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Karim Lala was a famous name of the Mumbai underworld, there was a time when Karim Lala shook the entire Indian politics. Talking about Mumbai, Karim Lala’s name was enough for any work in Mumbai. From 1960 to 1980, Karim Lala’s coin used to run all over India, but there was a time when Karim Lala came to the floor due to his mistakes. But even today, the name of Karim Lala comes at the top of the list of don. Today we are going to tell you about the life of Karim Lala in this article. Here you will come to know many things related to Karim Lala, as well as we will tell here about the relationship between Gangubai and Karim Lala.

karim lala biography in hindi

Karim Lala Biography

Full Name

Abdul Karim Sher Khan



birth place

Kunar Province, Afghan Emirate (Afghanistan)

mother’s name

not known

father’s name

not known

home in india

pydhuni area mumbai


smuggling, narcotics, extortion, contract killing, illegal gambling, forced eviction from property, etc.


underworld don

commonly used name

Karim Lala

gang name

pathan gang

Karim Lala Birth and Family

Karim Lala was born in Kunar Province, Afghanistan in 1911, Karim Lala’s full name was Abdul Karim Sheikh Khan. Karim Lala came to India from Kunar in 1931, at that time his age was about 21 years. Karim Lala’s family also came to India with him and started living in a Muslim area of ​​Mumbai. Karim worked in Mumbai for about 3-4 years, but after that the greed to earn money pushed him into the quagmire of crimes.

Karim Lala Early Life

Karim Lala came to India from Afghanistan in search of work but here he did not like any work. According to a magazine, he had gone into the world of crime in order to earn more money. He first rented a house near Grant Road station and built a gambling den called Social Club. Soon this gambling den became a part of his earnings and he started earning lakhs of rupees every month from this base. In the meantime, some goons and crooks of that time also started coming to his base and they also became good friends. Karim Lala was no longer short of money but he had to earn a lot of money.

How Karim Lala became a Don (Don Karim Lala)

After earning good money from the gambling base, Karim Lala started smuggling gold, arms and liquor and formed his own gang, named this gang ‘Pathan Gang’. On seeing this his gang became very active and the entire Mumbai was captured by this gang. Karim Lala had included people from almost all Muslim communities in this gang. That is why the people of the Muslim community considered him to be the Messiah. After making a name for himself in gambling, drugs and smuggling, Karim Lala started taking betel nut (murder with money). From 1960 to 1980, the name of Karim Lala came at the top of the list of underworld don of India. Karim Lala ruled the whole of Mumbai for two decades.

Karim Lala Political Connection

Karim Lala’s reach was so much that even if he used to shout, the whole Indian politics would be shaken. He had relations with many big leaders. Many of his works used to be done directly on the phone. Sometimes even Karim Lala used to change the decisions of two parties with one of his phones. Although he always used to say that he had nothing to do with politics, but many leaders and leaders flourished under his shadow.

Karim Lala and Indira Gandhi

Karim Lala and Indira Gandhi also had a connection with each other. Actually there were reports that former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi used to come to Mumbai to meet Karim Lala. Recently, information has not been given for what she used to come to meet him. But it is said that she used to come to meet him to talk about political matters.

Karim Lala and Dawood Ibrahim

It is said that Karim Lala and Dawood Ibrahim never got along, there was a time when Dawood Ibrahim and his brother Shabbir Ibrahim started smuggling in Karim Lala’s area and when Karim Lala came to know about it, he killed Dawood Ibrahim. He was beaten so much that Dawood was missing for a year. But later Dawood’s brother Shabbir was murdered by Karim in 1981. After that Dawood got Karim Lala’s brother Rahim Khan murdered in 1986. The enmity between the two had started. But Karim Lala was never afraid of Dawood and neither did Dawood ever give up, both of them were always looking for opportunities. Karim changed his territories and Dawood had captured some areas of Karim.

Karim Lala and Gangubai

Who does not know about Karim Lala and Gangubai today, if you do not know yet, then for your information let me tell you.Gangubai Kathiawadi‘ By doing a film of Alia Bhatt is also going to come. It is said that Karim Lala used to hold his court, in this court he also used to help people and used to settle many cases there. At one time Gangubai also came to this court because Gangubai was rapped by Karim Lala’s men. In such a situation, Karim Lala made Gangubai his sister and apologized to her. Karim Lala had given the entire reins of Kamathipura to Gangubai. This is the reason that Gangubai had many powers due to being the sister of Karim Lala. Going forward, Ganugubai was also known as Mafia Quinn.

Karim Lala Death

Karim Lala’s death

19 February 2002

place of death

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Karim Lala committed many sins in his life, he killed many people and got them done but at the last moment Karim Lala died after suffering from a disease. He died on 19 February 2002 at the age of 80.

Controversy related to Karim Lala

Recently a controversy has arisen, in which it has been alleged that Indira Gandhi also met Karim Lala. She even used to go to meet him. This allegation has been made by Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut. However, after some time he withdrew his statement saying that if his earnest money hurts the sentiments of any Congress supporter or Gandhi family, then he withdraws his statement.

Here we have written about the life of Karim Lala. In this we have told some excerpts from the life of Karim Lala, how he became the Don of Mumbai. If you liked this information, then do share this article with your friends. So that they can also get information about India’s famous don Karim Lala.


Q: Who was Karim Lala?

Ans: Famous don of underworld in Mumbai

Q: What was the full name of Karim Lala?

Ans: Abdul Karim Sher Khan

Q: When was Karim Lala born?

Ans: In the year 1911

Q: When did Karim Lala come to Mumbai?

Ans: At the age of 21

Q: When did Karim Lala die?

Ans: In the year 2002

Q: How old was Karim Lala?

Ans: 80 years

Q: What was the relation between Karim Lala and Gangubai?

Ans: Karim Lala considered Gangubai as his sister.

Q: What was the relation between Karim Lala and Dawood Ibrahim?

Ans: Both were enemies among themselves.

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