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You must have heard many times that if you want to be successful in life, you have to struggle. You have to work hard to prove yourself. Today we are going to tell the biography of such an actor, this actor proved himself and today he has made a good name in Bollywood and Marathi films. We are talking about Sharad Kelkar, his life is related to struggle. He had stammering since childhood, but today he has worked in many TV shows and many films because of his hard work. Today we are going to tell about the life of Sharad Kelkar.

sharad kelkar biography hindi

sharad kelkar biography biography

introduction point ,Introduction Points)

Full Name ,Full Name Sharad Kelkar
Birthday,Birth Date)

7 October 1976
birth place ,Birth Place

Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
profession ,Profession)

political party ,Political Party

the nationality ,Nationality)

Age ,Age)

43 years
hometown ,Hometown)

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Religion ,Religion)

Caste ,Caste)

marital status ,Marital Status

Height 6.1 feet
Weight 81 kg
body measurement Chest – 39 inches
Waist – 32 inches
Biceps – 14 inches
eye color Black
hair color Black
Amount Libra
College Prestige Institute of Management & Research, Gwalior
Studies MBA and Graduate in Physical Education

Sharad Kelkar Birth and Early Life

Sharad Kelkar was born in a Marathi family on 7 October 1976 in Gwalior. Sharad had lost his father in his childhood. After his father passed away, Sharad was looked after by his mother and elder sister, Sharad has mentioned his elder sister in many interviews. Sharad did his early studies from Gwalior. Sharad also has an MBA degree in Marketing. He says that he never imagined that a stammer person would ever enter the world of TV and bahubali He will also give his voice in a film like this. Let us tell you that Sharad Kelkar had dubbed for the voice of Prabhas in the Hindi version of Bahubali.

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worked as a physical trainer

Sharad says that the world of TV was completely new to him and he had no connection with anyone here. He worked as a small physical trainer and earned a decent amount of money to run his household. In an interview he said –

“A good trainer has to prove himself before giving advice to others, I have been working on this formula since I worked as a trainer. I am just trying to prove myself. And till then I work hard until I succeed in that work.”

Today his same formula has taken him from the world of TV to the film world.

Mumbai changed the life of Sharad Kelkar

The most important role in Sharad’s life came when he got an opportunity to stay in Mumbai for 7 days for some work. It was at this time that he came to know about ‘Grasim Mr India 2002’ and decided to make his future in modeling. Sharad is very strong with his height, which is why he got a chance to do 25 ramp shows in the initial phase of modeling.

After this he was also made the finalist of ‘Grasim Mr India 2002’ but he could not win this competition. This was the time when Sharad understood that he could do amazing on screen and he started working hard to come on screen.

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Sharad and the journey of TV

It is said that success is not achieved just like this, you have to work hard. Sharad did the same, Doordarshan gave the first break of his life to appear on TV in 2004. Sharad appeared in a series ‘Aakrosh’ of Doordarshan. After that he worked in many serials on TV like-

serial name Channel
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Competition 2007
rock n roll family
husband and wife and Imagine TV
Heartless beloved colors
people will say something Sony TV
CID Special Details Sony TV
Saat Phere – The journey of Saloni Sony TV
Sindoor Tere Naam Ka Sony TV
Sister in law Sony TV
Pass on Sony TV
One who has all the good qualities in the world Sony TV
Shaitan – A Criminal Mind Sony TV
Agent Raghav – Crime Branch Sony TV
someone has come back Sony TV

Film journey of Sharad Kelkar

After winning the hearts of people with his character in the TV world, Sharad got a chance to work in the film world. His first Hindi film was ‘Hulchal’, in this film Sharad Kelkar got his acting iron. This film came in 2004 and after this film Sharad worked in many films. Many superhit films are also present in them like –

name of movies Year
stir 2004
Ramlila 2013
1920: The Evil Returns 2012
hero 2015
rookie handsome 2016
Sardar Gabbar Singh 2016
mohenjodaro 2016
Intention 2017
Land 2017
housefull 4 2019
Tanaji the Unsung Warrior 2020

Sharad Kelkar praised in Tanhaji The Unsung Warrior

ajay devgan dream movieTanaji the Unsung Warrior, In this, Sharad Kelkar has given a strong direction to the film with his acting. People watching the film have praised Sharad Kelkar a lot. This is his first film of 2020 and still on screen this film has done very well. Sharad has also shared his feeling about this film with the people.

Sharad Kelkar has also made a mark as a Voice Artist

Sharad Kelkar has made his mark as an actor Wiki films. But the film world also recognizes him as a voice artist because he has given his voice in many films and serials. He has done the voice over of Prabhas in the Hindi version of the biggest film of the century ‘Bahubali’.

Family life of Sharad Kelkar

family introduction point introduction
Name Sharad Kelkar
wife’s name Kirti Kelkar
wedding date 3 June 2005
Children A daughter (Kesha Kelkar)

Sharad Kelkar married Kirti Kelkar on 3 June 2005 and today they are about 12 years of marriage. Let me tell you that Sharad and Kirti used to work in the same serial ‘Saat Phere’. The names of Sharad and Keerti are also included in the most liked couples on TV. Sharad and Keerti’s life is going well, both have a daughter named Kesha Kelkar.

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Sharad Kelkar has seen many ups and downs in his life, but he never gave up in his life and has completed his journey from a gym trainer to the film world. Today he has earned a good name in the film world. Sharad is always engaged in innovating and learning, which is why he has made a special place in both the TV and film world in a very short span of years.

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