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You must have heard that the rover to be landed on the moon in Chandrayaan-2 mission was named Vikram Sarabhai. But do you know who is Vikram Sarabhai? So let us tell you that Vikram Sarabhai is such a name, which has been given the title of father in every program of Indian space. Today we are going to give you complete information about his life.

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Biography of Vikram Sarabhai

Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Of Birth and Family (Dr Vikram Sarabhai Birth and Family)

Vikram Sarabhai, a great scientist in India, was born on the soil of Ahmedabad, that date was the 12th of August in the year 1919. Dr. Sarabhai was not from any such poor family but was the son of one of the biggest industrialist family of Ahmedabad. His father Ambalal Sarabhai was the owner of many industries. He had made an important contribution to Indian independence, as well as he was also an Indian scientist, physicist and astronomer. Dr. Vikram Sarabhai’s mother, Mrs. Sarla Devi, built a private school following the process of Montessori method. Her aim was only for the fullest possible development for the children, because she wanted to give not only bookish knowledge but also many other types of education to the children. Vikram was the only one among his eight siblings who devoted his whole life to making India a country full of honor and pride.

Dr. Vikram Sarabhai early life and Education (Dr Vikram Sarabhai Early Life and Education)

His love for science was very high since childhood, which later took such a form that he emerged as a great scientist of India. Vikram Sarabhai completed his education not only by staying in India but also by going abroad. He passed his primary and secondary examinations by staying in India, and then reached England to join St. John’s College, Cambridge University for his further studies i.e. Matrix studies. He returned to India in 1947 after completing his studies due to his deep affinity for science. When he returned to India, India became free from the slavery of the British. Dr. Vikram Sarabhai was inspired by some of the famous personalities who had been freedom fighters of India and with them he did great things in his life, the main ones being Krishnamurti, Motilal Nehru, Srinivas, Shastri Jawaharlal Nehru, Sarojini Naidu, Maulana Azad, CV Raman and Mahatma Gandhi etc. After this he also became an innovative industrialist and visionary.

Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Of Career (Dr Vikram Sarabhai Career)

Early in his career, when he came to India from England after completing his education, Vikram Sarabhai gathered his friends and family members to close down the research institute in Ahmedabad and also persuaded the charitable trust to do so. The institute should be closed. Actually that research institute was near his house, due to which very much pollution was spreading. And then he planned to set up a physical research laboratory in India.

After some time Dr. Sarabhai bought a small space for Physical Research Laboratory in Ahmedabad Education Society and built his Physical Research Laboratory in it, while on the other hand the construction of MG College of Science was also in progress. In MG College of Science, two small rooms were prepared for research work. Gradually, as soon as his work was completed, those rooms were converted into a physical research laboratory in a planned manner. After some time more money was collected. And went on to pursue his career in the direction of science.

Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Personal Life of (Dr Vikram Sarabhai Personal Life)

Vikram Sarabhai got married in 1942. He married Mrinalini, a classical dancer, and made her his life partner. Both of them got married in the city of Chennai, India. Later they also had two children, out of which the daughter’s name was Malika and her son Kartikeya. The daughter made her mark in her career as an actress and a famous activist, while her son had mastered the field of science. However, his married life with his wife Mrinalini did not last long. Later he had a love affair with Dr. Kamala Chaudhary.

Dr. Vikram Sarabhai By Of Went Search And Experiment (Dr Vikram Sarabhai Inventions)

Some of the discoveries made by Vikram Sarabhai and the information about their use are as follows –

  • Under the guidance of Sarabhai, the first new telescopes to observe cosmic rays were built. Those telescopes were of such a type that a complete and thorough investigation could be done about the intensity of the cosmic diagonal emanating from various places like Gulmarg and its ever-changing effects. As they continued to search on cosmic rays, they began to need many types of tools to observe them even more. Vikram Sarabhai, along with a group of students made by him, observed the ever-changing trend of cosmic rays using cosmic radiation and the Outer Binoculars in various places such as Gulmarg, and built a large number of cosmic ray telescopes to measure the intensity of the beam. Started doing and installing them. He carried out this entire process in Trivandrum apart from Ahmedabad.
  • India did not have any rocket launching station, Dr. Homi Bhava A person who is considered the father of every nuclear science program in science, Dr. Sarabhai established the first rocket launch impression in India with his full support. . This institute was established at Thumba, Thiruvananthapuram near the coast of Arabian Sea.
  • He explained the importance of space in a developing country like India after the Russian Sputnik launch and persuaded the government that the importance of space program should be emphasized in India as well. After that the Indian Space Research Organization was started in India. And it was announced on the Independence Day of 1969. The most important contribution in starting this organization was that of Dr. Sarabhai, who himself founded the organization called ‘Indian Space Research’ i.e. ISRO.
  • Sarabhai also had a good rapport with NASA, by talking to and with him, he launched a successful satellite television experiment from 1975 to 1976. Later, the project of building a wonderful Indian satellite was also started by him. As a result of which the first Indian satellite Aryabhata was placed in orbit in 1975 from a Russian Cosmodrome.

Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Of Contribution (Dr Vikram Sarabhai Contribution)

Most of the important institutions were also established under the leadership of Dr. Sarabhai, which are as follows:-

  • The first important institute is the Physical Research Laboratory, whose foundation was laid under the leadership of Sarabhai, which is still recognized today in Ahmedabad.
  • Vikram Sarabhai contributed to the establishment of ‘The Ahmedabad Textile Industry Research Association’ in Ahmedabad. And later he also insisted to spread the Ahmedabad textile research industry all over India.
  • Many successes were achieved by Sarabhai, one of which was the launch of the Indian Space Research Organization. Which increased the development of the country in many ways.
  • After that he also created the Indian Institute of Management. It was also established by Dr. Sarabhai, it was also established in Ahmedabad itself.
  • One of his many achievements was that he was very much associated with science, which inspired him to lay the foundation of a community science center in Ahmedabad. He established this with his hard work and dedication. Even today that center is recognized by the name of Vikram Sarabhai, whose name is ‘Vikram Sarabhai Community Science Center’.
  • After that he along with his wife founded the Darpan Academy for Performance Arts, which is also located in Ahmedabad.
  • After some time, he also laid the foundation of ‘Vikram Sarabhai Space Center’ with his own hands. He built this center in Thiruvananthapuram itself. Later, the six institutes built by Sarabhai in Ahmedabad were merged to form a much larger Space Applications Center.
  • The ‘Fast Test Reactor’ was also built by Sarabhai, which is established in Kalpakkam.
  • After some time he also contributed to the ‘Variable Energy Cyclotron Project’, which is established in Calcutta.
  • Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL) was also built by him in Hyderabad.
  • Uranium Corporation of India Limited (UCIL) was established at Jaduguda, Bihar.
  • He also created the country’s first ‘Market Research Organization’, which was named Operation Research Group.

In this way, his deep study gradually contributed to many space studies. Apart from this, he also played an important role in developing many research. He was such a personality, who helped in the establishment of many institutions not only in India but also abroad and established many institutions himself.

Dr. Vikram Sarabhai To ISRO Of Father Why is it called (Why Doctor Vikram Sarabhai is Called Father of ISRO ?)

With the new thinking, he assured the Indian government that having a space center in India would accelerate India’s development and our coming generation would be able to easily learn about the things related to space, for which it is necessary that there should be a space in India. Center should be opened. Impressed by his ideas, the Indian government gave permission to open a space center in India, which inspired Dr. Sarabhai to open the space center. Dr. Sarabhai, who laid the foundation of the Space Center, is called the father of ISRO.

Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Of Virasat (Dr Vikram Sarabhai Legacy)

  • The first lander rover was built from India on 22 July 2019 and was sent to the moon, which would have been capable of searching on the moon, this rover was named Vikram Lander. In honor of Vikram Sarabhai, the lander was named after the father of ISRO.
  • Vikram Sarabhai Space Center for Launch Vehicle Development at Thiruvananthapuram which provides key facilities for ISRO. This center has also been honored in the name of Vikram Sarabhai.
  • A commemorative postage stamp house was built in his memory by the Indian Postal Department on his first death anniversary, 30 December 1972.
  • Every year in India, August 12, which is the date of birth of Dr. Sarabhai, is celebrated as ‘Space Science Day’.

Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Awards and Achievements of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Award and Achievements

Dr. Sarabhai has also been recognized with the biggest honorable awards from the Government of India for being a visionary as well as new and innovative thinking. One of which was Padma Bhushan which was given to him in 1966 and the other Padma Vibhushan which was given to him posthumously in 1972. Apart from this, he has also been honored with Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Award. Even today he is considered one of the greatest scientists of India.

Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Of Death (Dr Vikram Sarabhai Death)

Dr. Sarabhai did a lot of great things during his tenure. Finally, after the launch of Ruchi rocket, he laid the foundation stone of Thumba railway station the same day before. After that, on 30 December 1971, at the age of 52, he suddenly died due to heart attack.

Many great people like Dr. Sarabhai happened in the country and will definitely meet them in future, but it is not enough for everyone to do such things that Dr. Sarabhai did during his tenure. His whole life and his thinking is an inspirational life for the future generations to come. If someone wants to take inspiration from his life, then he can definitely become a successful person in life. Today his name is known not in the whole country but in the whole world because because of such a big discovery in his life, he gave a new direction to his life and also gave India a new search for development. As the biggest achievement of his life, we have India’s Space Dhawan Center in front of us, in which big discoveries related to space and science are done by big scientists.

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