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Virat kohli biography motivation story in English

Virat kohli biography know that how he became such a great person today, so today everyone has taken birth in this world, he has to face struggles in a moment in his life. Conflict is something that definitely comes in everyone’s life at a certain point in time and has to be faced.

Conflict is a major part of everyone’s life and many people also face it. But what happens is that in some people life is for a long period and in some people it is for a short period of life and sometimes it comes back after the struggle is over.

But according to some people, this is the negative phase of one’s life, where it is considered as the most difficult phase of life as well as one has to face a lot of losses and setbacks at this time and the person is completely prone to depression and stress. goes into position.

But in reality, it is not only the most difficult period of life and the period of depression, but it is the period where one gets a chance to find one’s best and it is also the moment of life where one can find himself/herself stronger. It is possible ,

Life’s tradition is that it sometimes goes up and sometimes goes down but instead of going down or wrong path in this period, one should be strong enough to face this period by being strong and having complete faith in oneself.

Because the struggle period is the period that really refines and polishes you to be who you are and find the best of yourself you don’t even know you can do it and this is the period that you need to know It helps you know who you are and what you can do.

This is the period of life which comes to test you again and again in the form of challenges to get what you want and make you the strongest person from weak who can face any milestones of life and rise to the heights of upliftment. can reach.

In this world if you want to name and if you want to be a successful person, then you have to face the struggle period of your life and face it with full faith and courage so that you will be successful in your life. To become a person

On top of that, there are many famous and respected people in the world whom we did not know before but their struggling life journey and their fighting spirit made them the person who made them known all over the world and successful in life.

Many people across the world started from the bottom of their lives and were normal, poor people but their hard work and fighting spirit reached the heights and gained a lot of fame on various platforms across the world.

Whether we talk about the film industry, whether we talk about sports, politics, journalists or any other field, all are full of the person who was a normal person but has now become an inspirational image for everyone.

Struggle is nothing more than challenges in one’s life and what comes in one’s life to find the best out of them and also make them the person the whole world knows. Challenges are just small milestones that stand in the way of your goal.

Everyone in this world has some other goals in life. Everyone wants to be someone who wants to be a successful person and achieve what they want in life and at that time there are some challenges in their life and between their goals.

And these challenges are the test before reaching the heights of exaltation so before reaching that height you have to be strong enough to reach the heights that you are fully aware of.

Through two most important components of life you can be successful in your life and that is hard work and constant dedication towards your goal and eventually you will reach your life goal.

But another most important component that must be remembered is that one should be calm and patient towards his goals because sometimes the struggle period of your life is for short duration and sometimes it is for long duration. Is. It may also happen that you reach the heights and have to face the fall again.

So you need to be patient at that time and just keep doing your hard work effortlessly and continuously dedication towards your goal then you will definitely reach the heights of upliftment and will be successful in your life.

But what happens nowadays is that the most common challenges the whole world has to face, especially the youth, is the competitive world and a pandemic that the whole world is going through.

As we know that the world has become advanced and competitive with the growth of technology and at this time it has become very difficult to face and adapt to this changing world.

In the competitive world the world is going through the problem of a pandemic which has badly affected the whole world and due to which the economy of every country has been affected very badly and the people of the world are facing a lot.

In fact, due to the pandemic, many businesses face losses and as a result they are fired, at that time many people have become unemployed and in fact lack of employment opportunities. for even higher competition.

At this time many people were getting depressed and losing their courage but one needs enough confidence with full self-brevity and should face these challenges with full dedication and hard work in their life.

At this point, they need someone who tackles it with full fighting spirit and confidence to inspire them through their struggle journey. There are so many personalities so inspiring in different fields that one should know.

In cricket in India, there are also many inspiring personalities who started from the bottom of their life and saw a lot of struggle but they never lost hope and courage and they kept fighting it and now they are on that platform which is so respectable.

So in this article, we are going to read about the life journey of the celebrity who had suffered a lot in his life but because of his brilliant skills and hardworking journey made him an inspiring image in the eyes of all.

