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Biography Of English Writer Sudarshan In EnglishToday we English writers Sudarshan Biography Will read their real name Badrinath Bhatt Was. He has been a English and Urdu writer of Premchand era. Sudarshan was a staunch Aryasamaji, he also did the work of editing for the Jat Gazetteer for a long time. Haar ki Jeet was his first story which was published in Saraswati Patrika in 1920. today we Writer Sudarshan’s biography, history, compositions Will read here

Biography Of English Writer Sudarshan In English

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Biography Of English Writer Sudarshan In English
life introduction point Sudarshan biography in English
Full Name Badrinath Bhatt
Birth 1885
birth place sialkot
identity English writer
death ,
memorable works ‘Victory to Defeat’, ‘Saud of Truth’, ‘Ride of a Cycle’, ‘Dealer of Stones’ etc.

Sudarshan Biography, Biography, Biography

The name of Sudarshan is considered as a strong storyteller of Premchand era. Sudarshan’s first story Haar Ke Jeet was published in 1920. This first story of his is considered to be one of the best works. First of all, the story writer Sudarshan started writing in Urdu, he did not get success in this. He got more popularity in English story writing only.

The real name of the story writer who wrote the story under the surname Sudarshan was Badrinath Bhatt. He was born in Sialkot Punjab. At that time the Punjab province of India was undivided, Sudarshan followed Premchand in the field of story and reached the peak of fame.

story collection

Sudarshan was a master in portraying human emotions efficiently. His stories were filled with ease and simplicity, his main story collections are as follows.

  • Sudarshan Sudha
  • Pushplata
  • raindrop
  • Galpamanjari
  • Sudarshan Suman
  • Pilgrimage
  • Pramod
  • good morning
  • Nagine

story and dialogue

The plot of his stories was interesting, impressive and touching the heart of the reader. The titles of his stories were to keep the reader’s curiosity from the beginning of the story till the end. In the story, good wishes for the society and the nation were the main theme of their stories.

Sudarshan’s stories develop from the dialogues of the characters and through the dialogues the character forms of the characters emerge. It is through dialogues that the events of the stories get momentum. The dialogues of his stories are simple, easy and understandable.

The characters of their stories complement one or the other characteristic feature. In the first story, Baba Khadang Singh, the character of victory and defeat, despite being a robber, is an ideal character with human qualities. In English literature, Baba’s name is remembered as an immortal character. The main character of the album story, Sadanand Karuna, will be remembered forever as the messiah of the poor.


The language of Sudarshan’s stories is simple and understandable. The words of the dialogues made by the characters are according to their ability, but wherever the mentality of the characters is to be shown, there the emotional form of their language emerges. The content of the language is alive with the use of similar Tadbhav and indigenous words. The use of idioms and proverbs is made beautiful at the place.

In his stories, like contemporary storytellers, some kind of life values ​​are targeted, Sudarshan has well known human behavior and human beings with good and bad tendencies. Accordingly, they make the form of their story. Therefore, in their stories, the sources of purposefulness and inspiration are seen flowing everywhere.

Story Art of Sudarshan

Sudarshan is an important signature among the popular story writers of the Premchand era. His original name is Badrinath Bhatt and surname Sudarshan. Sudarshan ji was born in Sialkot district of undivided Punjab. You had equal rights over English and Urdu languages.

Sudarshan was a follower of Premchand in the field of story. Although you have also written novels and plays, yet the reason for your fame is stories. Sudarshan’s first story was published in 1920 under the name Haar ki Jeet and this very first story is considered one of his best works. Earlier he wrote some stories in Urdu also but he got success only in English story.

Sudarshan was a skilled bird of human emotion. His stories are very simple and simple. His famous story collections are Sudarshan Sudha, Sudarshan Suman, Pushpalata, Tirtha Yatra, Panghat, Galp Manjari, Suprabhat, Nagine and Pramod. Social problems have been depicted in most of his stories. In which you have also got unprecedented success. They were Arya Samajists, so the form of social reformer is clearly reflected in the stories of Sudarshan.

Somewhere their reformist tendencies have dominated the story art. Therefore, they are also blamed for being extreme idealists. But they make a subtle representation of human values. That’s why his stories touch the heart of the reader.

The storylines of Sudarshan’s stories are interesting, impressive and heart touching. The title of the stories, their beginning and end are undoubtedly fascinating and curious. The good wishes of the nation and the society are the root of their stories. They weave the fabric of the story in such a way that till the end the curiosity of the reader remains. The development of the stories, the storytelling is beautiful, simple and natural.

While on the one hand the events of the story get momentum through dialogues, on the other hand the characterization of the characters has also been raised through them. You have got amazing success in creating and characterizing the environment. The characters in Sudarshan’s story come alive.

film writer career

Sudarshan ji was proficient in both prose and poetry. Along with creating literature, he has also written scripts and songs for many films. In the year 1941, he had written the script of the film Sikandar made by Sohrab Modi. In the year 1935, under his direction, a film ‘Kunwari or Widow’ was also made.

He was also made the Vice President of the Film Writers Association formed in the year 1950. If we talk about the journey of popular film songs of Sudarshan ji, then the songs of the film Dhoop Chhaon were written by the pen of Baba Man Ki Aankhen Khol and Teri Gathri Mein Laga Chor Musafir Jag Zara Inhi.

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