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Munshi Premchand Biography in English – Age, Wiki, Date of Birth, Career, Author’s work, Novel, Awards, Stories and his death (Munshi Premchand Biography in English – Age, Wiki, Date of Birth, Career, Author’s work, Novel, Awards, Stories and his death)

Who was Munshi Premchand? ( Who was Munshi Premchand )

Dhanpat Rai Srivastava your favorite name Munshi Premchand was known as He was one of the most popular English and Urdu novelists, story writers and thinkers. Munshi Premchand, who composed Prem Ashram, Rangbhoomi, Embezzlement, Karmabhoomi, Bade Ghar Ki Beti, Old Kaki and the story of two bullocks, has composed more than 100 stories. their birth 31 July 1880 was born in Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh. He was a famous writer and journalist of India.

Munshi Premchand K.K. is one of the writers of India who has gained a lot of fame in the creation of novel stories. Munshi Premchand is called the emperor of India’s novel. Because he was a successful writer, patriotic citizen and responsible editor. Munshi Premchand is considered the most successful writer of the 20th century, because of the stories written by him like tale of two oxen, shroud etc are very popular.

Biography of Munshi Premchand

question (question) answer (answer)
name/name Dhanpat Rai Srivastava
famous name Munshi Premchand
DOB/Date of Birth 31 July 1880 (Varanasi)
profession novelist, story writer, journalist
parents/parents Ajaib Lal Srivastava/Anand Devi
wife shivrani devi
death 8 October 1936
language English and Urdu
famous for story writer
nationality Indian
Munshi Premchand in English

Birth and education

Munshi Premchand Dhanpat Rai Srivastava popularly known as Born 31 July 1980 was born in the village of Lamhi, located in the Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh, which is Varanasi It was about 4 miles away. His father’s name was Munshi Ajaib Lal and mother’s name was Anandi Devi. From the very beginning, Premchand’s childhood was spent in his village. As a naughty boy, Munshi Premchand was skilled in stealing vegetables and fruits in the fields. He had his early education near Lamhi village, and in the meantime a Maulvi Sahib taught him to teach Urdu and Persian.

Premchand ji, being a patriot, used to tell people the right way to live a happy life, because he believed that the more difficulties people face in staying alive in the society, the more it will be a crime and if people are happy in the society then there will be more good in the society. Will be

Life of Munshi Premchand ji (Munshi Premchand Careers in English)

Munshi Premchand was always a cool man, he used to play sports and stay fit in his life. But his early life was full of struggle. Munshi Premchand was very interested in reading since childhood and at the age of 13, he tilisme e hoshruba Which read a Hindustani folk tale collection. His first marriage took place at the age of 15, followed by his second marriage in 1906. shivrani devi Who was a story writer. He had three children, Amrit Rai, Shripat RaiAnd Kamala Devi Srivastava, After passing the matriculation examination in 1898, Premchand continued his studies as a teacher in a local school.

After 1921, Munshi Premchand ji started his writing life, along with it, Munshi Premchand continued to work as editor in magazines like Maryada Madhuri etc.

Literary Life of Munshi Premchand

Munshi Premchand His literary life began in 1901 and Premchand was his literary name. It is said that he adopted this name after many years, because his real name was Dhanpat Rai Srivastava. When Munshi Premchand started writing the story, he adopted the name Nawab Rai and used to write stories in Urdu under the name of Nawab Rai.

Premchand never got the love of his mother due to the death of his mother at a very young age and because of his father’s second marriage, his step-mother never considered Premchand as her own, that is why, at the behest of his father, he was very young. Had to get married Although Munshi Premchand was very fond of books since childhood, so he composed many stories. He considered the English language to be the best language because he believed that the English language has an identity every day, that is why he went ahead with the daughter of a big house, sister, finesseexam, nocorn guard In these stories, these stories are counted among the best stories of Premchand.

Premchand and his novels

Munshi Premchand, who is known as the master of English folk tales, made his first novel. embezzlement Published in 1931, in the same year he published another of his great works on 16 April 1931. work land introduced and published in August 1932. His last novel in 1932 Godan Was. During the days of his long illness, Munshi Premchand started writing another novel Mangalsutra but after his death, his novel remained half incomplete, but the novel Karma Bhoomi Godan Adi Gaban written by him is famous among the famous novels of India.

Premchand and Cinema

after 2 years Premchand Subramaniam near the death of 1938 I made a film on the novel Sevasadan in which subbulakshmi had played the lead role. Although Premchand was one of the most popular litterateurs of English cinema, films were also made on some of Premchand’s stories.

Premchand and his wife

second marriage of premchand shivrani devi Se Hua, a story writer, wrote a biography based on the life of Premchand ji, and tried to re-expose his life. their son amritrai He also wrote the biography of his father under the name Kalam Ka Sipahi. Books written by Munshi Premchand were adapted into many languages, due to which Premchand’s books became very popular in the country and abroad.

Munshi Premchand death

The emperor of the novel in India Munshi Premchand due to prolonged illness 8 October 1936 He had died of ascites disease. The book, story etc. novels written by him are really wonderful. He will always be remembered as a novelist.

munshi premchand ki kavita (secret of life)

उंगलिया हर किसी पर ऐसे ना उठाया करो,
उड़ाने से पहले खुद पैसे कमाया करो,

जिंदगी का तातपर्य क्या है?

एक दिन खुद ही समझ जाओगे…
बारिशों में पतंगो को हवा लगवाया करो,

दोस्तों से मुलाकात पर,
हस्सी के ठहाके लगाया करो,

पुरे दिन मस्ती और,
घूमने के बाद, श्याम में तुम,
कुछ फकीरो को,
अन खिलाया करो…

अपने साथ जमीन को बांधकर ,
आसमानों का भी लूप उठाया करो,

आने मंजिल है बड़ी,
कही धुर हिअ खड़ी,

इसलिए ऐरे गेरे लोगो को,
मुंह मत लगाया करो||

Premchand’s stories and novels

Stories novel
salt man work land
tale of two oxen Nirmala
mother’s heart Godan
Pride embezzlement
goddess of heaven amphitheater
second marriage Prem Ashram
mountain trip Pledge
cricket match Prema
shroud Ornament
Munshi Premchand in English


Q: Who is Munshi Premchand ji?

Ans: One of the most popular novelists of English and Urdu, story writer and thinker

Q: When was Munshi Premchand born?

Ans: On 31 July 1880.

Q: Where was Munshi Premchand born?

Ans: In Lamhi village located in Varanasi district

Q: Which are the novels of Munshi Premchand?

Ans: Karmabhoomi, Nirmala, Pratigya etc.

Q: Which are the stories of Munshi Premchand?

Ans: Tale of two bullocks, effigy of pride and many more.

Q: When did Munshi Premchand ji die?

Ans: On 8 October 1936.

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