Muhammad Ghori Biography Muhammad Ghori (death Father name history) biography in hindi

Muhammad Ghori Biography Muhammad Ghori (death Father name history) biography in English

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The greatest ruler of Indian history, Mohammad Ghori, who is a courageous and fearless ruler. He ruled for about 1206 years. After which the rule of his politics over India was handed over to Qutubuddin Aibak. We will give you information about their biography. Knowing which you will also get some information about history. Because there are some rulers of our history, about whom it is very important to know. Therefore, the pages of some of his history will be opened in front of you.

Mohammad Ghori biography of

name Shahab-ud-din-Muhammad Ghauri
Birth 1149, Gore
father’s name Bahluddin Sam I
Governance Single ruler from 1173 to 1202 and 1202 to 1206
Religion Islam
death 15 March 1206

Mohammad Ghori, the great warrior of Indian history, was born in 1149 AD in Afghanistan. Let us tell you that, his birth name was Shahab-ud-din-Muhammad Ghori. Which was later changed to Mohammad Ghori. His father was a local ruler. He also had an elder brother named Ghiyas-ud-din Ghori. In 1173 AD, these two brothers together defeated Ghazni and Mohammad Ghori became the new ruler of Ghazni. After which he fought with many big rulers and won Afghanistan in his name.

Mohammad Ghori attacked India

  • Mohammad Ghori and his brother spread their rule in many countries and ruled. In which are India, Bangladesh, Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenista and Pakistan. Out of this, India was his target. What he had made up his mind to achieve. So he started attacking in many states of India.
  • He first attacked Punjab in 1175. Multan was ruling there at that time. By attacking which he got that throne.
  • In 1176 Uch was attacked by Muhammad Ghori. He also took her into his possession.
  • But when he targeted Gujarat in 1178 AD, he could not win the Battle of Kayadar. After which he had to face defeat. But even after losing many places, he did not let his faith waver and continued the war to win India.
  • After this he conquered Peshawar in 1180. Captured Sindh in 1181.
  • In 1191, he encountered Prithviraj Chauhan, who was then ruling in the eastern region of Punjab. He was a very powerful and wise king. Due to which Mohammad Ghori could not walk in front of him and he lost the battle with him.
  • But in 1192 he defeated Prithviraj Chauhan by playing the game of deception. After which he was recognized by the name of everyone’s First Battle of Tarain.
  • In 1194 he came back to Kannauj and captured it. Seeing this, he got his rights in North India.

Mohammad Ghori personality of

It is said in history about Mohammad Ghori that, he was an ambitious ruler. Who could never find peace in little things. He always thought that he needed more than this. So that he can become a powerful ruler. He also knew very well that, if he wants to quench his thirst for more, then India is a country where he can get everything. Because at that time India was a rich and prosperous country. That’s why he wanted to gradually spread his rule in India. He occupied some states of India and made Muslim rule there. After this, he left the rule and left his bag in the hands of Qutubuddin Aibak. Even today, these same things are taught in history. So that everyone can know about his personality.

how did it happen Mohammad Ghori death of

It is written in history that, he died on 15 March 1206 while going back to Ghazni. At that time he was resting in a camp. There he was murdered. Many people believe that he was killed by Prithviraj Chauhan. But the confirmation has not been done. Because of which his death remains a mystery.

Mohammad Gauri will be seen in Prithviraj Chauhan’s film

The film based on the autobiography of Prithviraj Chauhan, which has been directed by Chandraprakash Dwivedi, its teaser was released earlier. The film is scheduled to release on 3 June 2022. In this, Akshay Kumar will be seen in the lead role. She will be seen with Manushi Chillar, who was chosen Miss World in 2017, who will be seen playing the role of Sanyogita in this movie. Along with this, Sonu Sood will be seen playing the role of Chandbardai. In this you will see a glimpse. A glimpse of Mohammad will also be seen in it. Fighting with Prithviraj Chauhan.


Q- Who killed Mohammad Ghori and when?

Ans- It cannot be clarified clearly who killed them.

Q- How many times did Mohammad Gauri attack Prithviraj Chauhan?

Ans- 18 times he attacked Prithviraj Chauhan.

Q- Why did Mohammad Ghori attack India?

Ans- He thought India was a prosperous and wealthy country. Due to which he attacked India.

Q- When did Mohammad Ghori die?

Ans- Mohammad Ghori died on 15 March 1206.

Q- Who took over the rule after Mohammad Ghori?

Ans- Qutubuddin Aibak handled his rule.

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