Sumitranandan Pant Biography in Hindi

Biography of Sumitranandan Pant

Sumitranandan Pant Biography in English: Through this article of today, we are going to tell you about such a great poet who reformed the society with the power of his pen, who is liked by the people of India in today’s time. Yes, we are going to tell you about the great poet Sumitranandan Pant ji.

Sumitranandan Pant Biography in English
Sumitranandan Pant Biography in English

Sumitranandan Pant ji is a man with a very big heart. It is said by the people that English literature cannot be imagined without the great writer Sumitranandan Pant ji. Let us know the complete information from the birth of the great poet Sumitranandan Pant ji to his death.

About Maha Poet Sumitranandan Pant ji (sumitranandan pant ka jivan parichay) If you want to go then please read this article till the end. Through this article, we have provided you complete information about Sumitranandan Pant Ji.

Biography of Sumitranandan Pant | Sumitranandan Pant Biography in English

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Biography of Sumitra Nandan Pant at a Glance (Sumitranandan Pant in English)

name Sumitra Nandan Pant
other names Gosai Dutt
Birth 20 May 1900
age 77 years
birth place Kausani Village, Almora (Uttarakhand)
father’s name Ganges dental cult
Mother’s name Goddess Saraswati
wife’s name
profession Poet
death 28 December 1977, Allahabad
main works Satyakama, Pallava, Chidambara
Award Padma Bhushan (1961), Sahitya Akademi, Jnanpith (1968)
Biography of Sumitranandan Pant in English

Who was Sumitranandan Pant ji?

There have been many such types of poets in the whole of India till now, who made their important contribution to English literature. But the great poet Sumitranandan Pant ji is considered to be such a poet, without whom the development of English literature is considered incomplete. Sumitranandan Pant ji was a great poet of English literature. Sumitranandan Pant ji made his important contribution in the development of English literature.

Kausani was a very beautiful village, the birth place of the great poet Sumitranandan Pant. It was a village where people received love from nature.

Similarly, great poet Sumitranandan Pant ji also got real love of this pouring nature, due to which he used mostly waterfalls, snow, flowers, dawn, ray, creeper, traveling hum, cold wind, stars etc. made very impressive.

Birth of Sumitranandan Pant and his childhood name

Maha poet Sumitranandan Pant was born on May 1920 in Kausani village of Almora district. This Almora district is present in the state of Uttarakhand. Shortly after the birth of the great poet Sumitranandan Pant, his mother passed away. Sumitranandan Pant’s father’s name was Ganga Dant Panth and his mother’s name was Saraswati Devi.

Due to the death of his mother sometime after his birth, he was brought up by his grandmother. Sumitranandan Pant ji was the youngest among all your brothers and sisters. Childhood name of Sumitranandan Pant ji Gosai Dutt Was.

Sumitranandan Pant did not like his name, so he changed his name from himself to Sumitranandan Pant. Sumitranandan Pant ji was so learned that he started writing poems from the age of about 7 years.

Early Life of Sumitranandan Pant

After the great poet Sumitranandan Pant passed his graduation, Sumitranandan Pant started supporting Mahatma Gandhi during the Satyagraha movement. Ever since the great poet Sumitranandan Pant ji joined the Satyagraha movement with Mahatma Gandhi, he never pursued his studies after that. But on the contrary, he studied English, Sanskrit, Bengali etc. literature from home.

Maha Poet Sumitranandan Pant ji, around the year 1918, he gradually started being recognized all over India as the originator of the new stream of English. Till about the year 1936, Sumitranandan Pant ji also published a famous poetry compilation, the name of this poetry collection was Pallava.

The magazines published by the Pallavas began to spread the knowledge of song, beauty and purity. After some years Sumitranandan Pant ji came back from his village Almora, from where he got the ideologies of Marx and Pride, Sumitranandan Pant ji was greatly influenced by these ideologies.

Sumitranandan Pant ji edited another monthly magazine in the year 1938, the name of this magazine was Roopabha. Sumitranandan Pant ji was associated with Akashvani channel from the year 1955 to 1962 and he also held the post of Chief Producer on this channel. The Pallava poetry of Sumitranandan Pant became the most famous. The Pallava poem by Sumitranandan Pant is shown below.

Hey! This Pallava-Bal!
Saurabh-Necklace of Punishment Sumans
those gifts
Now these are the new corals,
don’t miss tree-put
bewildered upon the world,
Shaking limbs!
Silver-spread of the day
Usha’s golden honey
Nisha’s tear-jerker-make-up,
evening melody
The modesty of the newcomer is soft,
Youngest – the fire of beauty!
These huge hairs of imagination,
tears in the eyes, tears in the heart
Pradeep’s flame of pain,
This honey of love
the shadow of goodness
They are filled with laughter!
Today has blossomed
Tomorrow will bow down – Madhumas
Madhu-Bal will be enchanted by honey,
Unstable death from Surbhi!

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Sumitranandan Pant’s teachings

Sumitranandan Pant did his early education from a school in Almora. After this Sumitranandan Pant ji moved to his brother in Banaras at the age of about 18 to pass his high school examination. Sumitranandan Pant ji after passing his high school examination moved to Allahabad.

Sumitranandan Pant ji from Allahabad completed his graduation from the University of Allahabad. He completed his bachelor’s degree from the University of Allahabad.

Sumitranandan Pant’s wife’s name

Till now no specific information has been received about Sumitranandan Pant’s wife, although many historians say that Sumitranandan Pant’s wife’s name was Indumati, but this is not the complete truth.

