. His mother Dr. Shyamala Gopalan Harris was a Tamil Indian and his father was Jamaican-American. He used to teach economics at Stanford University. And his mother Shyamala Gopalan has been a breast cancer scientist. Kamala holds American nationality but is of mixed race as her parents are from different religions and countries. Apart from this, Kamala also has a sister named Maya Harris. When her parents got divorced, Kamala’s mother herself took care of her alone.

Education of Kamala Harris

He did his schooling from Westmount High School and after that he enrolled at Howard University in Washington. Where he graduated in Political Science and Economics. He then earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of California, Hastings College of Law.

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Height and look of Kamala Harris


5 foot 2 inches


52 kg

Eye Color


Hair Color

dark brown

Political Career of Kamala Harris

After completing her legal education, in 1990, Kamala Harris got an opportunity to work as a deputy district in Alameda County, California, and since then she never gave up, she continued to grow and became successful. Due to which in 2003, Kamala Harris started working in the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and there she was in charge of a career criminal unit. Then after that she became the Attorney General of California from 2004 to 2011. Let us also tell here that in the year 2017, she became a United States Senator in California and was the first black woman to reach such a high position. In this way, it became quite popular among the people. People like her statements very much and she wants to end Systematic Racism and often speaks about it. On 21 January 2019, he had announced his name for the presidential election but later he got his name removed from there.

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Kamala Harris received the award

Award Name Year who gave the award
woman of power 2004 The National Urban League
Child Advocate of the Year 2004 San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Council
Thurgood Marshall 2005 National Black Prosecutors Association

Net Worth of Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris’s net worth is currently $2 million. She is a well-known attorney and politician and apart from this, she is also very active on social media.

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Some Important Facts about Kamala Harris

  • Kamala Harris’s mother is from Tamil of India i.e. Chennai.
  • Her parents got divorced when she was very young.
  • She is the first black woman to be made a United States Senator from California
  • Apart from this, she is the first woman who has got the privilege of becoming the Vice President of America.
  • He is also a writer and has written many books till now.

Likes and Dislikes of Kamala Harris

Favorite Book

The Kite Runner, Dreams From My Father, The Joy Luck Club and Native Sun

Favorite Film

Black Panther, A Star Is Born, My Cousin Vinny, Wonder Woman etc.

Favorite TV Show

24, American Idol, Anything on CNN, 60 Minutes, Saturday Night Live etc.

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Kamala Harris’s Controversy

  • Kamala Harris and Willie Brown Affair- In the early 1990s, Kamala Harris had an affair with 60-year-old Willie Brown. At that time she was only 29 years old. Let us inform here that Millie Brown was the mayor of San Francisco at that time.
  • Catholic Church Sex Case , In the year 2019, there was a lot of news in the news that Kamala Harris did not handle the sexual abuse case of the Catholic Church properly. While Harris was an expert in child abuse and sex crimes, she completely ignored the matter when the Catholic Church priest was accused of sexual abuse and refused to take any action against the priest.

Affairs of Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is currently a married woman and her husband was her longtime boyfriend whom she later married. Before that, in the year 1993, he had a love affair with Willie Brown. He also helped Kamala Harris to make a political career, as she was the mayor of San Francisco. Apart from this, around the year 2000, he also had a relationship with Lewis Raina, but that relationship of both of them ended after a short time.

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Kamala Harris is a very intelligent politician and speaker. It is expected from them that after becoming the Vice President of the United States of America, she will fulfill all the responsibilities towards her country very well.

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