Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj:- He was a common man of Haryana, now he is only a true and complete Guru on earth because all the proof of a complete Guru in our scriptures(Yajurved Adhyay 19 Mantra 25, 26) is fully met by all Saint Rampal Ji.

He started doing public welfare(Giving initiation) as per the orders of his Guru in 1994. Sant Rampal Ji reveals the deep knowledge of all our scriptures and gives true initiation to real God.

History of Sant Rampal Ji.

Rampal Ji Maharaj started giving initiation to people in 1994, he is facing many problems of this benevolence, as saint Rampal Ji Maharaj recites knowledge based on religious books in his Satsang.

Therefore, those who mislead the society for their livelihood, all oppose Guru Rampal Ji, because this religious truth prevents their occupation. Saint Rampal Ji tells the world that Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh have limited power.

He was of a religious tendency from childhood, due to which he always considered Hanuman Ji as his God and recited Hanuman Chalisa seven times a day and also worshiped Shri Krishna Ji.

Sant Rampal Ji says that if he ever got any benefit, he believed that Hanuman Ji gave him the benefit, but now saint Rampal Ji says that whatever benefit was given to him, it is the result of the deeds of his previous birth Was.

It is said that this God (Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh) can give fruits according to our karma, it cannot increase or decrease our karma.

Sant Rampal Ji was born in a small village, Dhanana, on 7 September 1951. Saint Rampal Ji belongs to the religious gathering since childhood.

In childhood, Saint Rampal Ji worshiped the deities with great dedication. In 1979, Saint Rampal Ji got Swami Ramanand Ji, he told saint Rampal Ji according to the scriptures and told about the dawn of attaining God.

Spiritual journey of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Swami Ramanand Ji was the Guru of the thirteenth Panth of Garibdas Ji. Then in saint Rampal Ji took initiation from Swami Ramanand Ji on 17th February 1988.

Then Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj started doing true worship of the supreme god Kabir. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj tells a miracle that happened with him, in Satsang saint Rampal Ji is said that God has increased his iron mesh by 2 inches.

According to the orders of God Kabir in 1919, Swami Ramanand Ji ordered Sant Rampal Ji to initiate the people. Sant Rampal Ji started giving initiation in 1949 at that time, Sant Rampal Ji used to work as “JEE” in Irrigation Department, Haryana.

After 1994, it was an important duty of Sant Rampal Ji to show the true path of spirituality and real way of worship to the people, after that Saint Rampal Ji got busy in the work of salvation and then he took resigned from his job on 14 – 05 – 2000.

After this, Saint Rampal Ji started spending all his time explaining the true knowledge to the people. Sant Rampal Ji reveals true knowledge of religious books through a projector.

After some time, Saint Rampal Ji put the knowledge of books of other religious teachers in front of society. Which contains some wrong knowledge of spirituality. Due to which the spiritual leader started to envy Sant Rampal Ji. He in Satsang also used to show the main book of Arya Samaj(Satya Prakash) in which Bah put some wrong knowledge in front of the society.

Due to this, the gurus of Arya Samaj began to fear the closure of their business, and then they gave the society wrong knowledge and got them to Karontha Ashram. In which the government also supported them. Due to which Saint Rampal Ji was taught to stay in jail for 21 months due to false cases.

He has written a storming book named GYAN GANGA.

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