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Biography of Nikhat Zareen | Nikhat Zareen Biography in English As we all see, in today’s time, the youth are working to establish themselves by moving forward, through which they are moving forward while illuminating the name of the country and themselves. In such a situation, it has been seen for the last few decades that it has been considered a matter of pride to illuminate the name of the country through sports. So today we are going to give you important information about an important player Nikhat Zareen who has proudly raised the name of the country today and has been a source of inspiration for many people.

Biography of Nikhat Zareen | Nikhat Zareen Biography in English

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Biography of Nikhat Zareen |  Nikhat Zareen Biography in English

Before today, all of you may not have heard his name much, but today everyone is aware of his name because he has illuminated the name of our country.

Full Name Nikhat Zareen
occupation boxing
Birth 14 June 1996
birth place Nizamabad District, Telangana
Mother Parveen Sultana
father Mohd Jameel Ahmed
education AV College, Hyderabad
Weight 51 kg
coach Imani Chiranjeevi

Who is Nikhat Zareen?

Nikhat Zareen is an Indian female boxer, this 25-year-old young player has made a lot of headlines for the country by winning a gold medal in the World Boxing Championship, let us tell you that by doing this feat, she has achieved the distinction of being the fifth Indian boxer of the country.

For your information, let us tell you that Zareen is the only player who has illuminated the name of our countrymen through boxing in the 2022 World Championship, thus by moving forward as a female player, she has given new heights to this sport and has the power to inspire all of us. has worked.


Nikhat Zareen, the boxer who brought pride to our country, was born on 14 June 1996 in Nizamabad, Telangana state. His father’s name is Mohammad Jameel Ahmed and mother’s name is Parveen Sultana.


Nikhat Zareen did her early education from her own city Nizamabad where she attended Nirmala Girls High School. And after that he did his graduation course from Hyderabad. From a young age, he did not pay much attention to studies as he progressed in the field of boxing, but still he had taken a basic education.

Coach of Nikhat Zareen

Coach’s responsibility is the most important thing for any player, who guides them in the right way and also motivates them to move forward. In such a situation, his coaches Imani Chiranjeevi and RV Rao have played an important role in the life of Nikhat Zareen.

Who from time to time told Nikhat the right path and refused to be afraid of any situation. In such a situation, his coach Imani Chiranjeevi received the “Dronacharya Award” in 2008.

the beginning of boxing

Nikhat Zareen started boxing long back with the help of Nikhat’s uncle Shamamuddin. As a child, when she used to go to her uncle’s place, she used to love watching boxing.

Since Nikhat’s uncle was a boxing coach and because of this, Nikhat also saw tremendous enthusiasm for boxing. Initially, the family members did not support Nikhat because they felt that girls only do the work of running the house. But gradually when Nikhat Zareen started getting interested in boxing, in such a situation, he did not give up and thought of moving forward in this field.

career in boxing

As we told you that he started his boxing journey with his uncle where uncle gave right guidance. In such a situation, at a very young age, Nikhat Zareen started making a career in boxing where in the year 2010 she won a gold medal in the junior match at the national level.

And this was the first gold medal of her life, after which a new confidence came in her and she left behind all the superstitions where it came to the fore that girls should not progress in the field of boxing.

In the very next year 2011, she again brought glory to the country by winning gold medals in the “AIBA Women’s Junior” and “Youth World Boxing Championships” to be held in Turkey and gradually she started climbing the ladder of her success.

He then won the silver medal at the 2014 “Youth World Boxing Championships” in Bulgaria, where he was a bit disappointed but still maintained his motive and certainly tried his best to do better.

After this, she again proved herself by winning the gold medal in the “Nations Cup International Boxing Tournament” held in 2014 itself and thus she won a tremendous victory in the “Senior Women’s National Boxing Championship” to be held in 2015 as well. Won the gold medal.

Taking this chain forward, he again won the gold medal by defeating his opponent by winning the “Best Boxer” award to be held in Jalandhar in 2015. In this way he won many gold medals in his career through which he brought laurels to the country.

Nikhat Zareen’s difficult journey

As Nikhat Zareen started moving forward, she had to work harder and because of this she started feeling a little tired. In such a difficult journey of his life had started where he did not get a chance to play in the main championship due to a shoulder injury and then he had a major surgery.

Even after that everything was not easy for Nikhat Zareen and she tried hard to save her sinking career. In this way, he never lost his courage and always inspired people by moving forward and in the “Standja Memorial Boxing Tournament” held in 2019, he again won the gold medal by winning the gold medal again.

Nikhat Zareen won the bronze medal

This great boxer had brought laurels to the country by winning the gold medal till now, after which his health was not good and then he returned again where he won the bronze medal in the year 2021 “Asian Boxing Championships” which was the first bronze medal of his life. .

Nikhat Zareen made a strong comeback with the help of gold medal

Where Nikhat Zareen saw many such journeys in her life where she had struggled hard and again she came back strongly. In such a situation, on May 19, 2022, in the “Women’s World Championship” to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, she again showed her great performance and made a strong comeback.

Where our Indian boxer Nikhat Zareen defeated Jitpong Jutamas of Thailand 5-0 in the final match and won the gold medal, winning the world championship in a spectacular way. This moment was the proud moment for our country India, through which now the daughters of the country can also see the passion to move forward.

Fifth world champion to win gold medal

Whenever there is mention about any competition, there is definitely talk of boxing world championship where till now India has won five world championships, first of all, Mary Kom in 2002, 2005, 2006, 2008, Won the World Championships in 2010 and 2018.

Apart from Nikhat Zareen, Sarita Devi also won the world championship by winning the gold medal in 2006 and Jenny RL also won the important championship in 2006.

Nikhat Zareen praises her friends

Today Nikhat Zareen has done a great job for her country, where even today she has not forgotten her friends and is found praising them continuously. In an interview he had said that “His friends and classmates are very helpful who always supported him.

When I was doing my practice and was not able to do studies properly. At such a time, it was his friends who went ahead and helped and arranged the notes so that they could score good marks in their examinations. He had said that in such a situation, he is very lucky that he got such good friends who always appreciated and cared for him.

Awards to be received by Zareen

Nikhat Zareen has received many achievements and awards in her career so far due to which she has been able to move ahead. In such a situation, he was declared “Best Boxer All India Inter University Boxing Championship” in 2015. Apart from this, he also received the “Golden Best Boxer” award in 2010.

Apart from this, he was declared the “Official Ambassador” of his own home town Nizamabad Telangana which would be considered a great achievement for him.

Idols of Nikhat Zareen

Nikhat Zareen has achieved many excellent dimensions so far, in such a situation, he has considered Mohammad Ali as his role model. Apart from this she is a huge fan of Mohammad Ali’s daughter Laila Ali and idolizes as well.

She is always seen taking inspiration from her ideal, through which constant changes are seen in her game, which is proving beneficial for us somewhere. Apart from this, he has also drawn inspiration from other good boxers so that while learning new things, he can carry out the tasks and win.

Nikhat Zareen is trending on Twitter

If you also use Twitter more and more, then you can also see Nikhat Zareen on Twitter, where she is constantly on trend and in such a situation, the number of her fans is increasing continuously.

Through Twitter, you can see all the stylish photos of Nikhat Zareen, where you will also see her in a desi avatar. Apart from this, you can also get information related to his game in his Twitter account. Gradually, the number of fans in his social media is increasing continuously, who give him a lot of love and respect.


Q. Nikhat Zareen is related to which sport?

Ans:- Boxing

Q. Nikhat is from which state?

Ans: This is Telangana state.

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