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Kamini Roy Biography Kamini Roy Biography In English bengali: A Bengali on the land of Bengal on 12 October 1864 A language poet, social worker and female servant was born. Today is Rai’s birthday, on this occasion respect has been given in the form of Google Doodle. Know his biography, history story contribution.

Kamini Roy Biography in English

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Kamini Roy Biography Kamini Roy Biography In English
Full Name Kamini Rai
Birth 12 October 1864
Birth place Bengal, Basanda Village
Business poetess
special achievement First woman to graduate in India
education Bethune College, University of Calcutta
husband Kedarnath Roy
death 27 September 1933

Poet Kamini Roy Poems, Kobita, Books Biography In EnglishKamini Rai was the first graduate woman of British India to study in Mathematics. Rai, who was inclined towards mathematics, started writing Bengali poems at an early age. Today, the 155th birth anniversary of Kamini, who fought for women’s rights for life, is being celebrated.

Rai, remembered as a Bengali poet, educationist, and social worker, was born on 12 October 1864 in Basda district of Bengal. After the partition of India, this East Pakistan is located in present-day Bangladesh. Born in a Hindu family, Kamini belonged to a prosperous family. One of his brothers was the mayor of Calcutta, while one of his sisters was a nurse in the royal family of Nepal.

In his childhood, he became fond of writing poems. In the year 1886, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Sanskrit from Bethune College. She became the first woman in British India to do so. He met Abla Bose, a junior student of the same college, who was engaged in the work of social service. Together, both of them pledged to work for women’s rights, to improve the condition of widows and for girl child education.

in favor of voting for women

Kamini Roy, who grew up in the midst of the freedom struggle, was especially concerned about the condition of women. She started writing poetry after the death of her husband Kedar Nath. The center of his poems was the woman of India. Campaigned for women’s awareness through his poems. She took membership from the Bang Mahila Samiti and advocated for women to have the right to vote.

She eventually succeeded in this endeavor when in the year 1926, the Bengal government gave women the right to vote. Kamini Roy died in the year 1933.


Paratantra Kamini Roy’s female sensibility is the main feature of her works, the first woman to go to college education in India. His father Chandi Charan Sen was a judge and a writer, a member of the Brahmo Samaj. Sen had a major contribution in her journey to become a poetess. Roy used to get many books to read in his own house. There was a big library in the house.

Kamini, who studied mathematics, became interested in composing poetry. She was also a good essayist and composer. For the children, he composed the girl child Shikhar Adarsh. His main poems are Mahsweta, Pundarik, Puranhi, Deep o Dhoop, Jiban Pathey, Nirmalya, Mallya o Nirmalya and Ashoka Sangeet.

writing and feminism

Kamini Roy used to write in simple and clear language. He got the first collection of verses Aalo Chhaiya published in 1889 and after some time two more books were also published. After entering married life, he stopped writing for some time.

In India of the 19th century, when women’s access to education was not far away. In such a situation, talking about women’s rights and taking up the initiative to raise voice for women’s rights was a bold act. During her speech in a girls’ school, she says that by women’s education, we mean to support her in her all-round development and fulfillment of her abilities.

honor and fame

Apart from being a litterateur, Kamini Rai was also a woman with a big heart. She used to encourage the emerging faces of the literary field. In the year 1923, Rai traveled to Barisal and met Sufia Kamal, an emerging writer. He encouraged Sufia and encouraged her to continue writing.

Rai also got the opportunity to preside over the Bangla Sahitya Sammelan held in 1930. In 1932-33, Kamini Rai was also elected as the Vice-President of the Bangiya Literature Council. It was heavily inspired by Tagore and Sanskrit literature. He was also awarded Jagtarini Gold Medal from Calcutta University.

Kamini Rai also spent a phase of her life in Hazaribagh. In this small town she was often involved in literary discussions with Mahesh Chandra Ghosh and Dhirendranath Choudhary. He died on 27 September 1933.


Q. What was the name of the first woman to graduate in India?

Ans: Kamini Rai

Q. What are the names of literary works of Kamini Rai?

Ans: Mahasweta, Pundarik, Puranic, Deep o Dhoop, Jiban Pathey, Nirmalya, Mallya o Nirmalya and Ashoka Sangeet

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