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Who is Sumit Antil? ( Who is Sumit Antil )

As you know, held in Japan tokyo paralympic 2021 Our Indian players are performing well, one of them is India’s javelin thrower. Sumit Antil, who has won the gold medal for India in the Tokyo Paralympics 2021 along with the famous javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra. Today we will tell you sumit antil’s life based biography in English.

Sumit Antil India’s rising, 23 year old young javelin thrower, born on 6 July 1998 in Sonipat, Haryana. Sumit Antil in his final javelin throw match at the 2021 Summer Paralympics 68.55 He won the Javelin Throw Gold Medal. Meanwhile, Sumit set a world record javelin throw of 68.55 metres.

name / name sumit antil
DOB/Date of Birth 6 July 1998 ( Sonipat )
profession javelin thrower
parents/parents Ram Kumar/Nirmala Devi
age 23 year ( 2021 )
medal gold (tokyo paralypics 2021)
nationality Indian

sumit antil biography in English

Sumit Antil was born on 6 July 1998 in a Jat family, Khevda. sonepat, Haryana, India. In childhood, Sumit’s father got up from his head, after Sumit’s mother Nirmal Devi raised him, but at the age of 17, in 2015, an incident happened in Sumit’s life after which he had to lose his left leg.

But it is said that success comes to those who are adamant on getting success. Sumit Antil lost his leg but not his courage, he chose Javelin to participate in the sports competition which is a javelin throw sports competition. 23 year old Sumit Antil got the important achievement of his life when he tokyo paralympic 2021 Won Gold Medal representing India in

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History created in Tokyo Paralympics, and created world record

At the Tokyo Paralympics, Sumit made a world record throw of 68.55 meters in his final match and won the gold medal. Sumit started the final with 66.95 meters in the first attempt of his final match in front of the legends of many countries, but he threw 68.55 meters in his fifth attempt, and finished first. Sumit threw 68.08 in the second attempt, 65.27 in the third, 66.71 meters in the fourth while his sixth and last throw were fouls, but it did not affect his game, and won the gold for India.

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