Those 8 famous celebrities who were publicly gunned down, see who are in this list

Those 8 famous celebrities who were publicly gunned down, see who are in this list

There are many such stars in the film industry who were brutally shot and killed. The stories of the death of these stars are still remembered on people’s tongues.
Everywhere in the world, there is a discussion about something or the other. Many times stars become very famous in the world of film industry, due to which they also have to face many problems. From Bollywood to Hollywood, this scene remains everywhere. If someone does not listen to a big person, then they have to face difficulties. Even put to death. Let us know about some such incidents that happened with the stars all over the world, after hearing which the hearts of the people were shaken.

Sidhu Musewala

Siddu Musewala was considered a well-known singer of Punjab. This famous star has recently been brutally shot and killed. It is being told that Canadian gangster Goldie Brar has killed Sidhu Musewala. After the death of Sidhu Musewala, there has been chaos everywhere. 18 bullets were fired at this star. People are expressing a lot of anger and are stunned.

Gulshan Kumar

Who does not know Gulshan Kumar, the day of 12 August 1997 proved to be like a dark day for him. This star was brutally murdered in the Mahadev temple. Gulshan Kumar had received 16 bullets at that time. At that time, Abu Salem was in a lot of discussion, who had demanded a ransom of 10 crores from Gulshan Kumar. Gulshan Kumar refused to give such a huge amount, due to which he was murdered.

Christina Grimmie

Hollywood’s famous actress Christina Grimmie was also murdered. In 2016, this beautiful actress was giving autographs to her loved ones, this accident happened in Florida. Meanwhile, a person named Bin had shot him 2 bullets. As soon as this accident happened, there was a rush everywhere and people were stunned.

Phil Hartman & his wife Brynn at an HBO event in 1998. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Phil Hartman

In 1998, Phil Hartman had a fight with his wife. Let us tell you that it was a famous Canadian comedian and screenplay writer who was shot dead. Actually, the wife of this star had fired three bullets on him, due to which he died.

Marvin went

Hollywood’s famous singer Marvin Gaye was put to death not his father. It is said that Marvin wanted to take his parents away. In such a situation, his father fired two bullets at him, due to which he died.

Sharon Tate

This actress, who was a beautiful model and actress of America, was surrounded by 5 people in 1969. Sharon Tate was killed during this attack. At that time it was raining bullets on them. It is said that the one who killed the actress was part of the Charlie Manson family.

John Lennon

John Lennon had received death threats several times. A man named John David shot this star after entering the house. At this time he was hit by 4 bullets, due to which he died, after this accident there was a lot of uproar in New York City. After the death of this star, people took to the streets and started demanding punishment for the culprit.

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