Biography of Shreya Lenka. Shreya Lenka Biography in English

Shreya Lenka’s biography, who is, age, father’s name, family, birthplace. Shreya Lenka Biography ,Age Height ,Father ,Family ,in English

Shreya Lenka is an Indian KPOP trainee who rose to fame for competing to be the fifth member of the South Korean girl band Blackswan; Blackswan gained popularity for being the first Kpop girl group with an African American man.

Biography of Shreya Lenka. Biography Of Shreya Lenka in English

Name (Name, shreya lenka
Other Name Shriya
Birthday (Birthday, 15 September 2003
birth place (Birth Place, Rourkela, Orissa
Age 19 Years (Year 2022)
Education class 10
Amount (Zodiac) Virgo
citizenship (Citizenship) Indian
home town (Hometown) Rourkela, Orissa
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Eye Color, black
Hair Color, black
profession (Occupation) kpop singer
Marital Status Marital Status unmarried

Shreya Lenka Birth ,

Shreya Lenka was born on 15 September 2003 in Rourkela city of Odisha. Shreya Lenka is also fondly called by her family name as Shriya.

His father’s name is Avinash Lenka, who works in a private company in Jharsuguda. His mother’s name is Priyathama. He also has a brother and a sister.

Shreya Lenka Education ,

Shreya Lenka (Shreya Le had to leave a year after passing 10th class due to her being quarantined in India in 2021. When she decided to enroll in class 11th she had to go to South Korea to take training of UKPOP fell.

Shreya Lenka Family ,

Father’s name avinash lenka
Mother’s name dearthama
Sister’s Name 1Sister Name Not Known
Brother’s Name 1Brother Name Not Known

Shreya Lenka Early Life ,

  • She has been crazy about music since childhood. His Deep Voice often became a hindrance in getting a voice teacher. Then his grandmother took him to an Indian classical music teacher, who taught him twice a week.
  • However, she has taken training in western music by watching online videos. Shreya is taking dance training since kindergarten. However, in 2016 her interest in dance increased and she tried her best to practice and learn dance.
  • Shreya started by learning Odissi dance for a year and a half, but she was studying to spend more money to learn Odissi dance and it was proving more expensive than learning other dances, so she stopped learning Odissi dance.
  • He was first trained by Madan Mohan Purti, who won Boogie Woogie Hip Hop in 2009.
  • When his father transferred to Jharsuguda, he joined the dance studio of Mendo Barla, a renowned choreographer, fitness trainer and dance studio owner.
  • Currently she is taking training in dances like freestyle, hip-hop. After passing 10th class, she had to leave a year due to quarantine in India in 2021. She had to go to South Korea as a KPOP trainee even before she could enroll in class 11th.

Role of parents in Shreya Lenka’s career

Her parents always supported her passion for dancing. Her parents said that Shreya was always a hardworking and focused girl. According to her parents, she used to go home from school at 2.30 pm to learn dance and never return before 9 pm.

In an interview, her mother said that she (her mother) always wanted to dance, but she never got her father’s approval. She further said that she did not know whether her daughter Shreya would become a member of Blackswan or not, but she was happy to see her daughter following her dream.

How did you decide to join Black Swan Group?

When one of his friends started taking interest in Kpop dance, his friend asked Shreya to sing ‘Growl.’ from South Korean boyband Exo. Shown. Shreya liked it very much and she ”PSY, Rania, BTS, and Blackpink Started searching for more artists like that. She started imitating his dance steps.

In the year 2021, a friend asked her to apply for an online Kpop audition. He started auditioning for several Kpop companies and followed many of them on social media. She saw several bloggers who talked about KPOP.

He auditioned for many companies but he only faced failure. During the first lockdown in India, she gave her first audition, for which she shot at a yoga studio where her aunt taught yoga as dance studios were closed.

She failed to make it to the auditions, but received positive reviews, which she always kept on going through despite the failures she faced during all other auditions. Very soon he joined KPOP Girl Group’‘ Blackswan ‘‘ applied to become the fifth member.

What is KPOP Girl Group Blackswan ?

,‘ Blackswan ‘‘ is a South Korean girls’ group rebranded from DR Music’s old group ‘Rania’. Blackswan debuted in October 2020 with three Rania members, Younghun, Leia and Hyme, and two new members, Judy and Fato.

Original members of Blackswan
,‘ Blackswan ‘,

On November 9, 2020,’‘ Blackswan ‘The name of a member of ‘Hyme’ came to the fore when he was accused of fraud of Rs 34 lakh. The next day, DR Music announced that Haime was ‘due to the expiration of his contract and allegations of scandal’.‘ Blackswan ‘‘ The group was leaving. On May 10, 2021, DR Music announced it would audition worldwide for a new member of Blackswan.

How Shreya Lenka got to join KPOP Girl Group “Blackswan” opportunity ,

Shreya Lenka auditioned for it, after announcements that she would audition around the world. For the first round of auditions, she sent some videos of singing and dancing.

In July, Shreya made it to the first round along with 22 other participants out of 4000 applicants from around the world.

For the second round of auditions, she shot videos in public following protocol as studios were closed due to the partial lockdown. Shreya became one of the four people selected from the shortlisted candidates in the round.

In the competition for the fifth member of Blackswan, 2 of the 4 girls selected in the second round withdrew. ‘ Blackswan’ Only Shreya and Brazilian Gabriela Dalsin are left in the race to become the fifth member.

In December 2021, Shreya left for South Korea for a six-month training at DR Music.

Shreya Lenka may become the third Indian to join KPOP ,

if shreya ‘ Blackswan’ If she becomes the fifth member of Kpop, she will be the third person from India to become Kpop. The first is Sid aka Siddhant Arora (from Uttar Pradesh) and the other is Priyanka Majumdar (from Assam).

Siddhant Arora and Priyanka Mazumdar
Siddhant Arora and Priyanka Majumdar

Sid is a former member of multi-national Z-pop group, Z-Boys and Priyanka is a member of Z-Boys’ girl group Z-Girls. Both are from Z POP, a talent hunt show that promotes Kpop in Asia.

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