Know about Sahil Sehgal Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Family, Biography etc.

Know about Gashmir Mahajani age, girlfriend, wife, family, biography etc.

Talking about Gashmir Manjhi, a well-known artist in the world of TV, he is not just an actor, but along with being an actor, he is also a choreographer like a director doing films and as we all know he is also an actor. He is the son of a well-known film actor Ravindra Manjhi. Gashmir Manjhi was born on 8 June 1985. He did his schooling from Abhinav Vidyalaya English Medium High School. After that he did his college education from Birha Maharashtra College.


Talking about Gashmir Manjhi’s family, his father’s name is Ravindra Manjhi, who is a well-known actor. His mother is Madhu Manjhi who was a housewife.
Now if we talk about his married life, then he married Gauri Deshmukh on 28 December 2014, after that on 21 December 2019 he had a son, whom he named Vyom.


Her first film in 2010 was Aye Muskraut Ke Dekh Zara. After that Band in 2015, Kanha in 2016, both of them were Marathi films. His film in English i.e. in Bollywood he worked in Dongri Ka Raja which came in 2016 with Arjun Kapoor he worked in Panipat which came in 2019. However, his TV journey did not last long. But even then, his work got a good response from the public, it would not be said very good that the TV serial got a good response, his unknown came in 2018.


His friends and his family members call him a lot. He was very fond of dance since childhood, he opened his own dance studio at the age of only 15 by taking financial help from the family. He is very fond of yoga. They follow the yoga routine very strictly every day. In terms of food, it is completely vegetarian. He is a very big animal lover, he has also kept a dog in his house, he has named it Gabbar.

net worth

Talk about their total earnings, then the total assets of Kashmir from those earning in films like King of Bollywood’s Dongri, Panipat are ₹ 3 cr. That his means of earning is not only acting, but he is a choreographer, a dancer and he has also directed many plays. Due to which they get a good amount as payment.

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