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Mohammed Siraj Biography Wiki When 22-year-old Mohammed Siraj will be going back home after playing for Rest of India, he will have two goals in mind. First, to stop his father Mohammad Ghaus from driving autorickshaw to run the family and secondly to get a new house for the family. If dreams are of awake eyes then they come true, especially if there is no dearth in your passion. He also worked very hard to fulfill his dreams. Its life is shown here.

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Mohammed Siraj

Muhammad Siraj’s birth and early life

Born on March 13, 1994, in the house of Mohammad Ghaus, Siraj’s childhood was not very good, life was spent in a lot of poverty. Father Mohammad Ghaus used to earn any way and run the house. Siraj’s father did not trample the dreams of his son even in the face of extreme poverty, but let him flourish, let him grow. Siraj’s dream is to play for India on 22 yards, which seems to be happening neither today nor tomorrow. The son’s dream has now put an end to his father’s struggle, when his bid in the IPL auction was made for 2.6 crores. Now son Siraj will fulfill the dream of buying a house for mother Shabana.

Domestic cricket

Fast bowler Siraj performed brilliantly in the first class. Due to this Siraj was selected by the selectors in the team to play for India ‘A’ and rest of India. Earlier, Siraj took nine wickets alone while playing in a local club match. A relative of Siraj, being happy on this matter, gave him Rs 500. were also given. Siraj, who started the journey with Rs 500, has gone on a journey of crores today. Siraj has had a very good last season playing Ranji cricket. He took 41 wickets in 9 matches and became the first player to play in the Irani Cup. Playing for Rest of India, Siraj did not take any wicket in the first innings, although he scored 26 runs in 31 balls.

Despite his poor fielding in the second innings, he could not get two wickets, yet his bowling analysis was good. The first match of the first class was played against Services. Strong bowling in the first match impressed many analysts. The first match of T20 was played against Bengal. Siraj got only one wicket in this match. The quality of Siraj’s bowling is that he remains quite straight and forces the batsmen to play the bat straight. He took 44 wickets in 11 first-class matches. His bowling average is 2.89 and strike rate is 22.09. In T20, he has taken 16 wickets in ten matches at an average rate of 17.18. As a batsman, he has scored 99 runs in 11 matches, out of which the highest score is 99 and has scored only 9 runs in T20. He has scored all these runs as the 11th batsman.

playing style

Mohammad Siraj bowls fast. He bowls very aggressively while bowling, even the batting attitude is also aggressive.

IPL 2017

In the IPL auction held in February 2017, he was bought for Sunrisers Hyderabad for Rs 2.6 crore. He is the best fast bowler of India. Sunrisers Hyderabad Team Squad 2015 Schedule Read here.

Personal life

Mohammad Siraj is practically an introvert. They always focus on their game. Siraj is a mystery to outsiders. He interacts with very few people. Since they have seen poverty closely since childhood, they also give free training to the children living in the towns around them. Siraj has a very shy personality, but Siraj has a different form in the playground. He likes to eat Biriyani but does not have much tantrums in eating. They eat whatever is available. They like sweets.

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