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Yash Dhul Biography | Yash Dhul Biography

Yash Dhul hails from Delhi, Janakpuri and is currently the captain of the Indian team in the Under-19 Cricket World Cup.

Yash Dhul biography

Yash Dhul Biography – Yash was born on Monday, 11 November 2002 in Delhi. He had started his cricket journey at the age of just 6, in fact it happened that one day Yash went to play in his nearest cricket ground and there Yash requested some senior boys to feed him too, which those boys rejected. And all this scene was witnessed by his mother and after that Yash was admitted in Bal Bhavan Cricket Academy, Dwarka. After this Yash did not look back and played a lot of cricket. Yash Dhul has also captained the Under-19 Asia Cup for India before captaining the Under-19 Cricket World Cup. According to Yash, when he used to play for Under 16 Delhi, he used to think that if he continues to play honestly, then one day he can be selected in the Indian team.

Yash Dhul’s struggle

Yash Dhul’s struggle is not only his struggle but also the struggle of his entire family. When Yash became the captain of the Indian Under 19 cricket team, he remembered his old days in which his family fought a lot for him and also supported him continuously to make him a cricketer. Before the captaincy of Indian Under 19 cricket, Yash has also captained Delhi Under 16, Under 19, Challenger Trophy Under 19A team.

Father quits job to make Yash a cricketer

Yash’s grandfather is a retired army officer and father does a private job. Yash’s father has a significant contribution in this struggle, in fact Yash’s father used to work in a big cosmetic company but it took him a long time to come from Janakpuri, so he left that job and got a job near home so that Get your son Yash to practice. Yash’s father used to get less salary in this new company, so Yash Dhul’s family started dependent on his grandfather’s pension. Yash’s father’s name is Vijay and he says that he has left no stone unturned for Yash’s cricket and has tried to give him good cricket kit all the time. He tells that he cut his family’s expenses and gave Yash English willow bats so that there would be no hindrance towards his cricket.

The qualities of a cricketer in Yash first saw his mother

According to Yash’s father Vijay, for the first time in Yash, his mother saw the qualities of cricket at the age of just 4 and told this to him and Yash’s grandfather. And after that the family also realized that Yash can be made a cricketer, so they started Yash’s cricket practice soon, the place of initial practice of Yash became the terrace of the house.

Yash’s father Vijay Dhul became the first coach

The credit of Yash’s early coach goes to his father Vijay Dhul as he used to make Yash practice on the terrace for hours. At the age of just 11, Yash joined a local cricket academy at Bharti College before moving on to the Bal Bhavan School Academy. After this, at the age of 12, Yash represented the Delhi cricket team in the Under 14, after which his family was convinced that they were not doing any mistake by promoting Yash towards cricket. And after that Yash’s family started supporting Yash even more and did not put pressure on his studies.

Yash on the footsteps of Kohli and Pant

Following in the footsteps of Virat Kohli and Khabboo batsman Rishab Pant, Yash is a new generation and new style batting captain in the junior cricket team. Yash is a middle order batsman and says on his success that I am starting now. Yash has consistently captained in all age categories and has now become the captain of the Indian Under 19 cricket team as well. The Under 19 World Cup has started in the UAE from January 14, 2022 and will run till February 5.

Yash Dhul Personal Life

Name Yash Yash Dhul
Age 19 years
height 5 foot 9 inches
hair color black
eye color light brown
father’s name Mr. Vijay Dhul
mother’s name Mrs. Neelam Dhul
sister an older sister
Know Delhi, Janakpuri, India
Jersey number 22
Instagram yashdhull22
the nationality Indian

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