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Cricketer T Natarajan biography Wiki Bowler T Natarajan is an Indian cricketer. Hailing from Tamil Nadu, this fast bowler was born on 27 May 1991 in a poor family. Recently, in the IPL auction for 2017, the Punjab team surprised everyone by buying him for 3 crores, and he also came into the limelight. The base price of this player was 10 lakhs, the media has raised unexpected expectations about this 25-year-old boy by spreading this news. Looking at the career figures, it was not even that they got so much importance, but when Virender Sehwag bid 30 times, people’s perceptions about this cricketer changed. Virender Sehwag Biography His History Read here.

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Early life introduction of Thangarasu Natarajan, the most expensive cricketer of IPL 2017 ( T Natarajan biography Wiki )

After the discussion of T Natarajan on the media and social site, many new revelations also came out about him. Natarajan’s childhood was spent in extreme poverty. Born in an underdeveloped village like Chinnappampatti, located in the far reaches of Tamil Nadu, Natarajan had to endure poverty and deprivation since childhood. His father is a low-class worker, who takes care of the printing of sarees and mother also runs a cloth mobile shop on the way. Talking to a news paper, Natarajan said that his family had suffered a lot in childhood. Apart from Natarajan, he has a brother and three sisters. The responsibility of the family is also on Natarajan. His family’s welfare will be done by a bid of Rs 3 crore. Natarajan, who often borrowed a book from another village boy, never wore a new dress to school. Often that dress was borrowed only. Even this player, who was not enthusiastic about sports in his childhood, did not know that one day he would come to this point.

Did not play cricket ball

Ever since Natarajan started knowing about the game of cricket, the game became his passion for him. But they had limited resources. There was not even the necessary kit to play cricket. Till about five years ago, he used to do bowling practices with tennis balls. He never even went to the playground, let alone playing. But he also got a Dronacharya A. Found as Jayaprakash, this guru sent Natarajan to Chennai to play. Not only sent, but also arranged for them to stay there for a few days. Natarajan got his first chance to play in the domestic cricket competition to be held in Tamil Nadu in 2011. In that competition, he not only proved himself worthy but also came in the sight of the sports lovers as well as the organizers. a. Jayaprakash still holds an importance in his life. Natarajan believes that if he had not been in his life, perhaps his sport would have died in the village one day and he too would have been working as an employee in a factory.

Year 2013 the breaking year

During a sports competition in 2012, Natarajan was noticed by the coach of ‘Jolly Rovers’ cricket club. He called Natarajan to play for the club. This proved to be a golden opportunity for Natarajan. Here Natarajan also got proper training and convenience. From here, like Ashwin, he also came into the limelight today.

Playing style

Natarajan, during his training, discovered a length of yorker which he could bowl continuously and trouble the batsman in front. Natarajan believes that while playing, he sees the steps of the batsman and then follows them. Not only this, they keep an eye on the batsman at the time of bowling of other bowlers, so that they know in what mood and from where the batsman is playing with the ball.

Till now

Natarajan is basically a bowler and so far he has taken 27 wickets in 9 matches at an average of 33.44, which is not very attractive. He has taken only 4 wickets in five matches of T20. In batting, he has scored only 22 runs. He played the first Ranji match in Kolkata. On the basis of these figures, no one will consider him a good bowler, but if he has talent, he will show his color if not today or tomorrow.


Ever since it was read about Tamil Nadu’s left arm fast bowler T. Natarajan that he got three crore rupees in the IPL auction. Virender Sehwag made a bid of three crores in his name from the team of Kings XI Punjab. Playing 9 matches in Ranji for Tamil Nadu, he took only 27 wickets. He took only four wickets in five matches of T20. He could not take any wickets in the recent Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, which was of T20 matches. Since then, eminent critics and cricket critics say, “Then what was in him? What would have been seen in this 25-year-old bowler? Everyone is seeing that they belong to very low strata of the society. In fact, it is being pointed towards some big scam by making an unknown player a star in the IPL and earning in his name. The market likes such exotic players. Otherwise what is the reason that players like Ishant Sharma, Irrfan Khan do not get any buyers even after playing well and an average talent player takes 30 million. All these questions are valid but Natarajan will have to answer along with the performance of his game. It will be interesting to see how far Natarajan’s brilliance lasts in this cricket market. For now, she is in the limelight.

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