Bollywood's King Shahrukh Khan follows select people on Instagram, apart from family members, these people are included

Bollywood’s King Shahrukh Khan follows select people on Instagram, apart from family members, these people are included

Shahrukh Khan Bollywood is a very big artist. Who has worked in many best Bollywood films. His acting is amazing and if we talk about Shahrukh Khan, who rules over crores of hearts, then he follows very few people on humans. Yes, he follows only 6 people on Instagram. Today we are going to talk about those people only.

Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan is the wife of Shahrukh Khan whose role is very much in the life of Shahrukh Khan. Gauri Khan supports him a lot and also helps a lot in his work. Shahrukh Khan’s production company Red Chilli Production is completely handled by Gauri Khan. And sometimes she helps Shahrukh Khan a lot in other ways as well. Apart from being a producer, Gauri Khan is also an interior designer.

suhana khan

Suhana Khan is the only daughter of Shah Rukh Khan. Who has not yet stepped into acting but very soon his film is going to come on OTT platform. In which many starkids of Bollywood are going to be seen. Bollywood’s eyes are fixed on this film because the future of Bollywood is going to be seen in this film. Shah Rukh Khan also follows his daughter Suhana Khan on Instagram.

Aryan Khan

Aryan Khan has not yet made his debut in acting, nor does he have any film coming, he has gone abroad to study as a director. The one who looks like he will step into the director industry before venturing into acting, also has a huge fan following. And many people follow him in India. Shah Rukh Khan also follows his son Aryan Khan on social media.

Alia Chhibba

If we talk about Alia, then she is a relative of Shahrukh Khan. Actually she is the maternal cousin of Suhana Khan whom Shahrukh Khan follows on social media. He has a very close relation with Shahrukh Khan’s family. And she has mixed a lot with this family. The Khan family likes him very much. And she is often seen with the Khan family.

Pooja Dadlani

Shah Rukh Khan’s assistant Pooja has also met a lot more openly than the Khan family. These people also treat them like a family whom Shahrukh Khan also follows on social media and she is also seen a lot with Shahrukh Khan and his family in many family events. These people are very close with Pooja and their pictures are often seen on social media with the Khan family.

Kajal Anand

Kajal Anand is a favorite lawyer for Bollywood celebrities, she has fought the cases of many celebrities. And he has a lot of respect in the industry. Shahrukh Khan also follows him on social media He is also one of the 6 people whom Shahrukh Khan follows on Instagram.

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