Sunil Chhetri Biography

Sunil Chhetri [फुटबॉलर]Introduction of life Sunil Chhetri Biography in English [नेटवर्थ]

Biography of Sunil Chhetri [फुटबॉलर, जीवनी, जन्म तारीख, जाति, धर्म, हाइट, शिक्षा, पेशा, कोच, नेट वर्थ, मैच, संपत्ति, फुटबॉल करीर, पत्नी, माता, पिता, अवार्ड, उम्र] Sunil Chhetri Biography in English [ date of birth, height, weight, caste, education, football career, football match, profession, net worth, coach, wife, family, awards, age]

Sunil Chhetri, born in Secunderabad, India, has played for the Indian team in both junior and senior categories and is currently handling the captaincy of the Indian football team. He scored 2 goals in the match played against Cambodia in the year 2008, after which he came into limelight. Many people want to know about Sunil Chhetri’s personal life. So let us know about the biography of Sunil Chhetri.

Sunil Chetri Biography

Biography of Sunil Chhetri [Sunil Chhetri Biography in English]

Name: Sunil Chhetri
Birth: 3 August 1984
Place of Birth: Secunderabad, India
nationality: Indian
CASTEISMAND: indian, nepali
Religion: Hindu
Zodiac: Lion
length: 5 foot 7 inches
Weight: 64 kg
Eye Colour: dark brown
Hair Color: black
Habitat: Secunderabad, India
school: Bahai School, Gangtok, Sikkim
College Asutosh College, Kolkata
Education Qualification: not known
profession: Indian footballer
Coach: Subroto Bhattacharya
Net Worth: $1 million

Sunil chhetri of Initial life

Sunil Chhetri was born in a Nepali family on 3 August 1984 in Secunderabad. His father’s name is Shri K. There was B Chhetri, who was a very brave soldier of the Gorkha regiment in the Indian Army. Apart from this, his mother does housework. Sunil Chhetri’s sister’s name is Vandana Kshetri.

Sunil Chhetri’s father’s job was in the Gorkha Regiment of the Indian Army. This is the reason why he was frequently transferred from here to there, due to which Sunil Chhetri got the opportunity to do his schooling in different states of India.

Sunil Chhetri did his schooling at Bahá’í School in Gangtok, Bethany and RCS in Darjeeling and Loyla School in Kolkata and Army Public School in New Delhi. Sunil Chhetri started playing football in Delhi in the year 2001 at the age of 17. In a way, you can say that Sunil Chhetri started learning the tricks of football only at the age of 17.

Sunil chhetri Of education

Sunil Chhetri did his schooling at different places. He took admission in Ashutosh College to get his graduation degree. However, according to the information received, he could not complete his graduation because before completing his graduation, he was selected in the Indian football team.

We did not get much information about his education, because he has never talked much about his education. That’s why we are unable to tell you about their education.

Sunil chhetri Of Football match see Of Appeal

Being deeply saddened by the dissatisfaction of the Indian people towards football, once Sunil Chhetri urged the Indian people to watch the football match. In fact, Sunil Chhetri had scored a hat-trick in the match played between India and Chinese Taipei, due to which India won 5-0, but the number of spectators watching this match was less than 2000, due to which playing football. The players of both the teams were very disappointed.

After this there was to be a match between India and Kenya. Before this match, Sunil Chhetri had posted a video on Twitter and through that video he had given the message that whether you abuse us, criticize us or criticize us, but at least you must come to watch our match. This appeal made by Sunil Chhetri was also carried forward by players like Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar, after which when the match started, there was a huge crowd of spectators in the stadium.

Sunil Chhetri net worth [Net worth]

After joining the Indian football team, Sunil Chhetri has earned a lot of wealth in a short span of time due to his amazing performance. The main reason for this is the performance given by him in football. Due to his superior performance, he received many awards, as well as he made many records. According to the information received, Sunil Chhetri, the player of the Indian football team, currently has a net worth of $ 1 million.

If it is seen in Indian rupees, then it is around 7500000. Although some people also say that if Sunil Chhetri had played for the Indian cricket team, then today his wealth is in billions, because the importance given to cricket in our India country is not given to the game of football.

Sunil Chhetri’s Football Career [Football Career]

Sunil Chhetri started playing football when he was 17 years old. Although then he used to play football at the domestic level. He started playing football for Delhi City Football Club at the domestic level. Along with this, he played football for other teams.

Due to his excellent performance, Sunil Chhetri was constantly coming in the eyes of the people, as well as moving forward. Thus in the year 2002, Sunil Chhetri got an opportunity to play for Mohun Bagan Football Club, which was a football club from Kolkata.

Thus playing football, in the year 2005, he was made a part of the Indian National Football Team and thus in the year 2005, on June 12, he scored the first goal against Pakistan while playing for the Indian National Football Team. This was the year it also appeared in JCT Football Club.

He played for this football club for 3 years. Moving forward, he also played for teams like Bangalore Football Club, Mumbai City Football and East Bengal Football Club. At present, Sunil Chhetri is handling the captaincy of the Indian football team.

Sunil Chhetri wife [Wife]

Sunil Chhetri is married to the daughter of his mentor Subrato Bhattacharya, whose name is Sonam. Sonam has earned a degree in Business Management from a Scottish university and after completing her degree, she came back to Kolkata, where she opened 2 hotels in the Salt Lake area and is currently handling her hotel business. Sunil Chhetri and Sonam Bhattacharya were married in the year 2017 on 4th December in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Award received by Sunil Chhetri [Award]

Akhil Indian Football federation player off The Year, 2007, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017 And 2018–19
Hero of the Indian Super League: 2017-2018
Arjun Award , Football , 2012
Padma Mr. Award, 2019

Sunil chhetri Of Like

favorite footballer, lionel Messi
favorite actor, Shahrukh Mine
favorite Actress, Konkona Sen
favorite cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar


Q: Who is Sunil Chhetri?

ANS: Indian Football Player

Q: How many goals has Sunil Chhetri scored so far?

ANS: 51

Q: How old is Sunil Chhetri?

ANS: 37

Q: Sunil Chhetri belongs to which state?

ANS: Andhra Pradesh

Q: What is the net worth of Sunil Chhetri?

ANS: 1 million

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