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Shikhar Dhawan Biography Today we know who he is, so today the world has become so advanced and modern that everyone in this world is so busy, especially the youth are so busy working for their bright future that they have their own family. Or don’t have time for yourself.

In our world the working people have so strict schedule that they go to the job in a hurry and then come late from the job and get very tired so they go to bed to sleep comfortably and it continues the next day. lives and therefore they do not have time for him or his family.

And because of this strict hectic schedule, one is forgetting to do physical activity in their life and thus their body has become so sensitive that they are suffering from many diseases and burden of competitive study for many people and especially students. Feeling pressed down.

One must do some physical activities in his life to keep his body active and physically strong. And one should do some kind of physical activity for few hours every day in his life because it maintains your health.

Physical activities include exercise, playing sports or dancing, or many other things. Especially for the educated students, they should play sports for their healthy growth and healthy body and this is very important.

Many people think that hard education is the only way to be successful in life and become a person on an excellent stage and so many parents force their children to study hard and be successful in their life.

They usually do not see the interest of their children and simply force them to take up subjects like science and think that the only way to be successful is to become an engineer, doctor or teacher and pressurize their children.

Which leads their children to a state of intense stress and depression as children are already suffering from heavy study package and getting good marks that they are under pressure from their parents.

And parents usually think that the only way to achieve and be successful in life’s goal is through studies and in this thinking parents neglect to allow their children to play games and games.

They feel that playing sports is only a waste of time or spoiling their children and there is no career in sports or sports so parents always stop their kids from playing instead they tell their kids that they are successful Pay full attention to your studies for the sake of people.

But one must know that sports is also the best way for career choices and to be successful in your life by being physically active with playing sports you can maintain your health and most importantly That you can make your career through sports.

In sports also there are many options to be successful in your life and make your career through sports like in sports you can make your career in game of cricket, in badminton, in basketball, in tennis and many other sports.

There are many celebrities who have made their name and fame through sports with their constant practice and are now a platform of upliftment. They choose sports as their career medium to be successful in their life.

And there are admirable personalities who have mostly done so much proud and incredible work and who have such a struggle story and with their sportsmanship they rise to the heights of upliftment from the bottom up.

In our country, India also there are many great personalities who have been like this at a lower level in their life and were poor but living a privileged life through their hard work and sports. And there are many sports personalities of India who have made their name internationally famous.

Like Sania Mirza, Sachin Tendulkar, Saina Nehwal and many others who faced many challenges in their life but are now famous personalities. He is the person who studied but chose sports as his career and he is also a successful person in his life.

So sports is also an important part or option to be successful in life and can be the medium of your career. Education is not the only option for your career. With education you can also choose to do sports as part of your career and be successful.

The only way to achieve success in your life is through the core components that you need to follow, which are continuous hard work and never ending efforts with full efforts towards your chosen option to be successful in your life. It is dedication.

Also with hard work and dedication comes the main ingredient patience because it may not happen that today you work hard for your goal and next day you will achieve your goal. You have to see many ups and downs and many challenges.

And you just need to be patient and continue your hard work and reach the heights of your rise and one can surely succeed in your life. You have to be confident and don’t let yourself get into a state of demotivation.

But as we know, this world has become advanced and competitive with the development of technology due to which the competition has increased so much that you need to pay full attention to your work. And as we know that the world is under attack by the terrible hands of the pandemic, which has badly affected the economy of every country, due to which the country and the people living there are greatly affected and have to bear the consequences.

Due to the pandemic, many businesses have faced many losses and many people have been fired or many people have started losing their jobs and there is a lack of employment in the country and the competition for existing has increased so much. Got some jobs.

At this time many people especially the youth have become so demotivated that they have started losing confidence and self-confidence and have started taking so much stress that they are going into a state of depression and taking the wrong path.

But it must be remembered that bad times are not for full time it is just a challenge you need to handle calmly and be patient and need to focus on your work and work hard continuously and never You will not lose your confidence and then you will reach the heights of upliftment.

When we are talking about cricket as a career medium through sports we must know that cricket is the most popular sport in India in which many celebrities have proved themselves and made their name internally.

In this article, we are going to read about one such cricketer, who is a famous Indian personality and through his talented sportsmanship made his name internationally famous in this world, who made cricket as the medium of his career. Chosen as an inspiration and became an inspirational image for all.

We are talking about the most famous Indian cricket player Shikhar Dhawan, who is an international player who has made India proud with his sportsmanship. He is an excellent batsman and wicket-keeper and has the most stylish mustache and hairstyle.

Read in detail about the first legendary player Shikhar Dhawan.

Shikhar Dhawan Born in Delhi, India Was born in an Indian Hindu Punjabi Khatri family and their Born 5 December 1985 happened on. And since childhood, Shikhar Dhawan was very keen to learn cricket and always devoted his time to cricket.

Shikhar Dhawan did his schooling from Paschim Vihar, Delhi. St Mark’s Senior Secondary Public School. Then at the age of 12, he started taking interest in the game of cricket after watching his cousins ​​play and his parents taking admission in the sonnet club.

Then Shikhar Dhawan under the guidance of a coach Started playing cricket as a wicketkeeper in Sonnet Club, who tutored many international cricketers named Tarak Sinha. Then Shikhar Dhawan introduced himself as a batsman.

Then Shikhar Dhawan started his career in cricket by playing Under-16 and gave excellent scores and became the leading scorer, then he was picked in North Zone and got amazing shots against South Zone. He also scored a century in the Under-15 tournament.

Then Shikhar Dhawan’s excellent skills brought him to the Under-17 Asia World Cup and then Shikhar Dhawan was selected in the Under-19s where he performed brilliantly. And his record is still in the same tournament which he gave in Under-19.

Shikhar Dhawan then promoted himself and pushed himself to play at the domestic level playing his first match against Andhra Pradesh in the year 2004 and he was the leading runner in the Ranji Trophy in six matches. But in the year 2005-2006, he had to face disappointment with his performance.

But Shikhar Dhawan never lost hope and took it as a challenge and practiced more effortlessly. He played well from 2007 to 2008. Then he continued to practice more and more easily with his working skills and played more carefully.

Then Shikhar Dhawan started his international career in the year 2010 when he got an opportunity to play in the Indian cricket team against Australia team and then in the year 2013 he started playing the first test match against Australia. And is considered the fastest century of debut in a test match.

Then Shikhar Dhawan IPL in the year 2008 by playing for Delhi Daredevils He pushed himself to make his debut in IPL and went on to play several more consecutive IPLs and became the captain of IPL Sunrisers Hyderabad in the year 2013 and gave his best shots.

Some more to know about Shikhar Dhawan are as follows:

Shikhar Dhawan was married in 2012 in New Delhi and had two daughters, but due to some personal reasons, he divorced his wife in 2021 after nine years of marriage.

And interestingly, he met his wife through Indian cricketer friend Hebjan Singh and it should also be known that his wife is half Bengali and British and is 10 years older than him and the first cricketer to get the Golden Bat.

He got many awards and achievements in his life which everyone should know about. He recently received the famous award named Arjuna Award for his outstanding achievements and performance in the cricket game in the year 2021.

Shikhar Dhawan is indeed an inspirational and inspiring image in India and internationally who faced many ups and downs but never lost his hope. Instead, he took everything as a challenge and with his hardworking skills, he became successful in his life and inspired others.

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