Salman Khan has done preparations for Tiger 3, this film can break the record of Pushpa and KGF

Salman Khan has done preparations for Tiger 3, this film can break the record of Pushpa and KGF

The films of South stars Allu Arjun and Prabhas are very much discussed nowadays. Allu Arjun’s film Pushpa has earned a lot of name in English cinema and has also earned a lot in English cinema. This film was liked by many people.
After the Pushpa film, another South film, KGF Chapter 2, had rocked the cinema halls. Seeing these films, it was felt in the minds of the people that South’s films are very good films, South’s films compete in Bollywood. unable to give

pushpa 2

Pushpa 2 is going to be made, this film can also do a lot of explosion. It is being said that the producers of Pushpa are writing a very dangerous script to make Pushpa so that she can leave behind other South films. Pushpa’s director Sukumar is quite a lot. Well concentrating on the script, he is going to make his film very carefully so that he can even surpass this year’s KGF Chapter 2 film.

Competition in South films

Competition is also going on between South’s films, there is a lot of crowd between South’s film Pushpa and RRR film. Wali Wali Hai South’s films have a lot of competition going on in the same way, all the films are engaged in leaving each other behind.

bollywood movie

Bollywood movies, which is moving away from South films these days, that is, lagging behind South films, the story of South films is being liked by the audience more than Bollywood stories As much as South’s films are getting love this year after the arrival of South’s film KGF, South’s films have rocked.

Many Bollywood stars have also discussed this topic a lot, they say that South’s films are made on the culture of South, this is not being seen in Bollywood now but it is being said that once again Bollywood will make its own world and it will beat South’s films.
Salman Khan’s film Tiger 3 is coming next year, it is said that this film will give competition to both Pushpa and Salar film in English cinema and will beat both because Salman Khan’s film always comes in crores. And this time his film is seen with both Emraan Hashmi and Shahrukh Khan.

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