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V V Giri Life Introduction | VV Giri biography (Jeevan Parichay) in English

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If today labor is getting its rights in our country, if today every laborer is able to speak for his rights, then one person should be thanked for that, that is V V Giri. VV Giri gave a new voice to the working class, fought for their rights, due to which they are getting that respect today. He wanted to make his career in law, but could not stop himself during the freedom struggle and jumped into the freedom struggle of the country.

VV Giri biography history in English

V V Giri Early life and family

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1. Full Name Varahgiri Venkat Giri
2. Birth 10 August 1894
3. birth place Brahmapur, Odisha
4. Parents Subhadramma – V.V. Jogia Pantulu
5. death 23 June 1980 Madras, Tamil Nadu
6. wife Saraswati Bai
7. Children 14
8. political party independent

VV Giri, the fourth President of independent India, was born on August 10, 1894 in Brahmapur, Odisha. VV Giri’s father’s name is V.V. Jogia Pantulu, who was a lawyer and an active member of the Indian National Congress. V V Giri was a lawyer and leader of the local Bar Council. VV Giri’s schooling was completed in Brahmapur only. He went to Ireland in 1913 to study law, studying at Dublin University from 1913-16.

There he met De Valera, who was a famous British rebel and influenced by him, he joined and contributed to the ongoing ‘Sin Fein Movement’ for the independence of Ireland. As a punishment, he was thrown out of this Ireland. In this freedom movement, he met great freedom fighters like Eamon de Valera, Michael Collins, Desmond, James Connally etc., with whom he became closely related. Impressed by them and taking advice, he returned to India in 1916.

VV Giri Career

After returning to India in 1916, he joined the Madras High Court. With this, he became a member of the Congress party. At this time he (VV Giri) met Mahatma Gandhi Happened to him, who impressed him deeply and made him realize how important India’s independence is for the people of India.

today in our country workers and laborers No matter where they are working, they can raise their voice for their rights. The strength of workers and laborers has increased day by day and the credit for this goes to only one person, that is social reformer VV Giri. Many thanks to him that he gave the laborers the power to raise their voice, it was because of VV Giri that the laborers got a new voice. All this has been possible due to the efforts and leadership of VV Giri. Giri ji always had sympathy and concern for the lower level laborers.

VV Giri in English

VV Giri’s entry into the freedom struggle

After returning to India in 1916, VV Giri joined the ongoing movement for laborers and labourers. He also established the Bengal-Nagpur Railway Association with the aim of protecting the interests of railway employees. Always tried for the interests of workers and laborers during his lifetime. VV Giri’s political journey started during his studies in Ireland. After getting influenced by Gandhiji’s words and joining the freedom movements, he gave more importance to the fight for freedom than the study of law. for this the Indians Freedom Struggle Being a part of it, he completely jumped into the freedom struggle.

VV Giri was elected as the President of All India Railway Employees Union and All India Trade Union (Congress). In 1934, members of the Imperial Legislative Assembly were also appointed. In the 1936 Madras general elections, V.V. Giri (VV Giri) was fielded as a Congress candidate, in which he won. Formed by the Congress Party in Madras in 1937, ministry of labor and industry V V Giri ji was appointed as a minister.

In 1942, he (VV Giri) played an active role in the Quit India movement, for which he had to face jail torture. In 1947 when the country Freedom Got it, after that VV Giri was awarded the post of High Commissioner of India in Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

Political career of VV Giri

In 1952, VV Giri won from Pathapatnam seat. Lok Sabha After winning the election, he became a Member of Parliament. As Labor Minister, he did very good work till 1954. For which he was awarded the country’s highest civilian award in 1975. Bharat Ratna Was awarded with

VV Giri was also the Governor of Uttar Pradesh, Mysore and Kerala. in 1967 when Dr Zakir Hussain When he was the President, VV Giri was made the Vice President. After the premature death of Dr. Zakir Hussain on May 3, 1969, VV Giri was made the President to fill the vacant post of President. Six months later, in 1969, when the presidential elections were held, Indira Gandhi VV Giri was re-appointed to the post of President by the G.I. From 1969 to 1974, VV Giri ji increased the dignity of this post.

V V Giri ji was also interested in writing books. The book “Problems of Workers” written by him was very popular.

VV Giri Death

On June 23, 1980, at the age of 85 in Chennai, VV Giri had a heart attack, after which he died. The outstanding contribution of VV Giri ji, ready for the upliftment of the laborers and the freedom of the country, is always remembered.

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Q- When was VV Giri born?

Ans- He was born on 10 August 1894.

Q- Where is VV Giri from?

Ans- V V Giri is a resident of Brahmapur, Odisha.

Q- When did VV Giri become the President?

Ans- VV Giri was the President from 3 May 1969 to 20 July 1969. Who ended his tenure well.

Q- What was the name of VV Giri’s party?

Ans- The name of his party was Swatantra.

Q- When did VV Giri die?

Ans- VV Giri died on 23 June 1980 in Madras, Tamil Nadu.

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