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Mahadevi Varma Biography of a great poet Mahadevi Varma Biography Quotes in English

Mahadevi Varma Biography Quotes in English The most talked about period in modern English literature is Chhayavad. Among the major poets of this period, the poet whose name is at the top is Mahadevi Varma. Chhayavad was a contemporary of Romanticism in the English literary period. Like Meera of Bhakti period, their love was also supernatural and there was a lot of mystery in it. Due to his literary and poetic features, he is also called modern Mira. In 1982, he also got Jnanpith.

Biography of Mahadevi Varma ( Mahadevi Varma Biography in English)

Mahadevi was born in Farrukhabad in 1907 in a famous family of lawyers. In his childhood, his education was initiated in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. In just seven years, she was married to Dr. Swaroop Narayan Verma. Even after marriage, she lived with her parents till the completion of her husband’s education. At the same time, she was also pursuing her studies in Allahabad University. He did his Masters in Sanskrit. For the first time, she met her husband somewhere near Tamkoi during the non-cooperation movement. After this she moved to Allahabad because of writing poetry.

mahadevi varma

Unfortunately, she and her husband often lived separately and ran after their personal addictions. Due to the inclination of Buddhism, she also became a Buddhist nun. With the establishment of Prayag Mahila Vidyapeeth, she also made arrangements for the education of girls in the midst of a social tradition plagued by malpractices, and became the first professor of that Vidyapeeth. This great soul died in 1987.

Mahadevi Varma Writing

Mahadevi holds her own place among the main writers of the Chhayavad period of English literature. Nirala, Jaishankar Prasad and Pant had reached the climax at that time, apart from them Mahadevi was filling new voices of female portrayal in her poems. All the critics, who are convinced of his extraordinary talent, have appreciated his poetic style very much. In the English poetry of Khari Boli, he created many parameters, which till now was possible in the sub-dialects of English. He used different words of Sanskrit and Bengali in his poetry, in which the tone of music was clearly targeted. He had a better recognition of music, due to which the sound-beauty and sharp utterances of its songs were very rare.

Mahadevi was not only a talented poetess but was also a good prose writer and well versed in music. She also used to take a walk for painting, along with her poems in the Deepshikha poetry collection, she also made pictures on them. In a way, his poetry collection was his memory book. Even today, she is a pioneer and incomparable among women writers of English literature. Along with Panda Elachandra Joshi, he established the Literary Sansad in Allahabad to promote literature. The editor of the magazine of this institution remained the same and a huge poet conference was also organized under his leadership. Later Gandhi’s influence on Mahadevi was also reflected. The main focus of both Mahadevi Varma’s life and poetry has been love, separation and pain.

Major composition of the Mahadevi Varma

sequence. Area Sun Composition
1. prose 1941









movies from the past


My family

companions of the path

writer’s faith



chain links

lines of memory

2. Poetry 1942












evening song


3. Collection 1983







song festival

Mahadevi Literature






Mahadevi Varma Respect

Mahadevi Varma’s writing received praise from all around. She was the main pillar of the Chhayavadi movement.

  • For Yama, he got Jnanpith in 1940.
  • In 1956, he was awarded the Padma Vibhushan for his literary contribution.
  • She was the first woman litterateur who got Sahitya Academy in 1979.

Mahadevi Varma Quotes

  • If accepted automatically, then the duty of the operator of the house is no less important.
  • There must be some part of the art of doing something in science.
  • The lie of one who saves an innocent is better than the truth which causes his non-violence.
  • Science is a practical experiment.
  • Today Hindu women are like living corpses.
  • Our life is meant to bear everyone’s troubles?
  • It is very difficult to say something about yourself because you do not like to see your own mistakes, but others do not like to ignore it.
  • I do not believe in any customs. I like soil more than salvation.
  • Those blooming flowers which cannot wither, and the lamps which cannot be extinguished, how wonderful they seem.
  • The truth of art in life is unbroken by the truth expressed through beauty.

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