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Komal Vohra Biography in English

Komal Vohra Biography in English – age, husband, divorce, family, DOB and more about Komal Vohra

Who is Komal Vohra? (Who is Komal Vohra)

Komal Vohra is an Indian interior designer who was born on 11 August 1992 in Delhi. He is the co-founder of Interior Designer (Progeto) in Mumbai. She is considered as the life partner of Indian famous rapper Dilin Nair aka Raftaar, who got married on 1 December 2016. Presently Komal Vohra and well known rapper Raftaar have filed for divorce in 2022.

Komal Vohra Biography in English – age, DOB and more..

name Komal Vohra
DOB 11 August 1992
birthplace Delhi
Age 29 years (2021 )
Profession interior designers
Parents Renu Vohra Father Not Known
Husband Indian rapper Raftaar (going to divorce)
Sign Divorce Papers 6 October 2022
famous for Because of wife of Indian rapper Raftaar
zodiac Leo sun sign
nationality Indian
Komal Vohra Biography in English

Komal Vohra Biography in English | Biography of Komal Vohra

Komal Vohra was born on 11 August 1992 in Delhi, the capital of India. Not much information is available in his family, but his mother’s name is Renu Vohra. Apart from this, he has two brothers in the family of Komal Vohra, in which the elder brother’s name is Karan Vohra, who is a television actor. And his younger brother’s name is Kunal Vohra, who like his elder brother is a television actor.

Know about India’s famous rapper Raftaar, complete information

komal vohra family

father Name Not Known (Death)
mother Renu Vohra
brothers Karan Vohra (TV actor)
Kunal Vohra (TV actor)
husband Raftaar (Dilin Nair) will divorce ( 6 October 2022 )
komal vohra family

Komal Vohra and Raftaar

Considered as Raftaar’s life partner, Komal first met Raftaar in the year 2011, after which they got engaged in a love relationship after knowing each other and after about 5 years they got engaged on 30 November 2016.

They finally tied the knot on 1st December 2016. However, for a few years, rifts started to develop between these two and the matter reached to the point that, they decided to get divorced from each other. They filed for divorce for the first time in 2020 although the case was delayed due to pandemic like COVID-19. But in June 2022, he filed a petition for divorce again and according to the information, both will sign the divorce papers on 6 October 2022.


Who is Komal Vohra?

Known for an Indian interior designer and wife of Raftaar.

When was Komal Vohra born?

She was born on 11 August 1992 in Delhi.

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