Dashrath Manjhi – The Mountain Man Biography

Everyone knows Dashrath Manjhi aka Mountain Man today, through the film Manjhi, which came sometime back, everyone has come to know his life closely. Dasaratha, a resident of Gehlaur, a small village in Bihar, has done such an amazing job, which no one could have imagined. To make the way from his small village to the city, he broke the 360 ​​feet long, 30 feet wide and 25 feet high mountain and made the way.

Dashrath Manjhi The Mountain Man Jeevan Parichay in hindi

Dashrath Manjhi – The Mountain Man Biography Dashrath Manjhi The Mountain Man Jeevan Parichay in hindi

Name Dashrath Manjhi
Birth 1934
birth place Gehlaur, Bihar
wife fugunia
date of death August 17, 2007 New Delhi
are known broke the mountain for 22 years to make way

Journey from birth to youth

When Dasharatha was born, then the country was a slave of the British, along with the whole country, there were worse conditions in this village as well. The country becomes independent in 1947, but after that the rich go into the hands of the people. Everywhere rich landlords keep securing their rights and harass the poor without education. Dasharatha’s family was also very poor, his father used to work very hard for one time bread. Dasharatha also had a child marriage. Even after getting independence, Gehlaur village had no electricity, no water and no pucca road. The people of that village had to go far for water, even for the hospital, they had to climb mountains and go to the city, which also took a lot of time.

Dasharatha’s father had taken money from the zamindar of the village, which he could not return. In return, he asks his son to become a bonded laborer of that landlord. Dasharatha did not like anyone’s slavery, so he leaves this village and runs away. Away from his village, he starts working in a coal mine in Dhanvad. After living there for 7 years, he starts to remember his family and then he returns to the village. When he returns to the village around 1955, still nothing changes there. There still, there is poverty, landownership, there is no facility like road, no electricity. In this village of Dasharatha, there is also a bad practice like untouchability. Dasaratha’s mother has passed away by now, he starts living with his father. That’s when he likes a girl, she is the same girl whom he gets married in his childhood. But now the girl’s father does not accept her childhood marriage, because according to him Dasharatha does not do any work. For the sake of his love, he brings Faguniya away. Both start living life like a good husband and wife. Dasharatha also has a son.

In 1960, Dasaratha’s wife becomes pregnant once again, at this time Dasaratha gets some work on the other side of the mountain. Faguniya goes to give her food everyday, one day suddenly her foot slips and she falls. As there is no hospital in the village of Dasharatha, he climbs the mountain with great difficulty and takes him to the city. Where she gives birth to a girl but dies herself. Dasharatha is deeply hurt by this and promises Faguniya that he will definitely make a way through this mountain. This vow of Dasharatha, which started from 1960, was with the help of a hammer.

Dasaratha used to wake up every morning to break the mountain with his hammer. He works as if he gets paid for it. Everyone called him a crazy freak, but he doesn’t listen to anyone. For this reason everyone started calling him Pahartodu. Dasharatha’s father used to explain a lot to him that by doing this how his children would be fed, but he did not listen. Somehow by earning some money, he used to fill the stomach of the children. Many years pass by doing this and the village becomes dry, everyone starts leaving the village, but Dasharatha does not go, he sends his father and children. Due to this drought, Dasharatha has to survive by eating dirty water and leaves. With time, the days of drought pass and all the villagers return. Even now everyone is surprised to see Dasharatha breaking the mountain.

1975 – Time of Emergency –

The entire country was affected by the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi in 1975. There was an outcry everywhere. In one of her rally, Indira Gandhi reaches Bihar, where Dashrath also goes. During the speech, the stage breaks down, which is handled by Dashrath and some people together, so that Indira Gandhi is able to complete her speech, after which Dashrath takes a photo with her. When the zamindar comes to know about this, he entices him in his sweet talk that he will help him in asking the government for money for the road, illiterate Dasharat comes to his words and puts his thumb. But when Dashrat comes to know that the zamindar has charged him 25 lakhs, he decides to complain to the Prime Minister.

Bihar to Delhi

Dashrath does not even have 20 rupees for the train, because of which TT gets him off the train. But this thing does not stop Dasharat and he sets out on foot. There are many riots happening in Delhi at that time due to Emergency, when Dashrat shows his photo with Indira Gandhi to the police, then they tear it away and do not allow him to meet the Prime Minister.

come back to bihar ,

Dasharat returns to his home after giving up, all his hopes have been shattered, he is now quite old too, his courage starts answering. But some people come forward to support Dasharatha and help him break the mountain. When the landlord comes to know about this, he threatens to kill them all and gets some arrested. But a journalist comes as a messiah for Dasharatha and he stands for him. He along with all the villagers protest in front of the police station for Dashrath. Dasharat is abandoned.

Success achieved in 1982-

Dasharatha is successful in breaking 360 feet long, 30 feet wide and 25 feet high mountain. He converts a road of length 55 km into a path of 15 km. It is because of Dashrat Manjhi that the government pays attention to that place and the work begins. In 1982, Dashrat’s hard work pays off and the mountain breaks down and becomes a road.

In 2006, Dasaratha was named for the Padma Shri.

2007 Death –

On August 17, 2007, Dasharat died in Delhi due to cancer in his cheek bladder. Before dying, Dashrat leaves by giving permission to make a film on his life. He wanted others to be influenced by this story of his. The Bihar government had declared state mourning on his death.

In 2011, that road was named Dashrath Manjhi Path. Such people teach us to never give up in life. We all salute Dashrath Manjhi.

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