We are talking about Virat kohli, the most famous and legendary brilliant player of India cricket team and captain of Indian cricket team who has suffered a lot in his life but through his hardworking spirit and sportsmanship in his life, he has become such a person. given, for which he is inspiring.

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Early Life of Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli was born into a Hindu Punjabi family, where he was part of an upper-middle-class family where his father was a criminal lawyer and his mother was a homemaker. She was born on 5 November 1988 in Delhi, Uttam Nagar.

Virat kohli took his early education in Delhi, then He enrolled himself in the West Delhi Cricket Academy in 1998which was formed when he shifted to Paschim Vihar to take cricket training in 9th school. He started playing at the age of nine And Played under the guidance of Rajkumar Sharma and played many matches under Sumeet Dogra Academy.

Virat kohli’s family struggle

then year The most difficult time of his life was in 2006 when his father died due to an attack. And at that time, instead of going into a state of depression, he had devoted himself more to the practice of cricket and kept doing so with ease.

Career Life of Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli in home matches His first match was in the year 2002 Delhi Under-15 in Started playing in 2002-2003 Polly Umrigar Trophy, Where he performed exceptionally and became the captain of that team.

Then In the year 2004, he was selected in the Delhi Under-17 for the Vijay Merchant Trophy, where he delivered exceptionally mind-blowing performance and highest run-score. After that when he turned 18, he played a match against Tamil Nadu.

Then like this Virat Kohli played many matches like Under-19, England toured and in the year 2007, Virat Kohli played for T20 for the first time. Where he again became the highest run scorer with his talent.

Then the turning point of Virat Kohli’s life came in the year 2008 when he got a golden opportunity to become the captain of the Under-19 Cricket World Cup winning team. He was the one to bring in $30,000 in IPL.

Then Virat Kohli got a chance to play the match against Sri Lanka in the ICC Champions Trophy at the international level. Then he made an extraordinary performance against Bangladesh in the year 2010 and MS Dhoni appreciated by

2011 was the golden period of Virat Kohli’s life where he played for the World Cup and became the first Indian to score a century in the first World Cup. Then he faced a tough time in his life where his performance was not perfect and he played in his Test debut for the first time against West Indies.

But Virat Kohli never lost hope and Became the first Indian to score a century against Pakistan in the 2015 World Cup, Then he started his path of upliftment, he became the fastest batsman in the 3 match Test against Sri Lanka in 2017.

In 2018 he became the first Indian captain to score three consecutive centuries in ODIs. And became the first Indian and he became the vice-captain in the year 2010 due to his brilliant performance against Australia. Then captioned several matches.

After that in the year 2013, he became the captain of the West Indies tri-series, then in 2014 he got the highest and golden opportunity when he became the captain of the Indian cricket team when MS Dhoni stepped down and Virat Kohli was appointed. Full-time captain of the Fourth Test in Sydney.

In Sydney, he became the fastest batsman in the history of Test cricket. Again there was a challenging phase in his life when he lost the match against Pakistan in 2017 and then India in 2019 to enter the final against New Zealand in 2020.

Then in 2021 he again lost the ICC match and again failed in many trophies for the royal challengers, but till now he is struggling and practicing, even harder, to reach the heights of regeneration and make his own. To gain name and make India proud.

marital life of virat kohli

Virat kohli met Bollywood celebrity Anushka Sharma by promoting and advertising advertisements and they got into a relationship in the year 2013 but they broke up but were patched up again and They got married in Italy in 2017.

They are such a couple that people loved and named #virushaka on the social platform and recently they gave birth to a baby girl named Vamika,

Awards by Virat Kohli

Virat kohli has achieved many awards and achievements in his life. the most famous of them are Most Popular Arjuna Award, Padma Shri Award and many other awards Those which one should know about and should also pay attention to.

Virat kohli has faced a lot in his life but he took everything as a challenge and always faced it with full confidence and full dedication with a fighting spirit and also gave his hard work and now for everyone. He became an inspiring and inspiring image and Virat Kohli won the hearts and respect of all Indians.

Where was Virat Kohli born?

She was born on 5 November 1988 in Delhi, Uttam Nagar.

What is the name of Virat Kohli’s daughter?

virat kohli’s daughter’s name is vamika

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