Know why Salman Khan is becoming a victim of hatred of people, this is the big reason

Know why Salman Khan is becoming a victim of hatred of people, this is the big reason

Bollywood’s Bhaijaan Salman Khan is in a lot of headlines these days, he is still in the headlines for his new film ‘Tiger 3’, along with this, after the recent murder of famous singer Sidhu Mosevala of Punjab, now Salman Khan has also been threatened with death, this has been disclosed by his father Salim Khan. Salim Khan said that he received a letter saying that Salman Khan will also be killed like Sidhu Mosewala. After this there is a stir all around. Meanwhile, a video of Salman Khan is becoming quite viral on social media, due to which a lot of trolling of Salman Khan is also being done. So let’s know why the trolling of Bhaijaan of Bollywood is happening on social media…

Salman Khan becomes victim of troll

Salman Khan has crores of fans. His fans are not only in India but also abroad. Fans yearn to catch a glimpse of Salman Khan. Meanwhile, Salman became a victim of trolls after a video of Salman Khan and his fans surfaced. Actually it is a matter of last night when Salman Khan was leaving for Abu Dhabi for the IIFA Awards. Meanwhile, some of his fans surrounded him and were seen giving him gifts and taking selfies. But Salman Khan was showing such an attitude towards his fans that it seems that he is getting very irritated with his friend. Due to which he became a victim of trolls on social media as soon as this video went viral. On social media, the audience started saying that these fans who make him a star, look at his attitude. One user said, ‘I don’t know why actors show so much attitude, wherever they are today only because of these people and now these people show as if ‘god or king’.

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