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Biography of Vishnupriya Nair

Everyone knows Vishnu Priya today, she is a Tik-Tok star and Instagram model, whose many videos are popular on social media. He has millions of fans on social media. So let us get to know in detail the life introduction of Vishnu Priya.

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Birth of Vishnu Priya

Social media star Vishnu Priya was born in Aurangabad, Maharashtra on the date 14 October 2000. At present, she is living with her parents in Aurangabad and is showing her talent on social media from home all over India. became famous in

Education of Vishnu Priya

Famous social media star Vishnu Priya has done her schooling from Aurangabad itself and she is also doing college in Aurangabad. If we talk about his education, then he has completed his bachelor’s degree.

For your information, let us tell you that Vishnu Priya used to make videos on the Chinese social media app Tick-Talk. One day one of her videos became very viral, due to which she became famous all over India. Vishnu Priya never looked back after that and she started making reels on Instagram as well.

Now he has millions of followers on his social media and his videos are also very viral.

How did Vishnu Priya become a social media star?

Vishnu Priya first created his account on Tik-Tok, then only 10-20 views used to come every day. But he saw many such people who started from zero and today they have crores of followers. That’s why Vishnu Priya constantly uploaded her content and made more than one videos.

In the initial days, Vishnu Priya did not have a good camera and background to make videos. Still, he made videos from his mobile phone at his home. Vishnu Priya had initially shot videos in front of her house in the Mohalla Katha corridors, on which some special views were not coming, yet she continued to work. One day a video of her went viral, making her a Tik-Tok star overnight.

Today Vishnu Priya has more than one camera. Today Vishnu Priya can go to any place in the country and can make videos, get photoshoots done according to her mind.She is doing the same. On the Instagram account, she uploads some good photos from the camera every day.

Vishnu Priya always takes his team wherever he goes to give updates to his viewers, who make his videos and upload great videos with good quality and filters.

Career of Vishnu Priya

Vishnupriya used to upload videos on Tik-Talk to fulfill her hobbies along with her studies, out of which one of her videos became quite viral. After that, even though Tik-Tok has been banned in India, Vishnu Priya has created an account on other social media platforms like Instagram and started making videos there. Vishnu Sharma got a lot of love from the audience on Instagram as well and became quite popular here too.

Please tell that Vishnu Priya is very fond of acting and modeling. That’s why she makes videos from her mobile and uploads it on social media. But initially he did not get any good response. Still, she did not stop and continued to make videos, it became successful one day.

At one time one of her videos became very viral, due to which she became a star overnight. She got a lot of money and got to know millions of people, due to which she became a star overnight. Now a star on Instagram. He has millions of followers on Instagram, which speaks volumes of his fame.

At present, Vishnu Priya lives in her native village Aurangabad in Maharashtra and from here she creates content for her social media. In this way she is fulfilling her passion for acting and modeling. Let us tell you that she is unmarried. But she has a good friend, whose name is Sainath Pathade. At present she is working on YouTube and more popular social media and she is active every day.

Vishnu Priya named her “Shijuka” on Tik Tok, by which she became popular on social media. For your information, let us tell you that at present Tik Tok is banned in India. But Vishnu Priya had more than 4 million followers on Tik Tok and millions of likes and shares came on his videos.

At present, Vishnu Priya has started her own YouTube channel, on which she is continuously working and she is also giving her full attention on Instagram. At this time Vishnu Priya has a team, which is working on her videos. Editing and uploading works.

Vishnu Priya is 23 years old at this time, but she is not married yet.She has studied in her village itself. In today’s time, all the people who use social media know Vishnu Priya very well.

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