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Maharani Padmini or Padmavati You must have heard a lot about the story of pride and courage. The bravery with which he protected his self-respect can hardly be described in words. But hardly you will know about the bravery of Rawal Ratan Singh, husband of Queen Padmavati. Today we are going to introduce you the life of Rawal Ratan Singh and tell how he faced the enemies till his last breath.

History of Rawal Ratan Singh

Rawal Ratan Singh Introduction

Full Name Rawal Ratan Singh
profession ruler
Birth Late 13th century (according to Padmavat)
birth place Chittor (currently Chittorgarh)
death Early 14th century (according to Padmavat)
place of death Chittor (currently Chittorgarh)
Age not known
cause of death Alone in battle with Devapala
State / Hometown Medpata (Mewar) State
dynasty Guhila
father samarsimha
Mother not known
Brother not known
sister not known
Religion Hindu
Caste Kshatriya (Rajput)
marital status married
Wife Nagamati (first) Padmavati (second)
Children not known

Who was Rawal Ratan Singh (Rawal Ratan Singh)

Guhil Linage The descendant of Ratan Singh was related to Rawal, a branch of this dynasty. What he did on the fort of Chitrakoot Chittorgarh Yes, he ruled there. Ratan Singh is still known for his Rajputana bravery. More information about the reign of Maharaj Ratan Singh Malik Mohammad Jayasi The poem written by is found in ‘Padmavati’. Mohammad Jayasi wrote this poem 1540 in was composed.

Maharaja Ratan Singh Family ,Rawal Ratan Singh Family

your father War Lion ,samarsimha, After the death of Ratan Singh on the throne in 1302 CE. ruled in Which he ruled till 1303 CE. in 1303 CE Sultan of Delhi Sultanate Alauddin Khilji defeated him and captured his throne.

of Ratan Singh Married to Maharani Padmavati ,Rawal Ratan Singh Marriage,

King Gandharvasena decided to conduct a swayamvara to solemnize the marriage of Padmavati, who was Padmavati’s father. Invitations were sent to many mighty Hindu kings to take part in the Swayamvara. While being the 13 queens of Raja Ratan Singh, he had decided to go to this swayamvara, and with his might. King Malkhan Singh After defeating Padmini took 7 rounds. After marrying Queen Padmavati, he never married anyone else again.

Rawal Ratan Singh

Rawal Ratan Singh war with devpal

Rawal Ratan Singh had a war with Devpal, in which Ratan Singh’s entire army was defeated and Ratan Singh alone fought with Devpal. However, after that war Rawal Ratan Singh died.

Death of Rawal Ratan Singh

According to ‘Padmavati’ written by Jayasi, Ratan Singh got Veergati at the hands of Alauddin Khilji. Who was the sultan of the throne of Delhi at that time. According to the book, in the royal courts of Raja Ratan Singh Raghav animate There was a musician named. One day Ratan Singh came to know about the truth of Raghav Chetan doing black magic, then he made Raghav sit on a donkey and roamed the whole state. Angered by his humiliation, Raghav conspired to take revenge through the Sultan of Delhi. Raghav told Khilji about the beauty of Padmavati to make his wrong plans successful. Hearing the praises of Padmavati’s beauty, Khilji decided to get her. To get Rani Padmavati, Khilji first tried the method of friendship on Ratan Singh. And also told his desire to see his wife Padmavati in front of Ratan Singh.

Ratan Singh also accepted this wish of Khilji and showed the image of Rani Padmavati’s face to Khilji through a mirror. Although Rani Padmavati was unhappy with this decision of Ratan Singh, but playing the religion of a wife, she accepted Ratan Singh’s statement with some of her own conditions. At the same time, seeing the glimpse of the beauty of the queen, Khilji with the help of his soldiers immediately kidnapped King Rawal from his palace to get her. After which Raja Ratan Singh was somehow freed from the captivity of Khilji by his soldiers. After the release of Ratan Singh from his captivity, Khilji surrounded the fort by attacking Ratan Singh’s fort. It is said that due to the capture of the fort from outside, nothing could neither go out of the fort nor could it come inside the fort. At the same time, gradually the food items kept in the fort also started running out. Seeing the deteriorating conditions in his fort, Ratan Singh decided to bravely fight with Khilji out of the fort and was the last battle of Raja Ratan Singh. At the same time, when Khilji defeated the king in the war, his wife Rani Padmavati along with many women of her kingdom Jauhar (suicide) committed.

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