Sarojini Naidu Biography Sarojini Naidu kaun thi biography in hindi

Sarojini Naidu biography in hindi sarojini naidu kaun thi

Sarojini Naidu is a great poet and freedom fighter Was. Sarojini ji was the first woman to become the president of the Indian National Congress and the governor of a state. Sarojini ji used to write poems especially on children, there was a flirtation in each of her poems, it seemed that the child inside her was still alive. This is the reason why he was called ‘Bulbul of India’.

Sarojini Naidu’s name comes at the top in the list of great successful women of India. Sarojini ji did very good work, so she was not less than a precious diamond for the world. Sarojini ji is a symbol of respect for all of us Indians, she is a role model for Indian women, her birthday is celebrated as Women’s Day.

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Sarojini Naidu Biography

serial number life introduction point Sarojini Naidu Biography
1. Full Name Sarojini Chattopadhyay
2. Birth 13 February 1879
3. birth place Hyderabad
4. mother-father Ward Sundari Devi, Dr. Aghornath Chattopadhya
5. Marriage Dr. Govind Rajulu Naidu (1897)
6. son and daughter Padmaja, Randhir, Lilamani, Nilavar, Jayasuriya Naidu
7. death 2 March 1949 Lucknow

Sarojini Naidu Early Life and Achievements (Sarojini Naidu Achievements,

Sarojini ji was born in a Bengali family, her father was a scientist and doctor, who moved to Hyderabad, where she was the administrator of Hyderabad College, as well as became the first member of the Indian National Congress Hyderabad. He quit his job and freedom struggle plunged into. Sarojini’s mother Varad Sundari Devi was a writer who used to write poetry in Bengali. Sarojini ji was the eldest among 8 siblings. One of his brothers, Virendranath, was a revolutionary, who played a key role in forming the Berlin Committee. He was killed by an Englishman in 1937 and his other brother Haridrnath was a poet and actor.

Sarojini ji was a very good student since childhood, she had very good knowledge of Urdu, Telugu, English, Bengali all languages. At the age of 12, Sarojini ji topped the matriculation examination in Madras University, which earned her a lot of applause and name. Sarojini ji’s father wanted him to become a scientist or pursue further studies in math, but his interest was in writing poetry, he once wrote a 1300 line poem in his math book, which his father was surprised to see and They get its copy made and distribute it everywhere. They also show it to the Nawab of Hyderabad, whom they are very happy to see and give Sarojini ji a scholarship to study abroad. After this she went to King’s College in London for further studies, after which she studied at Giron College of Cambridge University. Even while studying in college, Sarojini ji was interested in reading and writing poetry, which she inherited from her mother.

During college studies, Sarojini ji met Dr. Govind Rajulu Naidu, both had come close to each other by the end of the college. After finishing her studies at the age of 19, Sarojini ji got married in the second caste of her choice in 1897, at that time marrying in another caste was not less than a crime, without worrying about the society, her father gave his daughter accepted the marriage. He had 4 children, in which his daughter Padmaja became a poet like Sarojini ji and also entered politics and became the Governor of West Bengal in 1961.

Political life of Sarojini ji (Sarojini Naidu Political Career),

Sarojini ji continued her work even after marriage, she used to write very beautiful beautiful poetry, which people used to sing in the form of songs. In 1905, his poem Bul Bulle Hind was published, after which everyone started knowing him. Since then, his poetry started being published continuously and many people became his fans, in this list. Jawaharlal Nehru, Rabindranath tagore So were great people. She used to write her poetry in English as well, but Indianism was reflected in her poems.

one day Sarojini ji Gopal Krishna Gokhale He told Sarojini ji, that he should bring revolutionaryness in his poems and encourage the people of small villages to join the fight for freedom with beautiful words. in 1916 they Mahatma Gandhi After which his thinking changed completely, he put all his strength in liberating the country. After this she traveled all over the country, as if the commander of an army had gone under observation, wherever she went, she made people yearn for the freedom of the country. The freedom of the country was filled in his heart and soul. She mainly awakened the women in the country, at that time women used to be far behind, were caught in many customs, but Sarojini ji told those women about their rights, took them out of the kitchen and the country’s independence. encouraged to come forward in the fight. She used to go to different states, cities, villages of the country and explain to the women.

In 1925, Sarojini ji stood to become the President of the Indian National Congress from Kanpur and became the first woman President by winning. In 1928, Sarojini ji came from USA and accepted Gandhiji’s non-violent words and took it to the people. In 1930, Sarojini played a key role in Gandhi’s Salt Satyagraha in Gujarat. When Gandhiji was arrested in 1930, it was Sarojini ji who worked in place of Gandhiji and took charge. Gandhiji’s Quit India Movement in 1942 He had the lead role in this, he was also imprisoned for 21 months along with Gandhiji.

Sarojini ji’s death

After the country’s independence in 1947, Sarojini ji was made the governor of Uttar Pradesh, she was the first woman governor. On March 2, 1949, while working in the office, she had a heart attack and she passed away. Sarojini ji is a symbol of role model for all the women of India, she was a strong woman, from whom we get inspiration.

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