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Nowadays unique businesses are being started in India and their names are also very unique.Now take the name of MBA Chaiwala. It is owned by Praful Billaur, an MBA dropout. Praful, who left a big degree like MBA midway, made his mark in Ahmedabad under MBA Chai Wala. Gradually, they started getting recognition all over India and now their annual turnover has reached around 2-3 crores, as well as they have started giving franchisees of MBA Chaiwala. In this article, you will learn about the life story of Praful Billaur and his chaiwala business.

prafull billore MBA chaiwala biography in hindi

Biography of Praful Billaur (Prafull Billore Biography in English)

Full Name Praful Billaur
cause of fame MBA Chaiwala Shop
date of birth 14 January 1996
Religion Hindu
current age 26 years
the nationality Indian
birth place Dhar, Madhya Pradesh
current residence Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Studies B.Com and MBA dropout

Praful Billaur Prafull Billore Birth

Prafulla Billour, famous all over India under MBA Chaiwala, was born in the year 1996 in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh state of India on 14th January.

Praful Billaur’s family (Prafull) Billore Family)

Mother unknown
Father unknown
brother unknown
Sister unknown

Praful Billaur education and early life (Prafull Billore Education and Early Life)

He used to think about doing something big since childhood and believed that it is better to start one’s own small work than to do someone else’s job and do it with such dedication so that later he can become a big able to achieve the goal. This is the reason why Prafulla took admission in it to study Master of Business Administration i.e. MBA, in which his family also supported him a lot. To get this degree, he took admission in IAM Institute of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, but he could not complete his MBA, after which he started feeling very sad and one day while drinking tea, he thought why not tea. Start your own business.

Praful Billaur (MBA Chaiwala) Success Story (MBA) Chaiwala Success Story)

Early Career (Early) Career)

Prafulla was preparing for the CAT exam but despite working tirelessly, he failed to clear the exam. After this he told his father that he did not want to study further. After this, the thought of starting a business of his own was coming in Prafulla’s mind. Let us tell you that he had also worked in McDonald’s for only ₹ 35 per hour and when he visited India at his young age, he thought of opening a tea shop and thus he opened his own tea shop in Ahmedabad. Did it

Started Chai Business

Prafulla believed that tea is the only thing that everyone from Kanyakumari to Kashmir likes to drink. So they chose this as their main product. They say that no work is small in the world, if seen, today the world famous shoe maker Bata is also a cobbler. When Praful Bilour aka ‘MBA Chaiwala’ opened his tea shop, he did not have customers. That is why he used to make his own tea and take it to the customers and give them his tea to test.

In such a situation, gradually the customers started liking the taste of their tea. Although the other chaiwalas became jealous of Praful and many times they even pushed him and threatened him that he should stop his business, but Praful did not give up and he continued with his work. In this way, due to continuous hard work, Praful’s shop started slowly and his shop started getting crowded and in present time, Prafulla’s annual turnover from tea shop itself ranges from 1 crore to around 2 crore. He has named his shop MBA Chaiwala.

,MBA Chaiwala Business (,MBA Chaiwala, Business)

Praful started his business by selling tea, but in the present times, he has joined the list of millionaires by selling this tea. Let us tell you that the name of their tea shop is ‘MBA Chaiwala’, which you find in Ahmedabad. You can gauge their success from the fact that at present they are also giving franchisees of ‘MBA Chaiwala’, yes they charge up to Rs 4-5 lakh for this.

Praful Billaur’s achievement (Prafull) Billore Achievement)

Coming from a middle-class family, Prafulla not only included himself in the list of millionaire businessman on the basis of his hard work, but also made himself famous all over India. He chose such a business, which most people look at with an inferiority complex, but in that business he showed the way to become a millionaire.

lecture in top institute go

The interesting thing about them is that once Prafulla wanted to study in the big institutes in which Prafulla wanted to study during the sale of tea, today when Prafulla has achieved success after selling tea, then the same big institute Prafulla As a special guest, he is invited to the program to be held in his institute, where he gives motivation to Prafulla students.

Thoughts of Praful Billaur (Prafull) Billore Quotes)

Prafulla says that we should never hesitate to do any work in life. They believe that the beginning is always small and gradually man touches the heights of success. That is, he becomes big. We should not hesitate to do whatever is legal because when we die of hunger then no one else will come to give us money. People respect those who have money. So learn to earn money and earn more and more money.

Praful Billaur’s Look (Prafull) Billore Look)

Length 5 foot 10 inches
Weight 63 kg
eye color Black
hair color Black
face color dusky
physical appearance Thin

Praful Billaur girlfriend (Prafull Billore Girlfriend)

Let us tell you that in the present time, his age has reached around 26 years, but despite being so old, he has not married yet. Therefore, there is no question of his being a wife. He doesn’t even have a girlfriend. If we get any information related to his girlfriend, then it will be included in the article. Praful is mainly concentrating on his career right now and he wants to grow his business even more. For this he is constantly trying.

,MBA Chaiwala, Youtube channel (MBA Chaiwala Youtube Channel)

Praful had created his YouTube channel in the year 2021 and he uploaded the first video on his YouTube channel on 19th March. If seen, mainly they upload motivational sort videos, life tips on their YouTube channel and their videos are liked by the people. This is the reason that soon the number of 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel is going to be completed, which will be a great pleasure for him. If you also want, you can search their channel on YouTube and subscribe to it. This will give you information about the videos they will upload, so that you will be able to watch their videos.

Praful Billaur ,MBA Chaiwala, net worth (Prafull Billore MBA Chaiwala Net Worth)

Prafulla started his tea selling business with an investment of only ₹8000 and he got this money lying to his family. He told his family that he wanted to pursue a course. In this way, his family had given him some money, out of which by investing some money, he started the tea lorry and seeing it, it went on touching the heights of success. At present, Prafulla’s annual income has reached around Rs 1-2 crore. In this way, it can be estimated that due to the monetization of their monthly YouTube channel, their earnings are also earned through the advertisements coming on YouTube, as well as they also give the franchise of MBA Chaiwala, through which they also earn. Along with this, other people also get a chance to earn by joining them.

,MBA Chaiwala,the franchise of (MBA Chaiwala Franchise)

Those who want to take the franchise of MBA Chaiwala of Praful Billaur, they may have to invest ₹ 3,00,000 to ₹ 4,00,000 to take its franchise and to open a tea shop, they will have to take 100 square feet of space. may be required. Apart from this, they will also have to take other necessary licenses.

MBA Chaiwala Contact Number (MBA Chaiwala Contact Number)

Please tell that Prafulla also has an account on Instagram. So if you want to make a deal or have a conversation with them, you can message them on their Instagram account. Apart from this, below we are also giving you their contact number and email id, through which you can contact with them.

• Phone number – 877 056 55 69

• Email – info@mbachaiwala.com

Praful Billaur Social Media Account (Prafull Billore Social Media Account)


Q: Who is the owner of MBA Chaiwala?

Ans: Praful Billaur

Q: How much does an MBA Chaiwala franchise cost?

Ans: 3 to 4 lakh rupees

Q: What is the annual turnover of MBA Chaiwala?

Ans: Rs 2 crore to Rs 3 crore

Q: Where is the MBA chai wala shop?

Ans: in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat

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