Later life of Sumitranandan Pant

Sumitranandan Pant ji moved to Pratapgarh with Kunwar Suresh Singh in the year 1931. After going to Pratapgarh, Sumitranandan Pant ji stayed there for many years. As told to you, Sumitranandan Pant ji edited a monthly magazine in the year 1938, which was named Roopabha.

He visited Shri Arvind ji’s ashram. During his visit to this ashram, spiritual consciousness also developed in the mind of Sumitranandan Pant, so he also decided to remain unmarried for life.

Magazine published by Sumitranandan Pant and the work done by him

Sumitranandan Pant ji edited many types of magazines and he also did some works which are shown below.

  • Sumitranandan Pant published a poetry collection called Kala and Budha Chand.
  • Sumitranandan Pant ji published a poetry collection Yugvani Se Vani in the year 1998 AD. This poetry collection of these was published by a magazine named Chidambara, which represents the poetry collection.
  • Sumitranandan Pant ji was appointed as a consultant in a channel named Akashvani to run his livelihood from the year 1950 to 1957 AD.
  • A huge epic Lokayatan was published by Sumitranandan Pant in the year 1964. However, in the course of time, many types of poetry collections were published in this Lokayatan magazine.
  • Sumitranandan Pant ji was a lifelong sentimentalist towards women and nature in the inner space.

Awards and achievements received by Sumitranandan Pant

Sumitranandan Pant ji edited many types of magazines and he also wrote many types of poems in his magazines, for which he was honored with many types of awards. Sumitranandan Pant ji was honored with Padma Vibhushan in 1961 AD, Jnanpith in 1968 AD, besides Sumitranandan Pant ji was honored with high class honorable awards like Sahitya Akademi and Soviet Land Nehru Award etc.

Sumitranandan Pant ji was such a great poet that the house where Sumitranandan Pant ji was born and spent his childhood, that house was made a museum in the memory of Sumitranandan Pant ji by the name of Sumitranandan Pant Vithika.

In this museum, objects of Sumitranandan Pant’s personality experiment such as clothes used by him, original manuscripts of poems, awards, photographs, letters etc. have been kept. There is also a library named after Sumitranandan Pant ji and this library has been built in this museum. In these libraries, you will get a collection of Sumitranandan Pant’s personality and books related to him.

In this museum, a day is celebrated every year in the memory of Sumitranandan Pant, it is known as Pant Lecturemala. A book on the personality and work of Sumitranandan Pant ji was also published from this museum. According to this book, the elephant park located in Allahabad city was converted into Sumitranandan Pant Udyan.

Literary Life Introduction of Sumitranandan Pant

Sumitranandan Pant ji was very much interested in literature since childhood and he started writing compositions from the age of just 7 years. He started making his name in the compositions from his childhood and keeping this ideology of Sumitranandan Pant ji in mind, today many people are getting inspired and choosing to write.

Sumitranandan Pant ji has also gone through many economic downturns in his early times. But he never gave up his work and was always working and today you all can see his achievement for yourself. Sumitranandan Pant ji was highly influenced by the ideals of Pune literary and true Shiva, with this the life conduct of Sumitranandan Pant ji always changed.

From here the great poet Sumitranandan Pant ji had depicted a delightful picture of nature and beauty in his early poems, on the contrary, in his poems in the second phase, he had shown the subtle concept of shadowism and very influential feelings and he completed his last phase. It also showed progressivism and thought-provoking which reformed the society.

This was not in any one of his poems, now you will get to see such a depiction in all his poetry collections.

Major Works of Sumitranandan Pant

Sumitranandan Pant ji has written his creation in many types of genre, out of which we are going to tell you about some of the compositions which are given below:

Poetry Collection

  • Pallava
  • epoch
  • golden dust
  • art and old moon
  • liberation sacrifice
  • Yugvani
  • true work
  • gland
  • Jyotsna
  • Shilpi

block poetry

  • unorganized
  • Meghnath Slaughter
  • rajasekhar

Joint collection with other poets

Harivansh Rai Bachchan A joint collection with Inka was published under the name Khadi Ke Phool.

collection of translated works

Madhujwal This feeling was of Omar Khayyam, this experience was translated from Persian language to English language by Sumitranandan Pant.

Suryakant Tripathi Nirala’s last moments

Sumitranandan Pant ji died on 28 December in the year 1977 in Allahabad. Due to the prominent traveler of Sumitranandan Pant, he is called the poet of English literature.


What was the childhood name of Sumitranandan Pant?

Sumitranandan Pant’s childhood name was Gosai Dutt.

Who is the father of poet Sumitranandan Pant?

Sumitranandan Pant’s father’s name was Ganga Dutt Pant.

What was the name of Sumitranandan Pant’s mother?

Sumitranandan Pant’s mother’s name was Saraswati Devi.

Which magazine has been edited by Sumitranandan Pant?

Sumitranandan Pant ji has edited a magazine named Chidambara.

Where was Sumitranandan Pant ji from?

Sumitranandan Pant ji was a resident of Almora district of Uttarakhand.

In which year was Sumitranandan Pant ji born?

Sumitranandan Pant was born in 1920 AD.

Which magazine was edited by Sumitranandan Pant in 1938 AD?

In 1938, Sumitranandan Pant had edited a magazine called Roopabha.

Which is the last poem of Sumitranandan Pant?

The last poem of Sumitranandan Pant ji is Yugant and Sumitranandan Pant ji had also announced the end of Chhayavadi era with this.


Today’s article Sumitranandan Pant Biography in English (Sumitranandan Pant Biography in English) Through this we have provided you complete information about Sumitranandan Pant ji.

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