Biography of Raj Bawa | Raj Bawa Biography

Biography of Raj Bawa – Raj Bawa is a rising cricket star who recently played an important role in India’s victory in the Under-19 World Cup 2022 competition, today we will know Raj even closer let’s start Raj Bawa biography of

Biography of Raj Bawa (Raj Bawa Biography)

Raj Bawa was born on 12 November 2002 in Nahan Himachal Pradesh to Sukhwinder Singh Bawa. Raj Angad Baba is 19 year old youth and he contributed for India in the recently concluded Under-19 Cricket World Cup competition 2022. Raj Bawa’s profession is to play cricket, in cricket, Raj plays the role of an all-rounder, he is a left-handed batsman and right-arm fast bowler. Raj Bawa took 5 wickets for 34 runs in the final match of the Under-19 Cricket World Cup between India and England on Saturday and also contributed an important 35 runs in the batting and attracted the attention of the whole world. Was awarded the man of the match award in the final match between India. Raj Bawa’s father Sukhwinder Singh Bawa is a cricket coach by profession and according to Raj he is his personal and first cricket coach from whom he has learned a lot of cricket.

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Raj Bawa hails from Himachal Pradesh and was born in a family that had achieved a lot in sports. Raj’s grandfather has won gold medal in the Olympics When Raj was 5 years old, his grandfather died. Raj Bawa’s father was also related to sports and had played junior hockey but he stopped playing hockey and soon started playing cricket. In 1988, Sukhwinder Singh was selected for the Under-19 cricket team, but due to the problem of slip disc, he had to give up playing cricket, but due to his respect and passion for his cricket, he played cricket at the age of just 22. started giving coaching. Sukhwinder Singh has also coached the famous cricketer Yuvraj Singh.

Raj Bawa’s Early Life and Education

Raj Bawa did his early education from DAV Public School and completed his further studies from College of Chandigarh (GGSD). Initially, Raj was more interested in dance and acting and his focus remained in these areas, but once something happened that he went to the Dharamsala cricket stadium with his father and his love and respect for cricket was awakened in his mind. Day he decided that now he will make his career in this sport. Raj’s father started preparing him for cricket and he was sculpted and polished and today Raj is not only illuminating the name of his father but the whole of India and has made his mark as a player of the Indian Under-19 cricket team. Raj is known to have played the role of an all-rounder whose main job is to bowl fast and score quick runs in the lower order.

Raj Bawa’s cricket career

His father Sukhwinder Singh’s most important contribution in becoming a cricketer is Raj Bawa. Although initially Raj was more interested in acting and dance and also looked at his career in this direction, but Dharamsala Stadium changed his views and Raj resolved that he would make a career in cricket. Raj Bawa’s dream of becoming a cricketer could not have been fulfilled without his father, Raj’s father leaving no stone unturned from his side and started training his son too hard. It would not be wrong to say that Sukhwinder Singh’s cricket coaching experiences have greatly benefited his son Raj and he has been able to become a good all-rounder by doing penance since childhood. In one of his interviews, Raj’s father tells that in the beginning. He and today’s landing legs worked for a full year, they say Raj Singer Sant was the one to invite injury which he often instructed to rectify There came a time when Raj’s father told him that he should now stop bowling. Shift your focus and start focusing on batting. According to Raj’s father, he saw Raj bowling for the first time at Guru Ram’s Tau Devi Lal Stadium, at that time Raj was just 11 years old and he took 5 wickets in that match. In the Under-19 Challenger Trophy, Raj scored 154 runs and took 8 wickets.

ICC Under-19 Asia Cup 2021

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Raj Bawa was a part of ICC Asia Cup 2021, India won this competition. Raj Bawa also played an important role in Asia Cup and has taken 8 wickets in four matches with an economy of 5.18.

Raj Bawa’s performance in ICC Under-19 World Cup 2022

The ICC Under-19 World Cup recently concluded on Saturday, 5 February 2022. The final match of the World Cup was played between India and England at the Sir Richards Stadium in Antigua. India won the Under-19 World Cup and Raj Bawa was a less significant contributor in the final, due to which he was also awarded the man of the match. In this great match between England and India, Raj Bawa, playing the role of an all-rounder, took 5 wickets for 34 runs and contributed an important 35 runs while batting at the lower level. Apart from this, Raj Bawa played a brilliant and swashbuckling innings of 168 runs in 108 balls against Uganda on 22 January and assured the world that he is ready to emerge as a formidable all-rounder of the coming era.

Some interesting facts of Raj Bawa cricketer

How Raj Bawa was born in a family that was already related to sports. Raj Bawa’s grandfather was an Olympic Games player and he played an important role in India’s Olympic gold medal in 1948. Raj’s father was a cricket coach. And he has also coached a legendary batsman like Yuvraj Singh, Raj’s father Sukhwinder Singh Bawa is the owner of a tremendous self-power because he himself also wanted to become a cricketer and he got selected but due to the problem of slip disc he not only got that election. Had to withdraw from it, rather the game of cricket itself had to be abandoned. But Sukhwinder Singh did not give up and started giving cricket coaching that too at the age of just 22, which proves that he is the owner of a tremendous self-power and is very strong mentally. Raj Bawa considers Yuvraj Singh as his idol and wears the number 12 jersey similar to him. Baba’s birthday falls on 12 November and his idol Yuvraj Singh’s birth falls on 12 December, due to which he chose the jersey number 12 and chose it to write his luck. Raj Bawa bowls with right hand but bats with left hand.


What is the name of Raj Bawa’s father?

Raj Bawa’s father’s name is Sukhwinder Singh Bawa.

What does Raj Bawa’s father do?

Raj Bawa’s father is a cricket coach.

What is the name of Raj Bawa’s grandfather and which sport has he been associated with?

Raj Bawa’s grandfather’s name is Tarlochan Singh Bawa, he has been an Olympic player and has been part of the team that won India’s gold medal.

Which famous cricketer has been coached by Raj Bawa’s father?

yorker ball

Raj Bawa’s father has given cricket coaching to veteran player Yuvraj Singh.

Which player does Raj Bawa consider as his role model?

Raj Bawa considers Sixer King Yuvraj Singh as his idol.

What number jersey does Raj Bawa wear?

Raj Bawa wears the number 12 jersey.

Where was Raj Bawa born?

Raj Bawa was born in Himachal Pradesh.

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