Know about Manoj Pahwa's age, girlfriend, wife, family, biography etc.

Know about Viral Bhayani’s age, girlfriend, wife, family, biography etc.

Talking about Viral Bhayani, it is a very well-known content creator and photographer. He has taken photos of many Bollywood celebrities. Viral was born in 1977 in Mumbai. After finishing his schooling, he did his college studies at Stage College, he started journalism work during college itself. 1 interesting information about him is that he did not learn photography from anywhere, but he had learned photography through his own practice, he wanted to present Bollywood globally.

height and efficiency

Content Creators Very good photographers Viral who come to film many Bollywood actors i.e. take their pictures. He does not look less than an artist in himself, if we talk about physical appearance, then he has made quite handsome and tall and wide stature, his total length is 5 feet 10 inches, which looks very attractive to see. His complexion is fair, his eyes are black in color and his hair is also black in color.


Talk about his career, all three of them started their career at a very young age, they started their work only at the age of 17 during their college. He used to go to almost every media house with his pictures. He wanted his work to get more readers. He is a freelancer and a writer who writes about music, entertainment and society. At the age of 21, he started working for a monthly magazine that shows about Bollywood in Africa. .


Talking about viral, he is a very hardworking and very good photographer who has captured almost every Bollywood star in his camera, now his day starts by sorting the pictures. In the morning, he sort out the pictures taken by him and his team member, which pictures should be sent from the media and which are not, he starts his work ahead.

His name comes in India’s top photographer.

Talking about the time of Kovid-19, he moved beyond Bollywood from Kovid-19 and started working in other areas such as sports.

net worth

Talk about their total earnings, then they take pictures of Bollywood stars. And send their pictures to different media, they have also represented Bollywood pictures globally, they have worked for the day, they have 17 I started working for jeans from the age of 21, in 21 years he worked for a magazine in Africa which used to write about Bollywood, yet his earning is not much, even today his monthly income is 10 up to ₹ 40000.

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