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Sucheta Dalal Biography, Journalist, Birth, Family, Education, Husband, Career (In Scam 1992, Journalist, Reporter, Husband, Networth, age, Children, books, Source, on Harshad Mehta)

Journalism is such a field where if journalists work with honesty and hard work, they bring the truth of many important things in front of the whole world and because of this they also get a lot of fame all over the world. Sucheta Dalal is also a name associated with journalism. For information, let us tell you that Sucheta Dalal had busted India’s biggest stock scam and because of this, she had a different identity in the whole world.

sucheta dalal biography in hindi

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Birth and Introduction of Sucheta Dalal

Full name Sucheta Dalal
Birthday 1962
Birthplace Mumbai
Age 58 years
Hometown Mumbai, India
Rashi (Star sign) N/A
School not known
College/University Karnataka College, Dharavad Bombay University
Education BSc Statics LLB and LLM
Family not known
Occupation Journalist
Nationality Indian
Religion Hindu
Marital status married
Affair / boyfriend not known
Networth 10 lakh rupees

Sucheta Dalal’s Family Life

Famous journalist Sucheta Dalal was born in 1962 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He was also brought up there and there he also got his education. Let us tell here that in her family, her husband is Devashish Basu, who is a chartered accountant and journalist by profession as well as the owner of Moneylife magazine.

Father do not know


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devashish basu



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Education and Early Life of Sucheta Dalal

Please inform that Sucheta Dalal’s initial education was completed in Mumbai, after that after completing her graduation from Karnataka College, she took degree in LLB and LLM from Mumbai University. He was fond of doing business from the beginning and his favorite subject was also business. But she wanted to become a journalist in her life and hence decided to become a business journalist.

Sucheta Dalal physical form of and Look


5 foot 2 inches



Eye Color

light brown

Hair Color

dark brown

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Career of Sucheta Dalal

For information here, let us tell you that Sucheta Dalal worked in the Times of India in the early period of her journalism in 1990. Then later he worked with the Indian Express Group to write a column till 2008. Along with this, she also used to write in a fortnightly magazine called Moneylife brought out by her husband. Along with this, let us tell you that she had also remained a member in corporate affairs for about 6 years.

Sucheta Dalal in Scam 1992 Role

For information here, let us tell you that in 1992, Sucheta Dalal had exposed India’s biggest stock market scam. Let us tell you that the stock broker of that time had brought the truth of Harshad Mehta to the world so that everyone could know that Harshad Mehta How did he do a scam of 4000 crores. Due to his fearless journalism, the curtain was raised from the scam of such a big stock market and Harshad Mehta was punished.

Sucheta Dalal on Harshad Mehta exposed

Let us tell you that Harshad Mehta was an uncrowned king of the stock market on whom no journalist could even think of pointing fingers, but Sucheta Mehta started following his life very smartly and carefully and wrote his articles. I started writing about how Harshad Mehta used to take short term loans by making fake bank receipts and how he used to make huge profits by taking advantage of his identity. But Sucheta Dalal brought forth the real face of Harshad Mehta in front of the world and told how he was earning money very fast by taking a loan of 15 days from the bank and then putting it further in the stock market. When this thing came to light, all the banks started demanding their money from Harshad Mehta.

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Awards received by Sucheta Dalal

Year Award Who gave


Padma Shri

Former President APJ Abdul Kalam


Chameli Devi Award

media foundation


Woman of Substance Degree


Sucheta Dalal Some Interesting Facts About

  • She had a lot of interest in the field of business from the very beginning and was keen to make her career in journalism. For this reason, he made a career in business journalism.
  • She started her career in 1990 and where she used to write columns for The Times of India.
  • In 1992, he had burnt the stock market scam and because of that Harshad Mehta was exposed, due to which he was again punished.
  • Due to his efforts and excellent journalism, he was also given various awards, of which Padma Shri is also one.
  • Sucheta Dalal’s husband is the owner of Moneylife magazine where she is also the editor of management.
  • While doing his brilliant journalism, Sucheta Dalal exposed other scams like CR Bhansali, IDBI, Ketan Parekh, Enron scam apart from 1992 scam scam.
  • Let us inform here that he has also written many books such as The Scam Who One, Who Lost, Who Got Away and Eddie Shroff: Tiger of Finance and Free Enterprise.

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Sucheta Dalal Controversy

National Stock Exchange defamation case- The National Stock Exchange (NSE) had filed a defamation case of Rs 100 crore against Moneystyle magazine in 2015. It may be mentioned here that NAC had alleged that its image in the magazine was maligned and alleged that NSC had facilitated high frequency trading to some of its brokers and traders, which would give them higher profits over other brokers. .

Sucheta Dalal affairs Affairs and Personal Life

Please tell that Sucheta Dalal is married to Debashis Basu and she is leading a very happy married life with him.

Of course Sucheta Dalal is a very fearless, outspoken and courageous journalist. If such journalists remain in our country then criminals can be exposed very easily.

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