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Rishi Agarwal Biography of Who is Rishi Aggarwal Family Wife Company What is ABG Shipyard Scam, 22,842 crore bank fraud ( Rishi Agarwal Biography Wiki , ABG Shipyard Scam ,22,842 crore bank fraud company )

India’s biggest scam, which can baffle the minds of good people. Rishi Agarwal, former chairman and MD of BG Shipyard Limited, has defrauded 28 banks of India to the extent of 22 842 22,842 crores.

Sources said that the CBI registered a case of fraud against Rishi Agarwal on February 8, 2022 and searched his house on January 12, 2022, after which he was issued summons and questioned thereafter.

The CBI is currently probing ABG Shipyard Ltd and its former directors Rishi Agarwal, Santhanam Muthuswamy and Ashwini Kumar, who have been accused of defrauding 28 banks out of Rs 22,842 crore. The investigation is still ongoing.

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Rishi Agarwal

Biography of Rishi Aggarwal

Name Rishi Agarwal
Famous for Rs 22,842 crore scam
Date of Birth year 1969
Age 53 Years (Year 2022)
Place of born Koderma, Jharkhand
Education MBA
College Purdue University, America
Hometown Koderma, Jharkhand
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 68 kg
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Religion Hindu
Citizenship Indian
Profession owner of bg shipyard
Marital Status married

Rishi Agarwal Who is it ? (Who is Rishi Agarwal )

Rishi Agarwal ABG Shipyard Company Chairman and MD. He is accused of defrauding 28 banks of India to the tune of Rs 22842. In the case of this scam, the CBI had registered a case against him on 7 February.

Rishi Agarwal Birth & Education

Rishi Agarwal, owner of ABG Shipyard, was born in the year 1969 in Koderma. It is located in Koderma, Jharkhand. Rishi Agarwal, who grew up in Koderma, had a dream to do something big, so he wanted to come to Mumbai as soon as possible.

Rishi did his studies from Purdue University in America from where he got his graduation degree in MBA.

Rishi Agarwal Early Life of

Aggarwal was very fond of shipping business from the beginning and wanted to do shipping business.

He bought a land from RS Nakara at Magdala Shipyard by paying 8 lakh rupees. Later, on this land, he formed the ABG Shipyard Company, which works in the construction of large and small ships.

According to a report, Agarwal was given the first order in his business by his maternal uncle.

About ABG Shipyard Company,

ABG Shipyard Company is a private limited company that manufactures ships in Surat and Dahej in Gujarat. Rishi Kamlesh Agarwal is the owner/chairman of ABG Shipyard. This company has so far made big ships for the Navy and Coast Guard as well.

This company was formed in 1985, its headquarter is in Mumbai. Which has built more than 175 new ships so far, out of which 45 ships have been built for other countries, which are supplied at home and abroad.

ABG Shipyard Company manufactures new ships as well as repairs and sells its parts.

What ABG Shipyard Scam,

ABG Shipyard has built more than 165 ships in 16 years. The company of ABG Shipyard was first declared as a Pauper Company (NPA) in 2016. NPA means non profit asset i.e. an asset from which no profit is being made.

Later, SBI Bank filed its first complaint on November 8, 2019. The loan account was declared fraudulent in 2019. SBI Bank filed another fresh complaint in August 2020.

Following this complaint, the CBI acted on SBI Bank’s complaint on February 7, 2022, after “investigating” the FIR of the complaint for more than one and a half years.

Besides Agarwal, the CBI has registered a case against the then executive director Santhanam Muthaswamy, directors Ashwini Kumar, Sushil Kumar Agarwal and Ravi Vimal Nevetia and another company ABG International Pvt Ltd.

The agency has booked him under the IPC and the Prevention of Corruption Act for alleged offenses of criminal conspiracy, cheating, criminal breach of trust and abuse of official position, he said.

The CBI in its official statement said that it conducted searches at 13 places in the premises of the accused including the directors of the private company in Surat on Saturday, February 12.

Banks cheated by ABG Shipyard ,

According to a complaint by State Bank of India, the company owes ₹ 22,842 crore to the bank, which includes the following banks

  • ₹ 7,089 crore of ICICI Bank,
  • IDBI Bank ₹ 3,634 crore,
  • ₹ 1,614 crore of Bank of Baroda,
  • Punjab National Bank owes ₹ 1,244.
  • PNB) and Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) ₹ 1,228 crore.

The CBI said the money was used for purposes other than those issued by the banks. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has also launched a separate money laundering probe against them.

Country’s biggest scam (India Biggest Scam) ,

ABG Shipyard : This is considered to be the biggest scam of the country so far because in this scam there is an allegation of cheating 28 banks to the tune of Rs 22 842 crore.

Nirav Modi: The country’s second biggest scam happened when Nirav Modi’s name surfaced in January 2018. Nirav Modi had defrauded Punjab National Bank (PNB) to the tune of Rs 13 570 crore.

Vijay Mallya: The country’s third biggest scam happened when the name of businessman Vijay Mallya was revealed in July 2015. In this scam, more than Rs 9000 crores were defrauded from 17 banks.

Rishi Aggarwal’s property ,

Their revenue in 2016-17 was Rs 16.40 crore, while the debt was Rs 10,000 crore.


Who is Rishi Agarwal?

Rishi Agarwal is the Chairman and MD of ABG Shipyard Company.

Why did the CBI register a case against Rishi Agarwal?

Former Chairman and Managing Director (MD) of ABG Shipyard Limited Rishi Kamlesh Agarwal has been booked by the CBI under IPC and Prevention of Corruption Act for felony, dishonesty, gross breach of trust and misuse of official space.
In addition, he is the MD of Vadaraj Energy Limited, Gujarat.

Which banks were involved in Rishi Aggarwal’s scam?

According to a complaint by State Bank of India, the corporate owes the financial institution ₹2,925 crore, ICICI Bank ₹7,089 crore, IDBI Bank ₹3,634 crore, Bank of Baroda ₹1,614 crore, Punjab National Bank ₹1,244 crore. (PNB) and Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) ₹ 1,228 crore.
The CBI said the funds have been used for the purposes for which they have been launched by the banks.

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