Biography of Umran Malik

Biography of Umran Malik | Umran Malik Biography In English In today’s time, many rising stars are seen in the cricketing world, where they are bringing laurels to the country by showcasing their talent and skills and are also working to inspire the growing youth sections. In such a situation, today we are going to give you information about an emerging cricketer Umran Malik so that you too can move forward inspired by his biography.

Biography of Umran Malik | Umran Malik Biography In English

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Biography of Umran Malik |  Umran Malik Biography In English

Who is it? Umran Malik

Umran is a young Indian bowler, who made his debut for the Indian A team in the year 2021 against the South African team. Due to his excellent performance in domestic matches and IPL, he will soon be seen playing for the Indian team in international matches.

Today Malik’s name does not need any introduction where he has grabbed the attention of the people by giving his best performance in IPL matches. He is the 1st main fast bowler of Sunrisers Hyderabad team in IPL, due to whose bowling he is able to get the love of people in the world of cricket today and is continuously making India proud by climbing the stairs of success.

personal life

Umran was born on 22 November 1999 in Srinagar. He comes from a lower middle class family where his father’s name is Abdul Malik. His father has a fruit shop on which he works day and night. Initially he did not feel that he could become a good cricketer but once he got interested in cricket, since then Umran Malik has not looked back and today he is one of the fastest bowlers. .


Umran never liked reading and did his early education through a government school from Gurjar Nagar, Srinagar. He completed his studies till his tenth and after that he had put his full focus towards cricket. In such a situation, it was now difficult for him to complete further studies.

childhood hobby

Malik was very fond of playing cricket since childhood and because of this he did not concentrate much on his studies. He started playing cricket at a very young age, where he continued to play a good game with big players and due to which he had to face scolding from family members but he never left cricket. .

family status

Umran has stepped into the wicket world with a lot of hard work. But very few people know that his family situation was not good at all. Where his father was constantly struggling hard to maintain the family and there was no improvement in his financial condition.

In such a situation, in childhood, Malik also used to go to sell fruits with his father to help him. This is also the reason why Umran Malik, in view of the financial condition of his home, left his studies in the middle and devoted maximum attention to cricket so that the condition of the family could be corrected and he was provided financial support.

Umran Malik’s debut in cricket

Although he started cricket since childhood, but now he wanted to pursue it as his career and he met Randhir Singh, who was a coach as well as a Ranji Trophy cricketer. In such a situation, Randhir Singh was very happy to see his bowling because his bowling was very slow and fast pace, due to which he got the best opportunity to join the Under-19 cricket team.

Best debut of Umran Malik

He performed well in the Under-19 team, due to which he had come in the eyes of the selectors. He made his debut for the Under-19 match for his state Jammu on 18 January 1921. In this match too, he was able to progress only due to his excellent bowling.

Only after that he got an opportunity to play cricket continuously and he got the best opportunity to play for Jammu against Bengal in Vijay Hazare Trophy on 22 February 1921.

Umran Malik’s best career in IPL cricket

Seeing the excellent performance of Umran Malik consistently, he got a chance to play in IPL matches. Where he was bought by Hyderabad Sunrisers for Rs 4 crore. After this he made his debut in Dubai by playing his first IPL match which was against Kolkata Knight Riders. This match was also praised by the people where he gave only 27 runs in 24 balls but he did not succeed in taking wickets.

He got his first breakthrough against Royal Challengers Bangalore when he was batting at his well-known pace and his bowling speed was recorded at 150 kmph.

total net worth

Due to his excellent ability, Umran Malik has achieved a tremendous success where he is constantly seen inspiring the youth. In such a situation, his total assets are said to be 5 crores where his annual income is about 4 crores.

Some highlights of Umran Malik

Today we will tell you about the main things of Umran Malik which you will find interesting.

1 surname Malik
2 length 5′ 10
3 Weight 70 kg
4 eye color black
5 hair color black
6 Amount Scorpio
7 Religion Islam
8 bowling style right arm fast bowling
9 batting style right handed batsman
10 IPL jersey number #24

Umran Malik became the fastest bowler

Till now, many such bowlers have shown their talent in the cricket world, whose bowling speed was very high, but for the last few days, the name of Umran Malik has been included in the list of fastest bowlers, where he recently won the IPL. He has bowled at a speed of 157 kilometers per hour in matches and it is also believed that the fourth ball he bowled in 20 overs against Delhi Capitals has been included in the name of fastest bowling in IPL.

Only after that he has broken his own record when he bowled at a speed of 154 kmph against Chennai Super King but the recent bowling will be known as the fastest bowling of his career.

connection to social media

Like every youth of the country, Umran Malik can also be seen connected to social media where he mainly uses Instagram and Twitter and where his number of followers is continuously increasing. In such a situation, it is seen that they share their cricket, success and other information with people on Instagram and YouTube, where people also like the photos put by them. In such a situation, people also enjoy seeing their photos and videos.

In such a situation, his fans also express their reaction by commenting, liking his photos and videos and expressing happiness over his success.

Umran Malik’s game stalwarts praised

Seeing the ever-increasing career of Umran Malik, many sports stalwarts of the country have contributed immensely to him, due to which his confidence has increased a lot. In such a situation, cricketer Irfan Pathan has praised him very much, as well as giving him some tips in bowling, he has tried to bring even more sharpness in his bowling. Apart from this, cricketer Virat Kohli has also praised Umran Malik’s bowling in IPL matches and has also inspired him to play well.

Malik gets brand offers

While watching Umran Malik’s game continuously, the number of his fans is increasing. In such a situation, according to the latest estimates, he is constantly getting offers from the brand. While it is too early to say which brand he has thought of partnering with but it can be expected that soon we can see him in a good brand advertisement where he will try to take cricket even further. Can do

Has not been associated with controversies

Umran Malik has always lived his life simple, where it is believed that he does not express any kind of problem easily. You must have also noticed that Umran Malik has never been involved in any kind of controversies. It is generally seen that when a cricketer goes towards his success, controversies follow him, but till now Umran Malik has kept himself away from controversies and has given full attention to his cricket so that he can move forward. Go.

Became ideal for youth

In today’s time, there are thousands of millions of youth of the country who want to move ahead in the world of cricket but due to some problem they are left behind. In such a situation, seeing the promising cricketer of our country, Umran Malik, today the young generation of the country can move forward considering him as an idol, where this cricketer has also achieved success in life by facing a tough struggle in his life, in the same way his Taking inspiration from life, one can move ahead and at the same time the name of the country and family can be illuminated.

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