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Lawrence Bishnoi (Gangster) – Biography of Lawrence Bishnoi

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Lawrence Bishnoi This name is becoming quite popular lately, not for any good deed but for his bad karma. There are many gangsters in the country, who are in jail because of their wrongdoings, one of them being gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, who is behind the bars of the jail for killing a Punjabi singer. So today we will talk about Lawrence Bishnoi’s story as well as the story of a student turning into a gangster.

Who is Lawrence Bishnoi? (Who is Lawrence Bishnoi)

Lawrence Bishnoi is an Indian Gangster who is known for his evil deeds. According to this law and Indian police, he is a dreaded gangster, its born 12 February 1992 Happened in Punjab. He operates his gang even while in jail. Lawrence’s network is mostly spread over Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Rajasthan. Has taken the responsibility of killing the famous Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala in the name of Lawrence Bishnoi. He is currently under the supervision of the law and the police.

Personal Details of Lawrence Bishnoi

Real Name Lawrence Bishnoi
nickname/nickname Don
Date of birth 12 February 1992
birth place Abohar, Punjab
profession Gangsters, and Illegal Activities
parents/parents Lavinder Singh – Mother Not Known
Name Of School Sachkhand Convent School Abohar
Higher Education DAV College Chandigarh
Caste bishnoi
Religion Hindu Religion
Hobby Running, Gym, Writing Poetry, Reading Books
nationality Indian
Personal Details

Family Details of Lawrence Bishnoi

father Lavinder Singh
mother not known
brother Anmol Bishnoi (Boxer)
wife/ girlfrend not known
Family Details

Physical status

height/height 5 feet 9 inches
weight/weight 72 kg
eye color black
tatto0/tattoo a tattoo of hanuman ji
physical status

Crime and history of Lawrence Bishnoi

Lawrence Bishnoi was born on 12 February 1992 in Punjab Police to constable Lavinder Bishnoi. Lawrence did his schooling at the local convent school in Abohar. Lawrence’s parents are from Rajasthan and most of his relatives are in Rajasthan and Haryana.

After college, Lawrence Bishnoi came to Chandigarh where he DAV College took his admission in And that’s where his world of crime and crime began. Lawrence was good in appearance, so friends persuaded him to contest, after which Lawrence Bishnoi to contest. Student Organization of Panjab University (SOPU) Formed an organization named, he worked very hard to win the election but he lost the election. He did not tolerate this defeat and to avenge his defeat, he took the hand of crime and Lawrence Bishnoi opened fire on the party that won the election in 2011 and the matter reached the police. From here the first case of crime was registered against him.

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Gang operates while in jail

Country’s famous gangster goldie brar He is also a partner of Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang, and is currently in Canada, while Lawrence Bishnoi, the head of the gang, one of the biggest gangsters in the country, is lodged in Ajmer jail in Rajasthan. Lawrence Bishnoi’s network can be gauged from the fact that he runs the gang even when he is in jail and even after being in jail, by taking a betel nut through WhatsApp, commits a heinous crime like murder from jail itself. .

Lawrence Bishnoi and Sidhu Musewala Murder – Lawrence Bishnoi Latest 2022 Crime

29 May 2022 It was the day when popular Punjabi and world famous singer rapper Sidhu Moosewala (Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu) was murdered in the evening. Tell me for information Sidhu Musewala Lawrence Bishnoi and his partner Goldie Brar have claimed responsibility for the murder of K. This incident happened when Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang fired continuously on Sidhu Musewala and on Sidhu Musewala’s car. 30 rounds Firing of which 10 bullets hit Musewala where he died. The secret behind Sidhu Musewala’s murder is Vicky Mindukheda, due to which Lawrence Bishnoi and his gang killed Sidhu Musewala because of Vicky Mindukheda Murder Links.

Salman Khan has also been threatened with death

Salman Khan Lawrence Bishnoi has threatened to kill him, because Lawrence had given this threat due to the ongoing case against Salman Khan in the blackbuck case. Actually, the Vishnoi society of Rajasthan worships the black deer. That’s why he had also planned many times to kill Salman Khan. And recently Salman has not been in any danger, so his security has been increased even more.

Income Sources of Lawrence

Lawrence Bishnoi belongs to a good family, Bishnoi’s family is also the land of ancestors for agriculture, besides being Bishnoi caste, he has a lot of relation with Bishnoi leaders, where he helps Lawrence Bishnoi by providing many money. According to media sources, Lawrence Bishnoi has 9 crore assets, which have been earned wrongly.


Who is Lawrence Bishnoi?

Lawrence Bishnoi is a well known gangster of the country and a notorious gangster of Punjab.

Who killed Sidhu Musewala?

Please tell that Lawrence Bishnoi has claimed the responsibility of killing Sidhu Musewala.

Lawrence Bishnoi Where do you live?

Lawrence Bishnoi is a resident of Punjab.

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi How old is

30 years (2022)

How many cases are there against Lawrence Bishnoi so far?

There are more than 50 cases now.

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