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Google Doodle is celebrating the birthday of Dr. Michiyaki Takahashi, who developed the first vaccine against chickenpox.

Takahashi’s vaccine has since been administered to millions of children around the world as an effective measure to prevent severe cases of the infectious viral disease and its transmission. He has also been awarded the VZVRF’s 3rd Scientific Achievement Award in the year 1997.

Biography of Michiyaki Takahashi

Name (Name, Michiyaki Takahashi
Famous For Developing the first vaccine for chickenpox
Birthday (Birthday, December 16, 1928
Age 85 years (at the time of death)
birth place (Birth Place, Japan
Date of Death 16 December 2013
Place of Death Japan
Death Cause heart attack
Education Graduation (Medical Science)
College Osaka University,
Baylor College of Medicine, Texas
Temple University, Pennsylvania
Citizenship japanese
Occupation japanese doctor
Marital Status Marital Status married
Wife Name Hiroko Takahashi

Who is there Michiyaki Takahashi ,

Michiyaki Takahashi was a Japanese physician. He was the first to develop a vaccine against chickenpox in early 1974.

Takahashi’s chickenpox vaccine, named “Oka”, was accepted by the World Health Organization and is being widely used around the world.

Dr. Takahashi’s vaccine is an effective way to prevent severe cases of infectious viral disease and its transmission. It has so far been administered to millions of children across the world.

Birth and education of Michiyaki Takahashi

Michiyaki Takahashi was born on December 16, 1928 and died on December 16, 2013. Takahashi earned his MD from Osaka University Medical School in 1954, and completed his graduate course in medical science in 1959 majoring in poxvirus virology.

Between 1963 and 1965, he studied at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas and the Fells Research Institute at Temple University in Pennsylvania.

Michiyaki Takahashi wife and children of

Dr. Michiyaki Takahashi was married to Hiroko Takahashi. In 1963, he moved to Houston with his wife and two children. He had a neighbor who had a daughter who used to play with his son.

Michiyaki Takahashi career of

After earning his degree, in 1959 he got a chance to work as a researcher at the Microbial Disease Research Institute of Osaka University.

After he studied diseases such as measles and poliovirus, Dr. Takahashi accepted a research fellowship job at Baylor College in 1963.

How the Chickenpox Vaccine Started

Once when Michiyaki Takahashi saw a smallpox blister on the head of a girl who used to play with their boy, and seeing that, he thought that the disease could be caused by that girl to his son too. At the time, the symptoms were severe, and there was no effective treatment for smallpox.

After a few days his son developed a rash on his face, which spread rapidly throughout his body, as he suspected. When his son was ill, he and his wife had sleepless nights.

Then he realized that he should use his virus knowledge to create a chickenpox vaccine. He was in his early thirties at the time and spent most of his career researching measles and polio viruses.

Michiyaki Takahashi developing the chickenpox vaccine by ,

During this time, his son contracted a disease called chickenpox, seeing his son in such a condition, he promised himself to find a cure for this disease. After almost 5 years of hard work, his vaccination was ready for its initial phase of trials.

Michiyaki Takahashi death of ,

Michiyaki Takahashi died of heart failure on 16 December 2013.

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